Lip Kiss – How To Start, Different Types and Meanings With Images

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The art of kissing can be traced to our growth as an infant to adulthood. Most of our expressions of emotions involve our lips. A lot of them even imitate kissing; examples are bottle feeding a baby or nursing an infant. Such actions not only instil a child with positive vibes about kissing, but also render his neural pathways to include kissing as an important outlet for expressing emotions.

Human lips are pouted outwards or towards the exterior, making them the most exposed part. This sensitive zone has a lot of nerve endings; hence the most gentle of touches results in a plethora of sensations and information being sent to the pleasure corners of our brain.

HOW TO DO Lip Kiss

A kiss or a peck in the lips is the ultimate proof of affection. It is the ardent ingredient of a spiced up and a long term romantic relationship. A kiss can actually give you the opportunity to move towards a new stage in your relationship. As per many women, you can tell how long a relationship will last depending on your first kiss! Not only this, the proper kiss opens the pathway to a lot of hormones and physiological activities in your body. This is the key mantra behind an energetic health, a radiant look and a glistening charisma.

The lip kiss can rid you of those annoying plaque on your teeth. The tangling of your tongues in that scintillating French kiss activates a lot of facial muscles and leaves you looking younger, happier and livelier! Kisses involve losing out on a lot of calories and can actually help you in losing weight

Science of Lip Kiss:

Being in the closest proximity, you can learn about each other’s intimate desires, through all your senses at work- smell, taste buds and touch. The brain, without our knowledge processes a great deal of information about the kissing partner; and this includes even his DNA composition!

On a scientific note, women are more attracted to men with a different genetic code. Biologically, this difference strengthens the immunity system. An ardent kiss can actually help in releasing the hormone dopamine, which enhances our sensations of longing and yearning. Another hormone that kissing triggers is Oxytocin, also termed as the “love hormone”, which increases the sensations of proximity and affection.

Yet another secretion is Adrenaline rush, which boosts our heartbeat, accompanied with sweating and the anticipation as to what might be the later impacts.

Cortisol is an added secretion released through passionate kissing. It also known as the stress hormone and which enables dilation of blood vessels, deepening of breathing and flushing of cheeks, accompanied with a quickening of our pulse rate. This goes a great deal in minimizing apprehensions and uneasiness during intimate moments.

What Does a Lip Kiss Mean?

A kiss that involves only our lips without the tongue is commonly known as the lip kiss. A lingering or a gentle brush over your partner’s lip-line with your own lips are the perfect way to say “I love you”. But, even this passionate gesture might have a variety of hidden communication and messages! So let us try to have a glimpse as to what might be the concealed signal behind each type of lip kiss:

The Different Types Of Lip Kisses And Their Meanings With Images:

Kisses can be of many types; some could be a hot lip kiss, while yet others romantic lip kiss, nevertheless, each of them radiating the aura of poetry and love, but on a different tone. It can be on any part of the body, from forehead to the jawline, from the navel to your feet. Here we give a list of some lip to lip kisses gave along with meaning and pictures.

Single lip kiss

The Single-Lip Kiss:

This is the most common type of lip kiss and that to romantic. Here is how you can get it right.

  1. Gently caress one of your partner’s lips between both of yours and then slowly suck his lip-line.

Not only does it enhance the spark in your romantic relationship, it might signal a more spiced up session!

The Prolonged Lip Kiss:

Another close-mouthed kiss on the lips that can last from 20 seconds to almost a whole minute. It all depends on your chemistry and yes, the intention! The prolonged lip kiss is a strong indication of deep affection and unending love. It is a hot kiss!

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The Light Peck Kiss:

The peck is a very quick and light kiss on the lips, and it’s a usual lip kiss of a couple. This tight-lipped kissing usually signals a gesture of friendship. But, you can also treat it as a starter to ignite a romantic spark! Peck is usually on the cheeks and is a commonly practised kiss type around the world. You could give a peck to your friend or your colleague.

The Lip-Gloss Kiss:

Winters are boring, aren’t day? Dried lips and a dead skin can suck out the fun from lip kissing. So for some fun, you can try applying some lip gloss and rub it across your partner’s lips until they are smeared and covered as well. To spice it up, you can add some chocolate or sweet flavours to your lip balm! And that’s how a hot lip to lip kiss is done.

The Spider Man Lip Lock Kiss:

In this exciting lip kiss, one of the partners is inverted, with each tugging at the others lower lip. This gives an altogether different dimension to the art of lip kissing. This kiss is the one that concentrates more on the lower lip and is popularly known as the lower lip kiss. You could try out this new style of kissing!

The Breath Kiss:

A highly sensual experience; you inhale and kiss as your partner exhales, and vice verse. It is slow and a bit complicated, but can add an altogether diverse aspect to your routine kissing styles. The breath kiss is the common kiss during lovemaking and signals deep relationship, trust and comfortability.

So now, that you know what you wish to convey through your first kiss on the lips, let us give you a few tips on how to move toward that killer kiss!

How to Do Lip Kiss?

How to Do Lip Kiss?

The Preparation Tasks For Lip Kiss:

For most of us, that first approach to a lip kiss might not be that easy. So, you can approach some indirect signals or romantic signs. A lips kiss start can be that brief unexpected stare on his lips or a small partition between yours to allow the teeth to touch the lower lip. If you are a lady, don’t forget to add that luscious temptation with a generous amount of red lipstick or chocolate lip gloss. Some guys love the fresh and clean look, so you can opt for peach or plum flavours. For that fresh breath, keep a mint or mouth freshener handy! They are the prerequisites for a hot kiss!

Set The Mood For Lip to Lip Kiss:

Admire your partner and offer him the biggest compliment. Appreciate him, but do it in a hushed and sexy tone. This will compel him to feel more intimate and induce him to draw closer.

Now if you are the man, take her hands and breathe against them slowly, landing a gentle kiss by pressing your lips onto her fingertips. Then, pull away slowly. She will get the signal.

And if you are the lady, you can shower him with affection by planting kisses on his forehead, cheeks and on the sides of his lips. Yes, now, you have definitely made your intentions clear!

Now, if none of these methods works, you can always try the last resort. Approach her and state your intentions directly. You can do this with a variety of romantic lines, and trust me, she won’t disappoint you!

If everything goes fine, go for the final move. Draw him/ her close, let the curtains fall, and allow your lips to lock for that ultimate moment!

Lip Kiss Tips And Techniques:

Let’s find the below lips kissing tips and techniques that assistance you a lot in lips to lips kissing, lip lock kissing and other any type of kissing.

1. Let Your Lips Remain Parted:

Even if this your first kiss on the lips, let your lips loose. Don’t keep them too tight or pursed. This might signal you are too conscious or might be a bit hesitant with your partner. On the other hand, softly parted lips signal reception and enjoyment of the moment. The beautiful lip kiss will then turn something to be cherished.

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2. Start Slow and Soft :

Start by planting gentle and slow lip kiss. Don’t be too hard on her/him or don’t try to rush it up. You can try letting your tongue do a slow dance against her lips, and if she is willing, you can try for the French kiss. Also avoid noises with your lips; it might ruin the silence and make both of you conscious.

3. Decide on the Lip:

What’s your choice? The lower or upper? Well, we would suggest with the lower lip of your partner. The lower lips are generally thicker and more sensitive, making the first lip lock kiss for an amazing experience. That could probably be your best move and have its own effects on your partner.

4. Control You Saliva:

This might need some practice. It is probably difficult to control saliva. Too much of salivation would make the otherwise romantic lip kiss an annoying affair. If you are salivating too much, take a break, dry them, and try again. There is no reason to feel embarrassed.

5. Being Out of Breath:

It is very common when excitement and anxiety may make us breathless! Don’t worry. Take a break in between lip lock kiss and inhale few breaths of fresh air. It will make you relaxed and composed. Even otherwise, who doesn’t like to take someone short of breath?

6. What to do When You Do?

Make use of your hands when kissing lip to lip. Use them to tilt her chin, caress her hair, to wrap around her waist or to touch his shoulders. This will make your kiss more sensual when you both are just inches from each other.


7. Gently Bite:

You can use your teeth to gently nibble on her lips. Bite them gently and with care. You can occasionally pull on her lower lip and release it again. This gives an unpredictable twist to your technique. Be careful not to hurt each other, as it might just the turn mood off from the whole thing.

8. Get Rid of That Monotony:

Take breaks in between to say something or whisper a secret or two. Increase the desire and then start again lip kissing. This gesture will not only add more intensity but will also increase your sense of intimacy.

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9. The Next Level:

If all is well, you can try letting your tongue brush gently against the lower lip of your partner. If she reciprocates in the affirmative, you can let your tongue slowly inside her mouth. Keep on moving in slow and circular motions, and let the strokes increase at par you’re your partner’s response.

Here are some thoughts on what you need to know about your partner when you plant a kiss on her lips. Yes! There are some things you need to know! We’ll tell you.

A lip kiss is an intimate and sacred occasion for many. It depicts a sense of intimacy and closeness. So, if you are a first timer, its best to pick someone you are close with; most preferably your dating partner. Not only will it ease up your nervousness, but will also ensure trust. Make this shared experience a beautiful one rather than a moment you will regret later.

At times, you might be apprehensive about approaching for kissing on your lips (even though you secretly desire it). Then, let your partner take the lead and make the moves. You can follow suite until the moment you are confident about your own techniques.

Do not adhere to the same moves. Try to add some spice, with experiments and interesting plus new techniques. That way you will add more fun to the whole process of kissing lip to lip, or for that matter, your first kiss.

Don’t lose that eye contact. It’s still better if you are locked to his eyes while being lost in his lips. It gives a sense of closeness and the deepest view into his soul

The Greatest Lip To Lip Kiss Errors:

Well, it so happens that you could get a lot of things wrong on your first kiss, lip to lip. So, we thought we will warn you a bit about it.


  1. Don’t directly lash out at her lips. Start with some intimate words, a peck on the check or a caressing touch across her shoulders.
  2. When you are on that moment of infinite lip lock, leave any other thought that enters your mind.
  3. Don’t analyse your techniques and moves and neither try to predict what your partner’s next move will be.
  4. Don’t overdo on the teasing part. Some amount of teasing is good, but if you pull away too often, she will think you are just taking her for a ride.
  5. Be gentle, but don’t overdo it either. Women love gentlemen, but they too desire a bit of passion and urgency as well. And yes! don’t be too fast either. No woman loves a man who directly jumps from her lips to her pants!
  6. Try to understand her way of kissing. Usually, your partner kisses you the way he/ she would like to be kissed. So, observe that and follow suit

Live at the moment. Try to enjoy the feeling of how your lips feel against each other. Don’t be conscious of your looks, thoughts or techniques. The basic mantra behind that perfect lip is to let yourself go with the flow. With time, you will learn the art of lip to lip kissing.