Breast Stimulation Tips And Techniques

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Most of the men immediately go down while love making without paying much attention to breasts where women finds maximum pleasure. For most of the women breasts is the prime area for pleasure but men tend to ignore it often and don’t pay enough attention.

One should know the right moves in order to satiate her desire. The breast is filled with nerve endings which results in sexual excitement provided the partner knows the tips and techniques for breast stimulation. Before moving to breast stimulation techniques and tips one should understand the various shapes and sizes of breast as stimulation varies for all of them.


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Different Types Of Breasts:

Large Breasts:

They are less sensitive than the smaller ones as the nerve is stretched to a great extent. In such case on should stick to the corner areas and outer sides of breasts to build the momentum.

Small Breasts:

They are sensitive and can handle motion because of the small size. You can hold it in your palm or gently squeeze them according to the way she likes it.

Droopy Breasts:

They are the least sensitive and the nerves are less stretched. You can ask her to lie on the back so that the breasts shifts up and the pleasure ride can be taken on.

Surgically Enhanced Breasts:

Implantation may or may not interfere with stimulation and sensation depending on how the operation is being performed. You should concentrate on the surface of the breasts towards the nipple with finger or tongue.

New Mom Breasts:

As the nipples are tender and sore one should concentrate on the inner/under surface which is neglected most of the time. One should gently support the breasts.

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Most Effective Tips And Techniques Breast Stimulation:

The following are best ways and tips for stimulation of breast that might help you in exciting your partner and have a night filled with passion and sex.

i. Find Out The Way She Likes It:

Not every woman gets aroused by a similar technique. Every woman has their own preference of getting their breasts stimulated. So don’t use the same technique you have used on your ex before as the current one might like it a different way. So try different styles and stick on the one she likes.

ii. One Should Go Gently While Holding A Women Breast:

Just don’t grab them like a madman as soon as you see them popping out of the clothes. That’s the worst way of letting the entire excitement down the drain. Build up passion by focusing on other areas like neck and shoulders. Go slowly and let her wonder why you aren’t touching them. Stimulating them forcefully won’t give her any sort of pleasure. Sexual arousal should be built in the beginning otherwise it’s all in vain.

iii) Tease Her:

The nipples are considered as the most sensitive area of the nipples where women find the maximum pleasure during sex. One should take time and not go straight into them. The latter decreases the pleasure significantly. In order to build anticipation one should not touch the nipples is the very beginning of breast stimulation. There is a provocative way in doing everything and taking you partner on the brink of sexual frenzy.  This step requires a lot of self control and the rewards are worth in the end.

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iv)  Proceed With Full Speed In The End:

After following the above steps it’s time to go in with full speed with your kinkiness. Go rough and wild with your tongue/mouth if she likes it that way. Don’t hesitate and enjoy the moment as the anticipation is built properly.

As of, now you all know about the tips to stimulate the breasts. Use the techniques to do it right and give her the perfect orgasm she deserves.