Couples ready for the day can make the wedding occasion memorable with personalized wedding ring sets. A matching ring can make them always connected to each other like the rings. Promises made on the day will always be remembered whenever the ring shines on their fingers. Beautiful designs in not only pricey metals but even with a low budget rings can be used for making adorable wedding ring sets for the couples.

Special Ring Sets for Wedding Couples:

Here we share some couple wedding rings in different metals are as follows.

1. His and Hers Wedding Ring Set:

Wedding rings for couples can be designs fantastically with platinum gold for each of the brides and grooms ring. The grooms ring can be made plain band with polished platinum alloy while the brides rings can be made double matching rings of one with a large diamond and the other with pave diamonds.

2. Personalized Wedding Couple Ring Set:

Personalized wedding ring sets for couples can be made for the wedding day gets remembered for the life time. A rings set for couples with the brides ring beautifully crafted with pave diamonds and the grooms ring decently polished with plain platinum and a single diamond in the center.

3. Popular Wedding Couple Ring Sets:

Hot favorite wedding ring set for couples are the rings those have two shades in the making. A part of white gold and yellow gold together makes a beautiful pair. The brides ring is mounting a beautiful princess cut white diamond while the grooms ring is plain and broad.

4. Two Half Hearts Puzzle Couple Wedding Ring Set:

Wedding rings for couples can be designed simple and sober with a different and lovely meaning behind its design. Two halves of the heart on the rings get one when brought together. The beautiful idea behind the rings also brings two hearts together making one.

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5. Couples DNA Wedding Ring Sets:

DNA wedding couple rings are a unique design of rings made for couples wanting to have wedding rings connected to each others. A male ring and a female ring similar to each other is very beautifully made to match with each other.

6. Couple Wedding Band Rings Set:

Wedding rings couple with each other in a distinct way. The ring for men is designed with black and silver floral crafted print in the inner side while the lady’s ring is designed the same way on the outer side. A beautiful creation when paired joins together as one.

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7. Matching Wedding Couple Rings Set:

Matching couple’s wedding rings can also be made with a simple yet extravagant way like this. A thin band with dull finishing and has some point that highlights like a diamond, while the other ring has actual highlights of diamonds. The meaning behind the rings is that they are sparkles without each other.

8. Couples Wedding Engraved Ring Set:

Engraved couples wedding ring set can also be a beautiful idea to match the wedding rings. Rings that have blue color back ground behind the engraved design on the ring look brilliant. Made in sterling silver the rings can give you a deep memory.

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9. Couples Wedding Ring Set:

Rose gold couple wedding ring sets looks incredible with the pinch of pink shade in the gold. Diamonds studded in the rings also look magnificent. Here the ring for the groom has a single diamond while, the brides ring is engraved with multiple diamonds.

Amazing designs with wedding rings for couples can be made to make your day be remembered forever. There are other designs of the diamond ring sets like the key and lock rings designs. The personalized rings with finger prints on them also look different. Rings that become one design when brought together are unique ideas in the couple rings and the rings that have names and initials of the couples on them also look amazing.


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