Towel is one of the most important things we all want. When we buy one, we will look the softness of the towel first. For one who want soft and long-lasting towel microfiber towel is a good option. They have good demand in market too. So, next time when you go for towel shopping make sure to buy good quality microfiber towels for you.

Best Microfiber Towels:

Here are some good microfiber types you can get for various uses like car cleaning, face cleaning, body and hair cleaning and sports purpose

1. Microfiber Quick Dry Towel:

If you want a microfiber hair towel, then this is a good choice. Actually, this is a multi-purpose towel and is designed with plain dyed solid microfiber material. They have good absorption capacity of 5s-10s. We all need a towel with that much quack drying capacity for hair. This is long lasting and machine washable too.

2. Microfiber Bath Towel:

This is a good microfiber bath towel for kids with excellent design, and which is made of natural microfiber material which is soft on your skin and absorbs water rapidly. This is not only for kids but everyone in family can use this cartoon printed colourful towels. It has strong water absorbing capacity and can dry it easily with hanging loops.

3. Microfiber Beach Towel:

When it comes to that can hold more water. You can use this towel a long time in water. This is a compact towel with lightweight and made of cotton material. Because of this material the towel will dry faster and comes in a various design. This towel can be used by everyone in a family.

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4. Colourful Microfiber Towels:

Most people prefer microfiber towel for beach. This is one of the best microfiber towels you can find with good water absorbing capacity and quick drying feature. If you can get a good towel that can dry fast and long lasting more one season then it will worth your money.

5. Super-Soft Microfiber Towel:

Are you looking for a perfect towel for gym? If yes, then you can choose this type. It is a microfiber quick drying towel which can absorb well. In gym we want a towel with good absorbing capacity to dry out our sweat. You can try various size of this towel. The towel is soft on your skin and long lasting too.

6. Extra -Large Microfiber Towel:

Do you want an extra- large microfiber towel? Try this luxurious thick microfiber towel for bath. This is very soft towel with great water absorbing capacity. These types of towel can use in drying your vehicles while washing. It instantly makes your vehicle dry and very good for such purposes.

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7. Microfiber Detailing Towel:

Need a good quality microfiber detailing towel for your car and other automotive? Here is a good quality material for you. This is made of premium microfiber material with strength and absorbent capacity. This material is of good quality and long lasting too. This type comes with different colour on both sides and wrings out very fast.

8. Cartoon Hand Towel:

If you are looking for a super cute hand towel for your kid here is one for you. You will get microfiber hand towel in cartoon character for your little ones. You can get their favorite cartoon character and they will be happy to use that hand towel for drying. This is also comes with soft good absorbing microfiber material.

9. Black Microfiber Towel:

When you want to get a black good quality microfiber towel, then try this. It is of premium quality material and can use for vehicles. It is a double layer towel with good water absorption and also can dry well easily. Black microfiber towels are better than colourful towels sometimes. Choose your favorite one.

10. Microfiber Swim Towels:

This is a microfiber swim towel with plush material and of high quality. It has water absorption capacity and is durable long too. This is a colourful towel with good scenic designs and is suitable for swimming, boating and even in gym. Choose designs for all of the members in a family.

11. Microfiber kitchen Towel:

You can use microfiber towel in kitchen as well. Various types of hand towels are available but microfiber one is most popular. It ha good absorbing capacity and long durability too. Get it for your kitchen made of good microfiber material. Try this for your kitchen.

12. Embroidered Towel:

When you need a beautiful embroidered microfiber bath towel, this is a good choice. It comes with a colourful lace border of linen material and embroidered towel interior. The design will look very beautiful and can absorb water fast too. Choose this for quick drying after bath and pick your favourite colour.

13. Microfiber Baby Towel:

When you choose bath towel for babies you must choose one with good absorbing capacity. So, you can choose microfiber towel for them. There are towels especially designed for babies. Choose one of them which can give good warmth and dry water faster. There are many colourful towels available with good design. Choose best for your little one

14. Hot yoga Towel:

You can even use microfiber towel for yoga. There are colourful designs available with one side microfiber and other side material with good grip. The upper material is very soft and can help to absorb your sweat well and lower material helps to give a good grip. You can wash it also and this is a long durable yoga towel you can get.

15. Towel For Pets:

You can even choose this type of towel for pets. It is a microfiber one that can keep them warm and comfortable. It is made of good absorbing capacity. This is a lightweight one and can use where ever you want to provide them an extra comfort.

So, what so you think about microfiber towel now? You might be wondering by seeing this much variety available in this category. And you can try any of them as you wish and try it next time. You will love the softness and absorbing capacity of this material.

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