Tragus is the part of your ear which helps to hold earphones and is primarily located in that region to stop the direct flow of dust into your ear and acts as a barrier for dust and dirt to enter your ear. Tragus piercing is quite uncommon and therefore it is quite trendy when done. It is not hard but quite painful and does not differ greatly from nose piercing or belly piercing. The process is almost the same but requires plenty of care as the risk of infection is high, be careful when doing this because tragus piercing is quite painful ad therefore requires precision and  careful hands to carry out the process effectively.

The methods of tragus piercing does not differ from the method’s involved in belly piercing and tongue piercing and therefore must be carried out in the same manner with only certain very small changes because the ear is in question-


Before you start you must have all your tools for carrying out this process effectively ready so that you do not miss out on anything in the process. The tools are vital in the process of tragus piercing. Keep ready a clamp, the jewelry, a needle, gloves which have been disinfected and some numbing cream so that the pain is reduced. The tragus once pierced will be quite painful for a few weeks but will be required to be kept disinfected for more than a few weeks to avoid infection. Keep away from chlorinated water at all times.

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Clean hands:

Disinfect your hands by washing them with a anti bacterial soap so that you do not get an infection from touching the freshly pierced tragus with your hands. Cleaning your hands will allow you to feel safer when piercing your tongue. Cleaning your hands like this every day for a few months is required as you do not know when you accidently touch the area of your ear.

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Clean Ear:

Disinfect the ear so that you do not face any sort of infection hazard once the tragus has been freshly pierced.

Clean Tools:

Disinfecting the tools you will use are a must by using alcohol. These tools must be rid of all germs so that there is no cause for infection when using the tools to pierce the tragus.  Use any other disinfectant which is readily available at the time because you need to be careful at all times with the tools you use.


Use a clamp to hold the area of your tragus in place so that you do not fail in the process of piercing. Clamp the exact area that you have marked for the best results. There is no need for marking as the tragus is small and therefore the clamp will be in the right place at all times.


Now pierce the are you have clamped with precision once you have numb the area, pain is natural and it will surely hurt quite a bit but go through the pain and pierce the tragus effectively.

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Wiggle the needle in the tragus to open out the hole so that you can insert the jewelry.


Insert the disinfected jewelry of your choice so that the hole remains open for the coming months while it heals. Pain is normal for the next few weeks because of the awkward location of the piercing.

Cleanse the Area:

Wash the area with a disinfectant and you are done and now have a trendy tragus piercing which is both rare and fashionable.

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