Do you know that Tollywood actors and the film industry are among India’s most prominent regional cinema? Yes, you heard us right! The Tollywood actors are also marked as among the highest-paid ones compared to other regional cinemas, and the movies are often presented with high budgets. Every year, there are several Tollywood movie releases across India and the globe.

With exciting storylines, unique scripts, and overall different genres, the Tollywood industry deserves special mention. So we have worked around bringing you all about the Telugu actors and hero profiles to you today!

90 All Time Best Tollywood Heroes Names List:

Here we go; we have compiled the best of all Telugu heroes’ profiles just for you. These Tollywood actors are among the top trending ones in their own realm. So let’s check out the top trending Telugu Heroes and movie actors list. These include the new heroes and upcoming fresh actors and established the best actors in Tollywood.

Unveiling the Top 10 Hottest and Highest Paid Male Tollywood Actors: A Must-See List!

Do you know that certain Tollywood actors are among the highest-paid in the entire industry? Yes, they are trendy, well-known, and senior A-list celebrity actors who are most wanted for movies than any others. These actors are full of talent and creativity and rule the movie industry. Moreover, they are the most experienced actors, who know all about Telugu cinema today. We have compiled the highest-paid Telugu movies actor list just for you:


(Darling Prabhas shines as one of the highest paid actors, commanding the spotlight with his immense talent and magnetic presence in the film industry.)

Mahesh Babu-

(Prince Super Star Mahesh Babu reigns as one of the highest paid actors, captivating audiences with his exceptional skills and unmatched charisma in the world of cinema.)

Pawan Kalyan-

(Power Star Pawan Kalyan, the pinnacle of talent and charisma, solidifies his place as one of the best paid performers, establishing new standards in the Telugu film industry.)


(Young Tiger Jr NTR, a powerhouse of talent, commands the position of the highest paid Telugu actor, mesmerizing audiences with his exceptional performances. With his versatility and dedication, he continues to redefine success in the industry, setting a benchmark for his contemporaries.)

Ram Charan-

(Mega Power Star Ram Charan, a dynamic force of talent, holds the title of the highest paid Telugu actor, captivating viewers with his extraordinary portrayals)

Allu Arjun-

(Star Allu Arjun embodies the essence of style and icon status, captivating audiences with his charismatic persona. His impeccable fashion sense and unmatched talent have solidified his position as a trendsetter in the industry, making him a beloved star among fans.)

Vijay Devarakonda-

(Rowdy boy Vijay Devarakonda, known for his rebellious charm and magnetic screen presence, has captured the hearts of audiences with his unique style and exceptional acting prowess.)


(Mass acting Raviteja, the dynamic powerhouse of energy and entertainment, has carved a niche for himself with his power-packed performances. With his unparalleled screen presence and versatile acting skills, he continues to mesmerize audiences, earning a dedicated fan following in the world of Telugu cinema.)

Varun Tej Konidela-

(Varun Tej Konidela, the epitome of charm and talent, has made a significant mark in the Telugu film industry.)

Gopi Chand-

(Gopichand, the charismatic actor, is known for his powerful and intense screen presence. he has carved a special place for himself in the hearts of Tollywood)

Unraveling the Timeless Charisma: Top 10 Male Legends of Old Telugu Cinema!

There are also the A-list biggest Telugu actors in the Tollywood industry. They are among the all-time best and greatest actors in the league ever born. These Telugu actors are talented, work on unique scripts, and deliver the biggest hits the Telugu cinema has ever seen. They have a large fan following and are timeless – however we all move forward, these actors are still high in demand. Further, these heroes in Telugu movies are also versatile. Do you know who these top Telugu heroes are?!

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao-

(Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, the Legendary Icon of Tollywood, who mesmerized audiences with his powerful performances.)

Akkineni Nageswara Rao-

(Akkineni Nageswara Rao, the Natsamrat of Tollywood, whose acting prowess and emotional depth captivated generations of cinema lovers.)

SV Ranga Rao-

(SV Ranga Rao, the Vishwa Nata Chakravarthy, a masterful actor whose magnetic presence and versatile performances set a benchmark in the world of telugu cinema.)

Shobhan Babu-

(The evergreen Shobhan Babu, a true icon of Telugu cinema, whose remarkable talent and unparalleled screen presence made him a beloved figure in the hearts of millions.)


(The iconic Super Star Krishna, a force to be reckoned with, whose magnetic screen presence and versatile performances made him a legend in Tollywood.)

Krishnam Raju-

(The inimitable Krishnam Raju, a true rebel of the silver screen, whose unmatched energy and fierce performances made him a trailblazer in the Telugu film industry.)


(The legendary Mega Star Chiranjeevi, a phenomenon in Tollywood, whose versatility, dance moves, and unmatched screen charisma continue to captivate audiences across generations.)

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Bala Krishna-

(Natasimham Nandamuri Bala Krishna, a roaring lion of Tollywood, known for his intense performances and commanding screen presence that make him a force to be reckoned with.)


(Mohanbabu, the Dialogue King, whose powerful delivery and impeccable dialogue delivery have earned him a special place in the hearts of fans and the Telugu film industry.)


(Victory Venkatesh, a versatile actor whose captivating performances and effortless charm have earned him the title of ‘Victory’, solidifying his position as a beloved icon in Telugu cinema.)


(Yuva Samrat Nagarjuna, the Youthful Emperor of Tollywood, whose timeless appeal, suave persona, and dynamic performances have made him an eternal youth icon in the Telugu film industry)

Rolling with Laughter: Discover the Top 10 Male Telugu Comedy Stars!

The Telugu film industry has also witnessed the greatest comedy actors of all time. Right from the old movies to the present ones, these Telugu film actors are popular in the region and across the country. They are filled with humour and never fail to make the audience laugh with their jokes and acting. Here are our famous Telugu comedy actors.



Raghu Babu-

Vennela Kishore-


Krishna Bhagavan-

Prudhvi Raj-

Priyadarshi Pulikonda-

Posani Krishna Murali-

Unveiling the Finest Talent: Top 10 Male Actors in Telugu Serials That Will Leave You Spellbound!

Not just the big screen, the Telugu silver screen, and serial actors are also quite popular. They are climbing new heights daily and are growing in demand, increasing in popularity on television and reality shows. They aren’t paid any less than the main actors, and most often, are rising to get a name and fame even on the main screen. Here are the top Telugu actors in serials and TV shows.

Pradeep Machiraju-

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Akhil Sarthak-

VJ Sunny-

Ravi Krishna-

Akarsh Byramudi-

Rohit Sahni-

Kaushal Manda-

Sudigali Sudheer-

Ravi Chandra Rajeev-

Pavan Sae-

Chennamaneni Vasudevrao-

Hidden Gems: Unearthing the Top 10 Telugu Side Actors Who Stole the Show!

Without them, there are no movies. From being the best supporting actor to adding up the colours on the screen and bringing a vibrant atmosphere around with the main actors and actresses, these Telugu side actors indeed and often deserve more fame than they get. While a few of them are already popular both regionally and nationwide, many of them still are yet to get their name. But, on the whole, they are all versatile and can take up any side-acting characters seamlessly.

Sai Kumar-

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Rao Ramesh-

Chandra Shekhar-

Shankar Melkote-

Ravi Prakash-

Kasi Visvanath-

Kelly Dorji-

Pradeep Rawat-

Adithya Menon-

Surya Kumar Bhagwandas-

Unleashing the Menacing Talent: Top 10 Iconic Telugu Villain Actors in Tollywood That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

What are the movies without villains? Do you agree with us? The villains play a crucial role in all our Telugu movies, and there is no script and story without them. Whether it is an action drama or romance, or family movie, the villains indeed add a new colour to the film. These are the top-rated Telugu villain actors.

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Jagapathi Babu-

Prakash Raj-

Ashish Vidyarthi-

Pradeep Rawat-

Sonu Sood-

Mukesh Rishi-

Sayaji Shinde-

Dev Gill-

Rising Stars: Meet the Top 10 Telugu Child Actors Who Captivated Hearts with Their Incredible Talent!

There are a handful of Tollywood actors who entered the movie at a very young age. They have gained name and fame and are now in most of the movies we see. These child actors lit up the screen, bringing on a humorous and light feel to the entire film.

Naga Anvesh-

Teja Sajja-

Master Mahendran-

Manoj Nandam-

Akash Puri-

YouTube Sensations: Meet the Top 10 Telugu Short Film Actors Who Made a Big Impact!

Just like movies, our audience also adores short films and innovative scripts. These tiny lesser duration movies, often released on web platforms, are gaining good attention lately. As a result, the actors in short films are also gaining popularity, especially on the web screen. Do you know the popular Telugu short film actors who are in the limelight right now?

Kumar Kasaram-

Shadrach Joshi-

Shanmukh Jaswanth-

Vinod Varma-

Gurram Srikanth-

Tanneru Manoj Krishna-

Shiva Kumar-

Lomesh Pudipeddi-

Fresh Faces, Timeless Charm: Discover the Top 10 Most Handsome New Telugu Actors of 2023!

Now, how can we miss out on the new and fresh talents in the industry? These Tollywood new debut actors are among the fresh faces we are witnessing and have the scope to grow big in the movie fraternity. They are talented, handsome, creative, and growing day by day in audience and name. Here are the most known and popular handsome Telugu new heroes.

Santosh Shoban-

Raj Tarun-

Sathya Dev-

Naga Shourya-

Adivi Sesh-

Allu Sirish-

Sai Dharam Tej-

Nara Rohit-

Vaishnav Tej-

Naveen Polishetty-


We hope you enjoyed exploring the top and best of the Tollywood actors and heroes list that is present to date. These include both established celebrity actors as well as new heroes who are upcoming fresh faces of the Telugu film industry. So who are your favourite ones among them? Let us know your thoughts!


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