If you are a football fanatic like us, you already know Messi. Known as Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini, he is regarded as among the world’s greatest players of all time. Besides his athletic achievements, this FIFA legend is known for his personal style statement and glamour. His fans widely and diligently follow his hairstyles and haircuts for all the iconic and smart styles.

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Today, we are rounding up on the most epic and stylish master looks of Messi! He has sported several looks over the years; however, these Messi hairstyles and haircuts are among the top trends in the fashion world. These looks remain iconic and will effortlessly deliver you a smart style quotient.

10 Trendy Lionel Messi Haircuts Names 2023:

Here we go, let us now check out these trendy and best Messi hairstyles and haircuts globally. Let’s check them out!

1. Side Combed Taper Cut:

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This one is one of the early Messi hairstyles that have taken into storm for smart and contemporary looks. This haircut looks stylish and smart, with simple yet hot vibes. The side lower tapered haircut with a brushed look gives a stylish and vibrant contemporary edgy look. The haircut can be tried out by any man with an oval and elongated face shape with fine hair texture. It looks perfect for modern day vibes and is easy to manage too. What do you think?

2. Platinum Quiff Haircut:

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We fans can never forget this one time Messi went platinum! The haircut took the world by storm for being unique and charming. He has rocked this hair colour seamlessly and is still among the trendy and perfect haircuts we have seen recently. This white platinum blonde sort of haircut paired with quiff, and beard is lovely and gives masculine hot vibes. It is perfect for men across age groups and instantly redefines the entire style statement.

3. Blonde Brushed Mullet with Fade:

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How about this another simple yet unique and charming haircut? We love this Messi haircut style. He has combined the mullet-quiff look with blonde colour and brushed-up style to bring seamless and vibrant vibes. It is youthful, hot and perfect to exude the timeless look too. Men who love to have a modern and contemporary haircut yet new and experimental can try this out. This hairstyle needs fine and straight hair too.

4. Messi’s Long Haircut:

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Have you ever come across and witnessed Leo Messi in long hair? Well, if not, this hairstyle will indeed surprise you. This pic is taken out from archives and yet is among the most popular Messi haircuts in recent times. The shoulder length haircut looks perfect for a youthful and fun quirky look and will not disappoint you. We all loved it when Messi sported this look and if you try it out, you will love it on yourself, too!

5. Short Mullet with Choppy Fringe:

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Not many often see mullet and choppy fringe going together. But our Messi has an eye for glam quotient, and when he turned up with a short mullet with choppy fringe, the world was shocked. However, we love how simple, minimal, yet stylish this haircut is. This is perfect for those who would prefer a comfy hairstyle. Those with round, oval face shapes can give this look a try! What do you think?

6. Messy Brush-up with Low Fade:

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Messy brush-up hairstyles will always stay relevant. They are never not in trend and can give smart and modern day hot vibes. Messi in low fade with messy brush up looks exquisite and contemporary. Any man across age groups and any face shape can try this haircut, given he has fine healthy hair. It is a perfect charming hairstyle for all men.

7. Medium Balanced Fringe:

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Have you ever seen the old viral picture of Messi in fringe? Well, this is a proper men’s medium fringe haircut if you have not come across it. This elegant and timeless haircut reminds us of a vintage smart style statement and minimal style quotient. If you have thin hair or prefer a minimal simple yet unique haircut, this medium fringe is a good look.

8. Young Messy Wavy Mullet Haircut:

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Have you checked out old young Messi haircuts? This will come as a huge déjà vu moment! If you are a Messi fan, you must check out this young haircut pic of the legend, with mid-parted hair and wavy shoulder length brushed up hair. It is lovely, smart yet unique and vintage with vibrant vibes. This is a timeless haircut if you would love to check it out. It suits men with huge foreheads or those with thick hair.

9. Messi Short Haircut with Side Fringe:

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Another fringe haircut sported by Messi is here. Remember the days when Messi effortlessly slays a casual look and yet manages to look hot? He has a simple haircut matched with a side fringe and looks absolutely hot and smart. His style statement and minimal look have become the talk of the town back then and we can’t take our eyes off him even now!

10. Taper Face with Crew:

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If you prefer more of a contemporary haircut, you can also check out this Taper fade with a crew cut. This is a lovely look for men who prefer trendy, hot vibes with minimal maintenance. The haircut does require trimming every few weeks to maintain the same look, yet it delivers effortlessly vibrant vibes and modern hues. Men with any face shape and hair texture can try it out.

Additional Tips:

Let us also learn a few tips and tricks on managing and maintaining these contemporary hairstyles for an effortless style statement.

  1. If you prefer to maintain and go ahead with a similar haircut for a long time, you should get the hair trimmed once in four to six weeks.
  2. Regular oil massage sessions before hair washing can help improve hair health, increasing the shine of the hair.
  3. Add moisturizing shampoo to your routine, which does not strip away natural oils.
  4. Do not overwash your hair, even though your hair is short. Wash when you find your hair greasy.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the best and trendy Messi hairstyles and haircuts currently popular in the global fashion market. These hairstyles are perfect for modern, contemporary and hot vibes and will bring vibrant hues effortlessly. Which of these given haircuts did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts. We love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Which is the most favourite haircut of Messi?

Ans: Scissor cut quiff is Messi’s most popular and best-known haircut. Given his thick and healthy hair, he sports his perfect look with a finely shaped quiff and matching thick beard. This increases hit hot and masculine look.

Q2. Which face shape is generally suitable for trying out Messi haircuts?

Ans: If you have an oval or diamond face shape, these haircuts are the best and perfect match for you. Men with elongated shapes can also try them out seamlessly for stylish looks. Most of his haircuts can suit men across face shapes and age groups.

Q3. Does Messi like Mullet and fringe?

Ans: Messi loves to experiment with his hairstyles and never shies away in working a hair out. He has sported not one but several variants within mullet and fringe, which undoubtedly makes him look hot and stylish.


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