Half up Half down hairstyles for medium hair carry a unique style. They are not only easy to do but also easy to carry and maintain. The elegantly secured portion and the freedom of flowing locks come together in this style, which is perfect for medium-length hair. These hairstyles, which showcase the natural beauty of medium-length hair, are suitable for various occasions and can be accessorised with braids, twists, or stylish accessories.

Half up half down medium hairstyles are a classic and fashionable option for any fashion-conscious person, lending a touch of contemporary charm to hairstyling and providing countless opportunities for creativity and customization.

10 Best Shoulder Length Half Up Half Down Styles for Medium Hair:

Look at our article, which will give you ideas about whether you are going to a party or your office.

1. Braided Partial Updo:

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Here is an easy and simple half updo for medium hair. This hairstyle just involves braiding the hair in any fashion, French or regular braid, from the sides of the scalp. It is then secured at the back with bobby pins. The remaining hair is left loose and combed to keep it in place. This elegantly simple hairstyle is an excellent choice for any casual day outing. It is easy to do and will suit anyone with an oval face.

2. Half Up Half Down for a Wedding:

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If you love the half up half down hairstyle, here is one to try. This half up half down wedding hair medium length is an excellent choice for your wedding day. It will look eloquent, and when decorated with tiara or floral accessories, it will elevate the overall grace. Try this with your wedding frock, and you will see how stunning you look. Those with oval and round faces can choose this hairstyle. This will perfectly complement the facial features.

3. Partial Updo:

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Here is a partial updo for medium-length hair. This one is the simplest of all. It needs nothing extra apart from a comb. The hair from either side is simply brought to the back and loosely tied. The remaining hair is combed to perfection. The hairstyle will look great even if you have a layered or a U-cut. It is also a good choice for those with an oval face.

4. Partial High Bun:

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Take a look at this stylish hairstyle. The hair is partially tied in a high bun at the centre by taking hair from either side. It is neatly combed and is meant for people with straight hair. It can also be done on people who have wavy hair, as it can add a style. Choose this one if you have a round face. This hairstyle is a classy choice for your office or college.

5. Braided Rose Hairstyle:

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Here is a beautiful stunner that you can try. This one can be a good bridesmaid hair half up medium length hairstyle. The tutorial will help you get this look with ease. You can choose this one for your special day or even if you are just going to be a bridesmaid. It is an ideal choice if you have medium length straight hair and will suit anyone with a round or oval face. Try this out. We are sure it will be impressive.

6. Fancy Hair Updo:

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Are you looking to make a bold fashion statement on your prom night or house party? Here is our pick. This prom half updo for medium length hair is meant to be bold. In this, a segment of hair is rolled and styled at the front, covering a small portion of the forehead. The remaining hair is brought to the front. The hairstyle will suit people with wavy hair and those with oval faces. Fix your style with appropriate styling products, and you can see the difference.

7. Inverted Braid:

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Here is another out-of-the-box style you can try. This shoulder length half up half down hairstyle is meant for those willing to invest time and effort. The inverted braid starts at the back, and the remaining hair is put to the side and secured with pins and buns. It is more of a French braid and is very stylish and will go well with any dress you choose. Those with round and oval faces can try this hairstyle.

8. Easy Half Updo:

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This one is another easy half-up hairstyle for medium-length hair. The speciality of this hairstyle is that it is very casual and, at the same time, an elegant one to keep all your hair in its place. A loose braid is done on the hair, taken from either side and tied to the back. The remaining hair can be left loose or tied to a low ponytail. This hairstyle is suitable for round faces or oval faces.

9. Twisted Heart Hairdo:

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This is an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day as the hair at the back is tied to look like a heart. If you are up for trying this and want to make Valentine’s Day a little more unique, try this easy-to-follow tutorial picture given. You must ensure you have good bands and a comb to neatly set it all in place. If you have a styling gel, it will work wonders in putting the hair in place. If you are willing to make some effort, this one will be a good choice.

10. Cluster Braid for Medium Hair:

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Here is another easy tutorial image for creating this casual half-up hairstyle for medium hair. It has multiple braids, and the hair is taken from only one side. The braids are then wound around the entire hair at the back like a garland. You can decorate this with floral clips or colourful beads. This one is often a preferred hairstyle by teens and collegegoers. It is a classy hairstyle you shouldn’t miss.

How Do You Maintain Medium Length Hair?

Here are some of our tips to maintain your medium length hair. After all the medium half up hairstyles you have tried, these tips will help you keep your hair neat and healthy.

  1. Avoid overwashing: Although hygiene is vital, frequent washing can deplete your hair’s natural oils and cause dryness. To keep things in check, try doing it twice or thrice weekly.
  2. Protect from Heat: Use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to your hair when styling with heat tools. To avoid overexposure to heat, choose lower heat settings whenever you can.
  3. Frequent Conditioning: To give your hair even more hydration and nutrition, think about doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week and using conditioner after shampooing.

Regular haircuts help keep medium-length hair healthy and in shape, preventing split ends and preserving its youthful, vibrant appearance.


Our easy half updos for medium hair are meant to give you the right look for every occasion. Whether it is a casual day out, you are the bridesmaid, or even if it is your wedding and you are searching for ideas to style your medium-length hair, we have got you covered. Some of them are the easiest ones to try. Try our suggestions and let us know which ones are easiest. Our mid half up half down hairstyles are curated in such a way as to inspire you to try them. We would love to listen to you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. With medium-length hair, can I wear an updo for a formal or casual occasion?

Ans: Yes, shoulder length half updos are very adaptable and can be styled to fit a variety of settings. Various updos suit the required level of elegance or simplicity for any setting, from informal get-together s to formal events.

Q2. How can I style my medium-length hair in an updo that flatters my face shape?

Ans: Take into account your preferences and the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a round face, you might choose an updo with height at the crown to elongate your features. Consult a hairstylist for recommendations for your unique face shape and desired overall look.

Q3. What accessories go best with a medium-length hairstyle, and can I add any?

Ans: Accessories can make your medium-length hairstyle even more attractive. Try incorporating hairpins, combs, or ornamental clips to offer a refined or whimsical touch. You can also add delicate flowers or sparkling jewels for a more unique and striking appearance. Try a few options to find accessories matching your style and the event.


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