Top 9 Kissing Tips For Guys

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Kissing is a very important part of life and is a necessary factor when in love or attracted towards someone. Kissing is a sign of attraction and the deep bond that is shared between a boy and a girl and if done properly can be very affective in showing and elaborating on the affection you have for your significant without the need of using words as expression. Kissing can be easy but will take some time to learn when you do not know how. To achieve the best results the best thing for any guy to do is first learn how to kiss properly because a girl will always expect the guy to make the first move when it comes to kissing.

Given below are a few kissing tips for guys so that it becomes an easier process:-

1. Practise:

Practise kiss

Practise is the first step if you’re learning to kiss properly. Practise makes perfect and it is very important that you practise first before kissing the person you love or are attracted towards. The first kiss is always very important to a girl so it is necessary that you know how to kiss before you do so. Try practising on your hand which is ideal.

2. Confidence:

Confidence Kiss

Girls always love a guy with confidence and if you have confidence then 50% of your job is done. Have confidence when you lean in to kiss a girl, that way you know she will kiss you back.

3. Flirting:

Flirting kiss

Girls don’t normally kiss you on the first date unless they are comfortable around you. It is your job to make them comfortable by complimenting them on their looks, clothes and so on. The more comfortable the girl is the better are your chances of her kissing you back when the time comes.

4. Affection:

Affection kiss

If you are already in a relationship with a girl and wish to share your first kiss with her then it is always necessary that you show your affection for her in a variety of ways. If you show that you truly have feelings for her she will be a lot more comfortable when the time comes to kiss you.

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5. Fresh Breath:

Fresh breath

Your breath plays an important role when kissing a girl. If you have bad breath a girl is less likely to kiss you no matter how much you try. When meeting the girl you want to kiss always brush your teeth and pop in a mint so that your breath is fresh at all times showing the girl you believe in oral hygiene.

6. Hold Her Close:

Hold her close

Kissing does not only have to deal with the mouth, it also depends on the movement of your entire body. Body language has an important role to play in kissing. Hold her in a tight embrace which is a very important way of showing the girl you want to kiss that you will keep her safe and also showing you have deep feelings for her. Body language will surely make the girl more comfortable to kiss you.

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7. The Pause:

The pause

The pause is the most important thing in a first kiss. When going to kiss a girl lean in but let your lips linger a few inches from hers, don’t force yourself and wait. This wait is the pause which allows the girl to also lean in and press her lips against yours. This is a symbol of trust shared between a boy and a girl.

8. Elongate The Process:

Elongate the process

Kissing is a slow action therefore hurried kisses are not preferable. The more you hold onto the kiss the more intensity will build between you and the girl you love which is a very necessary part of kissing.

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9. Break Apart Slowly:

Break apart slowly

After you are done and want to break away from the girl do it slowly so that the girl moves away willingly too.

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