Eskimo Kiss Meaning And How To Do It

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If you want to maintain a healthy and good relationship with your partner then keep kissing her or him and always come up with something new. In this article, we will be discussing different types of Eskimo kisses which are one of the cutest forms of kisses ever invented. This type of kisses are generally seen among young couples such as teenagers or college-going couples.

Eskimo Kiss – How To Do And Meaning :

Eskimo kiss

What is Eskimo Kiss:

Want to do an Eskimo kiss? It can be easily with the help of the nose. There is one small difference between normal kisses and Eskimo kisses, that is in the former one the nose is used instead of the lips.

According to couples and other people who are interested in this subject, this type of kisses are really adorable and romantic at the same time. There are many forms of Eskimo kisses and the different forms have different types of derivations and functions. In the western form, the Eskimo kisses generally mean rubbing the noses together.

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Meaning Of Eskimo Kiss:

The Eskimo kisses are done with the help off the noses. This is done so that the lips don’t freeze together. There is no specific meaning of this kiss. Though, one thing is clear that with the help of these kisses one shows their love and admiration for their host. The kisses are really sweet and also depict the innocent characters of both the people in the relationship. There are a lot of things one can exercise before performing an Eskimo kiss which has been discussed in this article as well.

How To Do Eskimo Kiss:

How to do an Eskimo kiss? There are many Eskimo style kisses. Don’t confuse this one with the other similar type of kisses. In this particular style of kissing only the noses are involved. There should be a healthy approach when it comes to Eskimo kisses. Your host should be aware that you’re going to perform an Eskimo kiss now. One can spice things up by trying some childish and playful techniques with the nose.

Bring the nose close to your host’s and slowly rub them. According to research, it has been seen that this particular friction movement can arouse the sexual feelings and can promote the process of an intercourse.

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There is so much room for innovation when it comes to Eskimo kisses. You can start the process with slow romantic talks but one thing has to be kept in mind that to work it our perfectly you will have to have that amount of self-confidence where your girl or your man can easily figure out whats next. The eye will do all the talking in this case, so stare into her eyes romantically. This is supposed to make her feel special that you’re paying so close attention to her each and every eye movement.

Different Types (Variations) Of Eskimo Kiss:

There may be more than variations of Eskimo kisses. One can perform an Eskimo kiss in a number of ways.

Horny Eskimo Kiss:

Yes! There is an horny version of the Eskimo kiss as well. One can make this simple kiss really horny and intense by using his or her nose for doing some other functions other than just rubbing. One can finger his or her nose into the mate’s nose. This is considered as one of the best teasing techniques which will the romantic vibe on. It is really simple and anyone can do it with some self-confidence.

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Long Nose:

A long nose will definitely come in handy. With the help of an elongated nose, the kiss can be made even more effective.