Belly piercing has recently taken a wide swing towards being extremely fashionable and a fashion statement. Go back five years and belly piercing wasn’t such a big fad but with the passing of time it has become a very necessary fashion statement amongst the girls and women.

Belly piercing is quite painful but gives a girl individuality which sets her apart from the rest. Not only is belly piercing painful but it also takes time to heal, it is not like ear piercing which just takes a week or two to heal, a belly piercing needs at least a month where it can heal properly.

There are certain rules that must be followed to achieve a perfect belly piercing without causing any infection, these methods can be done at home to save time but you must be extremely careful, ask help from family members before carrying out these methods of belly piercing.

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The Top Methods of Belly Piercing are Mentioned in Detail Below:-


Before you start you must have all your tools for carrying out this process effectively ready so that you do not miss out on anything in the process. The tools are vital in the process of belly piercing. Keep ready a clamp, the jewelry, a needle, gloves which have been disinfected and some numbing ream so that the pain is subsided.

Clean Hands:

Disinfect your hands by washing them with a anti bacterial soap so that you do not get an infection from touching the freshly pierced belly with your hands. Cleaning your hands will allow you to feel safer when piercing your belly.

Clean Stomach:

Use a disinfectant to cleanse the entire of your stomach including your belly button which you will pierce. Cleaning the entire stomach stops the spread of bacteria onto the belly button when pierced.

Cleanse Tools:

Disinfected the tools you will use are a must by using alcohol or a disinfectant. These tools must be rid of all germs so that there is no cause for infection when using the tools to pierce the belly button.

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Mark the Spot:

Marking the spot you are going to pierce with a marker is vital in the process of belly piercing. Mark the spot exactly in the middle and look at the mirror for confirmation or ask a second person for confirmation if required or if you are confused.


Clamp the skin now with a disinfected clamp exactly in the middle of your belly button where you have already marked with a marker. Clamping the skin gives you better hold while inserting the needle. Use a numbing cream to reduce the pain and start the process.


Now pierce the belly button but be careful not to hit a vein if so change the location because hitting a vein will cause excessive bleeding. Pierce from bottom up and exactly in the area that you have marked to achieve a proper belly piercing.


Once the needle has come out the top wiggle it slowly and gently so that you open the hole a little. It is completely normal to see a little blood as you are piercing your skin, wiggling will allow the hole to stay open.


Insert disinfected jewelry into the hole and you are done, clean the area and leave to dry for some time, then carry on with your day. Don’t forget to clean the area everyday for one month till it heals completely thus giving you a permanent belly piercing.

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