How To Do Fruit Facial At Home?

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Fruits are the best solutions to most of our problems. They are capable of nourishing us inside out. Either in form of dietary nutrients or in form of skin care regiments. Then why opt for over the counter facial kits, when Mother Nature has provided us a plethora of remedies, sans chemicals or preservatives.

Benefits Of Fruits In Facials:

fruit facial

  • A home made fruit facial is a fast, easy and economical way of rejuvenating and hydrating your skin.
  • These are devoid of harmful chemicals, perfumes, preservatives and other artificial supplements.
  • Fruits give your face a quenched look, the very smell of a fruit on your face is quite de-stressing.
  • Helps loosen the packed layers of dead skin on our face, thus preventing infections or acne.

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Step By Step Guide To Fruit Facial At Home:


Steam your face over hot water to open up pores. Mix together cold milk, a dash of lime juice and pinch of salt. Soak a cotton ball in cold milk mix and gently rub in circular motion on your face and neck. Leave it in for the skin to absorb. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Benefits: It helps remove dust from deep pores and gives an instant brightness to the skin.


Use any fruit based scrub, such as mashed strawberry and gently rub over your face, with your fingertips, in circular motion. In case of dry skin, make a scrub missing oatmeal and honey. Apply in the same way and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Benefits: It helps remove dead cells from our face, which is the main cause for acne.


Mash fruits into a creamy texture and gently apply all over your face. In case of acne prone skin one can opt for a more watery texture infusing citrus juices. Massage slowly for 10 minutes and wipe off.

Benefits: Massaging ensures that, there is proper blood circulation to your face. This gives our face a natural radiance and blush.

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