Born as Konidela Kalyan Babu, he entered the film industry as Pawan Kalyan with his first film in 1996. Born into an illustrious film family, Pawan has several critically acclaimed and commercially successful performances that have established him on a pedestal as the Power Star of Telegu Cinema

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Pawan Kalyan with and without Makeup with Images:

He has won several awards for his performances. The most significant ones being

  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu
  • Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Telugu
  • Cine MAA Award for Best Actor – Male

Trained in martial arts he has a black belt in karate which is evident from his fight sequences. Because of this he was awarded the title “Pawan”, which symbolizes Lord Hanuman.
Though constantly under the media gaze, there is more to Pawan Kalyan than his on screen image. Here is a peek into his real life mode without make up.

The Loving Partner:

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Though his marriages are highly talked about, he and his second wife Renu are the perfect star couple. His wife has been the costume designer for most of his films. From this candid picture it is evident that Pawan is a fun person and likes spending time with his wife.

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The Perfect Competitor:

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Though Kalyan has been in the industry for a very long time, yet he does not become complacent about his hold and fan following. A successful man knows his competition and always thrives on talented opposition. Seen here with another telegu heart throb Mahesh Babu. It is a strictly professional competition as they are very cordial friends in real life.

The Cool Cat:

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He comes across very stylish in both his movies and real life. With a costume designer for his wife in real life, it is no surprise that he is always well dressed in public. His very average looks don’t deter the cool style in him. His female fan following finds it a very endearing quality in him.

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Penny For a Thought:

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He is extremely well read and loves reading the works of spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda. He was so influenced and moved by the works of Akira Kurosawa that he named one of his children after the legendary writer. Though some say he stars in mindless and regressive movies this man has his mind in the right places.

Loving Father:

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He is very fond of kids and always encourages them on every matter. May it be his kids or others he is very fond of children. Seen here at the dance recital of his little Aadhya, they look adorable together.

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The Moustache:

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The Kalyan family is very proud of their identical moustaches. A similar one was sported by his brother Chiranjivi Kalyan. The moustache is a matter of dignity and pride for these men and quite frankly it lifts their overall looks into a more dignified one.

Modern Day Gabbar:

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The most iconic role of this superstar was as a cop in Gabbar, which was a remake of the blockbuster Dabangg. His manly looks suit the role to the tee. His action hero aspect is an added plus as he had choreographed a few fight sequences too. Being Gabbar was never this stylish before.

The Thinking Actor:

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Pawan Kalyan is often compared to Aamir Khan in Bollywood as he is extremely well read and a thinking actor who is a multi talented technician too.


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This man is truly a trend setter. The word Pawanism was coined by his fans to denote their love and frenzy for the actor. It has also been the name of a well researched book authored by one of his ardent fans. This is truly the highest form of adulation.

Pawan Kalyan is a success story that inspires millions. Surely a movie star’s life is far beyond makeup and he is a valid proof to this theory.


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