How to Deal With Unrequited Love?

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The long nights when he used to call you and talk over the phone are long gone. What changed the whole friendship chemistry between the two of you is the fact that he had developed feelings of love for you, one that he couldn’t control and you couldn’t understand. There were times when he says to himself and cried, seeing you being cozy in talks on social networking sites with someone else. Sometimes, he says by the window and heard songs that you loved, so that he could feel your presence and love. Finally, he did come out to you and told you how he felt for you, how he hated the fact that someone else was preferred by you over him, and how he would wait for eternity, so that you’d realize the love he has for you. Newsflash: this is what we call unrequited love, simply because you love him as a friend and not more than that, which he now doesn’t realize because he is head over heels.

how to deal with unrequited love

You now have two options: shun him for good or give him the lead, the latter which would get worse in time. So what do you do? How do you make him understand that you only love him as a friend, and not even as a platonic lover? Here you get an some best tips on How to Deal With Unrequited Love?

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1. Sit and talk things out to him but don’t expect him to understand it in one shot. If he does understand it, good for you, move on and be friendly, but don’t give him a chance to bring it up again. He would time and again bring up the love matters with you; learn to deal with it by being indifferent in a positive way. Speak to him with care so as to not hurt him, or else he would take it up as a challenge to win your heart. When he sees that he isn’t being successful at the challenge, he could do more harm to himself and you, than he ever thought. This is something you don’t want happening.

2. When amongst a group of friends and if you catch him being all lovey-dovey with you for no reason at all, let him know through your actions that you don’t appreciate it. Draw a line and let him not cross it. Put the ball in his court; tell him if he really loves you he wouldn’t make a mockery of himself with such words, actions and deeds. If he gets the point, don’t bring it up or crucify him on that. If he doesn’t get the point, speak to his closest male friends, and ensure that they don’t make it a gossip, but would sit with their male buddy in love, and talk things out. Men understand men better on this, and things would settle soon.

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3. Don’t encourage him to buy you gifts now and then, no matter how badly you need something, he shouldn’t know of it. In many cases, gifts are equated with love, which is wrong. He shouldn’t feel obligated to buy you something to win your love. Be upright and on the face if need be, stern yet polite is what we mean. He shouldn’t impress or buy your love, he should earn it, and now that it is unrequited, you should know where to stop it all.

Finally, unrequited love can go bad if not handled well. if you feel things are going out of control or could possibly go wrong, its best to avoid the person and his advances altogether. Seek professional help for him, and let him be.

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