Remember Priya Warrier’s “viral wink” that sent the entire country in a frenzy? When the song made headlines for her tender beauty and naughty smile, the focus immediately shifted to the Malayalam film industry’s actresses! It was then discovered that the M-town was home to some of the country’s most beautiful and highly-paid heroines. These tinsel town divas have enslaved millions of men worldwide with their expressive eyes and curvy bodies. Read along if you are as excited as we are to look at these most popular Malayalam actress photos!

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Top 40 Malayali Actresses List:

There is no doubt that Kerala state has produced some of the most good-looking women in the country. With flawless, glass-like skins, jet black hair and sharp facial features, Mollywood(1) actresses have redefined beauty standards in the South Cinema. These prominent stars have shown what true beauty is all about in an industry obsessed with extremely fair skin and zero-size figures.

Trending Malayalam Kutties Names:

With all eyes on the Mollywood cinemas, plenty of opportunities have come up for the local Malayalam girls. Despite coming from a non-movie background, many have enthralled the audience with their scintillating performances. They have also gained popularity in the other cinema industries like Tollywood or Kollywood, where the top-rated Malayalam heroines are paid from several lakhs up to a few crores for their stunning looks and killer acting skills.

Here is the latest Malayalam actors list with pictures:

Saniya Iyappan(20):

Latest Malayalam Actress Saniya Iyappan Save

Priya Prakash Varrier(23):

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Sana Althaf(23):

Latest Malayalam Actress Sana Althaf Save

Malavika Nair(25):

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Namitha Pramod(26):

Latest Malayalam Actress Namitha Pramod Save

Neha Ratnakaran(25):

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Anarkali Marikar(25):

Latest Malayalam Actress Anarkali Marikar Save

Aparna Balamurali(27):

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Niveda Thomas(27):

Latest Malayalam Actress Niveda Thomas Save

Lakshmi Menon(26):

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Popular Actress List in Mollywood:

Budding stars from other regions like Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh consider performing in Malayalam movies a privilege. Unlike the other industries, M-town cinemas have gripping storylines that involve meaty portions for the women. Apart from power-packed roles, some of these Malayalam cine actress photos have set the internet on fire!

Let us check out some of the famous Kerala-born Malayalam glamour actress photos:

Samyuktha Menon(27):

malayalam heroines list Save

Anupama Parameswaran(26):

Mollywood Actress Anupama Parameswaran Save

Anu Sithara(27):

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Nazriya Nazim(28):

Mollywood Actress Nazriya Nazim Save

Malavika Mohanan(29):

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Reba Monica John(28):

Mollywood Actress Reba Monica John Save

Madonna Sebastian(30):

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Amala Paul(31):

Mollywood Actress Amala Paul Save

Miya George(30):

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Shamna Kasim(33):

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Famous Malayalam Serial Actresses Hot Photos:

Kerala is not only famous for its silver screen blockbusters. The local television hosts some long-running serials, which were highly successful. One main reason behind their popularity is a few best Malayalam serial actresses, who are as famous as the main stars. These prime-time beauties have been appreciated and well-accepted by the Mallu crowd!

Check out these stunning pictures of top Malayalam serial heroines:

Malavika Wales(30):

Malayalam Serial Actress Malavika Wales Save

Avanthika Mohan(32):

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Parvati Nair(30):

Malayalam Serial Actress Parvati Nair Save

Vindhuja Vikraman(29):

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Sruthy Surendran(28):

Malayalam Serial Actress Sruthy Surendran Save

Archana Nair(32):

most beautiful actress in kerala Save

Haritha G Nair(24):

Malayalam Serial Actress Haritha G Nair Save

Jaseela Parveen(54):

who is the most beautiful actress in kerala Save


Malayalam Serial Actress Muktha Save

Shruthi Rajanikanth(26):

who is the most beautiful actress in mollywood Save

Rebecca Santhosh(24):

Malayalam Serial Actress Rebecca Santhosh Save

Malavika Krishnadas(23):

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Gopika Anil(28):

Malayalam Serial Actress Gopika Anil Save

Best Rated Anchors of Malayalam Television:

Mallu viewers also enjoy their TV time as much as they adore movies. The channels have put the entire onus on some of the leading Malayalam anchors to make the shows more interesting and livelier. These lady hosts have killed it with their witty dialogues and spontaneity, which almost comes naturally.

Wish to know who these trending Kerala TV anchors are? Check out the names and latest hot stills:

Ranjini Haridas(40):

Mollywood Actress Save

Pearl Maaney(33):

Malayalam Anchor Pearl Maaney Save

Jewel Mary(32):

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Poornima Indrajith(44):

Malayalam Anchor Poornima Indrajith Save

Alina Padikkal(27):

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Malayalam Anchor Arya Save

Meenakshi Ravindran(26):

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Lakshmi Nakshathra(31):

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Finding yourself lost in these stunning Malayalam film actress photos? We bet you are! These women have made us go crazy with their elegance and charm. They have reintroduced the subject of beauty to the industry and changed our perception of the way we see Kerala women! These heroines have revealed their diverse sides, from traditional girl-next-doors to spicy hot patakas!


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