One of the simplest reasons we capture photos is to go back in time and live it. Our day to day moments and conversations are sure a thing to remember, but what about the day we decided to share the happiness and say ‘I do’ to someone? Wedding photos are a thing to look back in time, and thus it is also essential that you frame them well, so it exactly conveys the radiance and brightness of your beautiful relationship. Some frames are designed to keep it simple, while others are grand and look beautiful, adding a unique charm to the photo in itself.

Photo frames define the shape and size of your photo. Some of the simpler art forms have a lighter form, and the more elegant ones have a darker shade, just so that the art or photo that is in question is highlighted well. Thus, photo frames are pretty things that define the photo and highlight it.

How to Choose The Right Photo Frame for Wedding Photos:

Choosing the right photo frame comes with a lot of prerequisites you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips that will help you select the best one.

1. Colour Specifications:

Always remember that it is the overall image that matters. Give ample consideration to the overall tone of the image rather than going by matching the specific colours in the photo to its frame.

2. Room Decor:

The decor of the room is another thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a frame. Go for frames that will complement the decor of the existing room, or just try out one that will simply add the right contrast.

3. Photo Frame Choices:

Go for the ones that will adequately capture the entire image if it has your family members. Do not compromise on size, and make sure the frame fits just right.

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Types of Photo Frames for Marriage Anniversary:

Here are some of the common types of frames for wedding photos that have been the popular choice for their beauty and durability.

1. Wood Frames:

Wooden is a popular choice these days. They are trendy and offer a classic look to the wall. Go for ones that will complement the room style you intend to hang it. Wooden frames can easily match modern or even rustic-style homes. The colours range from light to dark shades and therefore give you multiple colour options to choose from. The lighter wood frames are made of oak, pine or ash, and for the photos, they have a warmer tone to well the wood of mahogany or walnut. Choose from the simple to the intricate carvings that are characteristic of the wooden frames.

2. Metallic Photo Frames:

The metallic ones are regarded as trendy and cool ones. These are highly versatile and durable. Portrait photos look good in a metal frame, and the best part is you can get them in any metal finish you like. Try out the silver, brass or chrome metal kinds they offer. Metal frames are the right choice when you are uncertain about what to choose. They are a good choice for your black and white photos, making them more vibrant and catchy. It is also easy to clean the sides of the frame and thus can be your ideal choice of frame. They are moderately priced.

3. Silver Photo Frame:

The silver photo frame is yet another shiny frame you can choose. Try out a range of decorative finishes to the frame that will add beauty to the picture. Silver photo frames can be a bit expensive but, nonetheless, will be a good idea to safeguard your picture against time and rust. Cleaning them is also easy, one you can do with a wet cloth and keep them dirt-free for a long time. They are also good options to give someone who is looking for the best wedding frame. If you have a family picture that you would want to cherish for a long long time, a silver photo frame is a good option, next to the metallic frame. Portraits will look good in this frame.

4. Cloth Photo Frame:

The one good part about cloth photo frames is that they will easily match the decor of the room and the house. You can also get creative and make one just the way you like it to be or also buy one, which has a range of designs and colours to offer you. They are cheap and creative ones to have at home. Simply lift the tabs on the back of the frame and place the new photo. Go for multi-colours as they will look beautiful and elegant on the walls and on table tops.

5. Diamond Photo Frames:

Diamond photo frames are a thing of beauty. Your pictures will look stunning against the shiny and grand photo frame. This is probably also one best way to decorate your wall and keep it looking elegant. Portrait or landscape, your pictures will look eye catchy and will truly impart the ‘special’ photo feeling. There is a range of designs available on this one, and it is always safe to buy them at authentic stores. While they could surely be expensive, they make sure to do justice to your choice. Here is a beautiful diamond frame idea you can think of gifting yourselves.

5 Latest Wedding Photo Frame Designs and Ideas:

So, here is a quick look into some of the classic photo frames for keeping your marriage photos.

1. Classic Invitation Frame:

This one is a pretty big photo frame. It is divided into two, where you can place your wedding card on the left and your wedding photo on the right. This is a classy photo frame for the two of you that is a quick reminder of the wedding day. The invitation on the side adds a special look to the photo that makes it complete. You can also customize the size and design as per your choice.

2. Heart Design Wedding Photo Frame:

Here is another beautiful and romantic gift you could give your spouse to keep your picture together. The photo frame is informal, and the heart design surrounds the frame in an odd arrangement. This is a classic way to show your love, and the photo will be a reminder of whatever exists between the two of you. You can also customize the shape to a heart one or simply opt for a portrait mode with a heart design around it.

3. The Tree Model:

Try this classic tree model photo frame that comes in a set. The frames are simple and come with a black frame and some accessories that you have to set it up to make it look like a frame. The photo is inspired to look like a tree, and the birds also adorn the tree, giving it a realistic feel. You can have one main wedding photo of yours and scatter the remaining photos around the tree. It is truly a creative idea.

4. Rolled Paper Frame for Marriage Photos:

The roller paper frame is another good choice of frame for those of you who like to keep it simple and creative. It is mostly handmade with paper of different colours, nicely rolled up and stacked to form a frame. This beautiful piece is vibrant with colours and pitched against a simple frame. The photo space is small and is thus ideal for couples. Try out the beautiful photo frame that even you can try to make.

5. Fabric Frame:

A fabric frame is a good choice for those of you who like to keep it simple. The photo frame is cute, and the choice of fabric is up to you to decide. If you like, you can also make one with the colours of your choice, leaving a small space in the centre for the photo. Your wedding photo can sit there prettily and still attract people. Keeping them neat could be a worry, though. Keep them dusted from dust often.

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Wedding photo frame is a reminder of our memories. They lock the moments of laughter and happiness in a frame, safe from time and rust. It will always be a good choice to choose the ones that are worth framing and shell out extra to keep them extra special. This way, your memories will last a lifetime.


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