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Makeup makes it all perfect and enriches your beauty. Although it’s great to know the tips and tricks of putting on makeup, are you aware that if you leave your makeup on for long, it can significantly damage your skin resulting in dehydrated, dull-looking skin? Various cosmetics present in your makeup can give you pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles if not removed properly. Do you know how to remove makeup properly – every inch of that cosmetic on your face as well? Do a great favour to your skin by removing all your makeup before hitting your bed. It’s a skincare prerequisite!

How To Remove Makeup?

Read on to know the tips on ‘how to remove makeup at home,’ specially compiled for you!

1. Begin By Tying Your Hair Up:

  • While removing makeup, loose hair strands can be a real nuisance, so the first and foremost thing to learn about how to remove makeup from your face is to use a headband to pull all your hair tightly away from your face.
  • This step is essential as it allows you to remove makeup from all over your face, especially your hairline, jawline, and neck regions, without letting your hair interfere.

2. Start With a Cleanser:

  • Apply a good quality cleanser and massage your face gently as it nourishes your skin while removing the long-wearing foundation from your skin.
  • Do not miss the usually less cared for regions as the hairline, neck region, under the chin, and around the ears.
  • After a couple of minutes, wipe your face with a clean cotton washcloth. Gently scrub until all your foundation and blush comes off.

3. Steam Heat to Clear Pores:

  • Steaming helps open your pores and makes it easy for the cleanser to remove penetrated makeup and debris.
  • Fill hot water into a bowl or a sink and hover your face over it for a few minutes.
  • If you want to add your preferred essential oils, you can add them to the hot water as well.
  • After a few minutes, dap your face with a clean cotton towel. Steaming will refresh you and loosen the makeup residue.

4. Use Cotton Pads/ Cotton Balls:

  • Take good quality cotton pads/ cotton balls, apply toner on them, and skim your skin upward to pull out all the remaining color.
  • Go over the same spot repeatedly until all the makeup comes out, but make sure you don’t scrub it crazily but stroke it gently in one direction.

5. Your Eyes Need Special Attention:

  • There are many products dedicated to enhancing your gorgeous eyes, but when it comes to removing the eye makeup, it can get a little tricky.
  • We often find ourselves in the dilemma of what to use to remove makeup or what is the best way to remove makeup, especially eye makeup. Many specified eye makeup removal products are available to remove the notorious mascaras, eyeliners, and pesky shadows.
  • Take either pre-soaked makeup removal cotton pads or apply eye make-up-specific remover to the regular cotton pads and keep them on your closed eyes.
  • Let these pads stay on for a while until the makeup dissolves, and gently wipe your eyes across with them until they are make-up-free.
  • When you use waterproof eye makeup products, apply an oil-based cleanser to loosen the waterproof products, and you do not have to rub your eyes harshly.

6. Caring For Your Lips:

  • Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body; therefore, it is essential to take good care of them. There are many lipstick removers and moisturizers commercially available which you can use.
  • And for those wondering how to remove makeup naturally at home, start by spreading a thick layer of petroleum jelly or coconut oil or any lipstick remover or onto your lips. These will not only remove the lipstick from your lips but also moisturize them.
  • Olive oil is also another good option for you to use. These oils dissolve the oils present in your lipstick, unlike water which is repelled and helps remove the lip colors effectively.
  • Let the remover stay for a few minutes and wipe your lips in a small, circular motion using a cotton pad. This step ensures that most of the lip color, if not all, comes off your lips.
  • If necessary, repeat this step and gently rub the lips with cotton pads; otherwise, you might end up with dry, chapped lips.

7. Be Gentle And Spare Time:

  • It’ll do no good to your skin if you go to bed without removing your makeup or bluntly scrub it off, as this could leave your skin irritated or dehydrated. Instead, you need to be gentle with your skin and spare the time necessary to obliterate the makeup.
  • Apply a cleanser all over the face, massage it for a minute, and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • By doing this, you will be smudge-free in the morning, which is the best way to remove makeup from the face.
  • Do not be in a rush; give the cleanser time to do its magic.
  • This helps to soften the makeup, and you can work with your skin delicately, preventing you from scrubbing it, which may lead to bad breakout and wrinkles in the long run.

8. Be Sure To Wash It All Off:

  • Wipes and cleansers do fantastic work in removing the makeup, but the best way to remove makeup entirely is to follow cleansing with a good face wash session to remove any residue.
  • After wiping the makeup off, many of us hit the bed, but the residue will stay on and clog your pores and lead to pimples and blackheads. Using face wash and splashing your face with water will allow your skin to breathe during the night.

What To Do After Removing Makeup?

  • Always follow up makeup removal sessions with a toner, serum, and a good moisturizer.
  • Applying a toner will restore the Ph balance of your skin and completely clear your skin off any residue makeup.
  • Follow it with a serum to nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Also, do not forget to dap your lips with a lip balm and apply an eye cream over your eyes.
  • Removing makeup can leave your skin dry, and after all the hardships of the day your skin goes through due to cosmetics and pollution, it needs a hydrating and comforting layer of moisturizer.
  • Apply an even layer of good-quality moisturizer all over your face while your skin is still damp. This step ensures to lock in the moisture and gives you a smooth, soft, squeaky-clean skin in the morning that is ready to take on the day.


Makeup can elevate your look from ordinary to glam, be it a little dab of blush, a beautiful stoke of eyeliner, or a trendy lip colour. While we dedicate a lot of time to getting that perfect look we want, it is equally important to remove all the makeup before hitting the bed. Makeup removal is an essential step to retain healthy-looking skin; neglecting this step can lead to skin damage in the long run. So, spare the time and remove every bit of that makeup, and your skin will thank you for it. Do try our step-by-step makeup removal procedure, and let us know your experience in the comment box below!


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