9 Best O3 Facial Kits In India For All Skin Types

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O3 is a facial kit that basically focuses on whitening and pigmentation control skin type from normal to dry. These increases fairness, as they comprises of whitening cleansing foam, whitening tonic, whitening cream, whitening mask. There are different types of o3 facial kit available in the market some are o3 mini facial kit and many more the best o3 facial kit are available in high quality.

Best O3 Facial Kit List For Dry, Oily And Sensitive Skin:

Here are Some Top 9 o3 Facial Kits,

1. O3 Diamond Facial Kit:

O3 Diamond Facial Kit

The o3 diamond facial kit is a unique formulae which helps to brighten your face and make it white, pigmentation decreases gives faces an ultra-glow making it moisturize. This facial gives a smooth look to your face making it hydrated.


You can use this facial kit once in two month it leaves a smooth effect on your face. Making it fair and glow than it was from before. All you need to do is use as per the instructions and apply sachet one by one.


8500 INR for 50ml

2. O3 Gold Facial Kit:

O3 Gold Facial Kit

Theo3 gold facial kit is a natural gold formula that has gold ingredients in it, it gives a new lease of shine and sparkle to the dull face, skin becomes tone and it has a gold peel off mask that makes the skin tone fair and a shine on the face.


You can use this once in two months, all you need to do is apply the sachet one by one as directed on the packet.


4000 INR for 50 ml

3. D-Tan o3 Facial Kit:

D-Tan o3 Facial Kit

The D-tan o3 plus facial kit for oily skin is a formulae to D-tan your skin that means it removes all the tanning from your face, making it glow, it has some add on ingredients in it, that make your skin’s complexion back at its own place. This removes all the tan from your face that you get on a daily basis.


You can use this once in 3 months because it has a high ingredients that gives’ a tin gen effect to your face. Just need to apply as the direction and massage it well, also wash it well.


5000 INR for 30g

4. Whitening o3 Facial Kit:

Whitening o3 Facial Kit

The o3 plus whitening facial kit is facial formula to make your skin look younger and whiter, your complexion becomes fair and brighter. This is a smooth facial with cleaner and toner that gives a natural bright and fairer look to your face, people who want to increase their skin tone can use this o3 skin whitening facial kit.


You can use this o3 whitening facial kit once in a month, to make your skin fair and bright. Just apply the sachet as per the direction on the pack.


2500 INR for 50 ml

5. O3 Milk Facial Kit:

O3 Milk Facial Kit

This o3 milk formula is for people who have sensitive using this gives your skin a smooth effect without having any side effects also your skin heals the red marks decreases making it fair and filling the gap of your skin. This o3 facial kit for sensitive skin is a natural formula to heal your skin from all the red marks and gaps on your face.


You can use this once in two months because it gives a smooth effect to your face and has a long lasting effect. Just apply as per the sachet.


3000 INR for 50 ml

6. Seaweed o3 Facial Kit:

Seaweed o3 Facial Kit

Seaweed o3 facial kit for bridal is a unique formulae for bride it makes the skin glow gives a smooth effect to your face it’s a all in one formulae that a bride can get it make skin smooth the red marks are removed also the gap is filled. And the skin looks fresh and fairer that ever before.


This is use once before the marriage this is basically done in a salon by the people there, they massage it well. They use the face pack the toner the cleanser one by one after massaging it well.


8000 INR for 100 ml

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7. Radiant o3 Facial Kit:

Radiant o3 Facial Kit

This o3 facial kit for dry skin is a natural formulae to brighten up your skin make it look flawless and a glow on your face it helps to make dry skin smoother than ever before as it helps to peel off the dry skin and all the dead skin comes off, this is a very good formulae for dry skin to moisturize it and make it smooth.


You can use this once in two months to make your skin smooth and moisturize it. This facial is done in salon as they know the technique but you can also do it as per the instructions’ on your facial kit.


2500 INR for 50 ml

8. Meladerm o3 Facial Kit:

Meladerm o3 Facial Kit

The 03 facial kits for oily skin by Meladerm is a facial formula to make your skin, gain its power back, this helps to reduce the oil and regain its value, also helps to reduce the pimples, and the red marks on a face. This has salicylic acid that helps to reduce oil thereby reducing the pimples’ on a face.


This facial kit has some long lasting effect so you can use this once in two months because it has high contents. All you need to do is massage the face well and wash off nicely.


1500 INR for 50 ml

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9. Volcano 03 Facial Kit:

Volcano 03 Facial Kit

The o3 skin tightening facial kit is a formula that contains a o3 scrub which is mainly for oily skin to wash away the dry skin cells, and remove the red marks this o3 facial kit for oily skin is a formulae to reduce the oil on your skin and make the PH balance on your face, so it remains hydrated.


You can use this once in once in three months because of its high content and just massage the contents well; you usually get this type of facial at salons.


3000 INR for 50 ml

In the end, there are many different types of 03 facial kits, that are available in the market you can also get them in a salon, which is a better idea. These have a long lasting effect on your face as they help to make your skin brighter and fairer, they also make your skin glow.

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