A gold facial kit is everything that you need to make your skin glow and it has anti ageing properties that will help your skin glow and make it smooth and flawless. It revitalizes your skin making it healthy and strong and also moisturizes it. The facial is a family of skin care treatment it for face including massage, cream, peels, and mask. It is very beneficial for one’s face as it helps in blood circulation. It can slow the onset of wrinkles on a face.

How to apply

There are different ways to apply for facial, first wash your wash, and then there is a mask that you need to put on your face. After the mask is done there are different things that you need to apply like the cleanser the toner, the scrub. All these are applied with some more things but you need to massage your face when you apply all these things then wash it off with warm water.


To use this facial kit you need to first wash your face, then apply the mask for about 10-15 min then wash it off. After this you need to massage your face with cleanser for about 5 min. then wipe the face with a clean towel. After this there is scrub and toner which you need to apply and massage your face with for at least 5 to 8 min and wash it off with warm water.

Best Gold Facial Kit Brands Available In India:

If you are looking gold facial kit from market then here are Top 9 gold facial kit brands with price list,

1. VLCC Gold Facial Kit:


The VLCC gold facial kit is a unique facial formula that helps to radiate your skin make it glow and shiny it provides moisture to the skin, leaving it highlighting. It gives a natural luster to the skin making it more radiating. Than it was from before, its anti-ageing properties help to make skin smooth and soft.

Use: To use it, there are six steps to be followed all you need to do is take that facial pack then open each sachet and apply on your face as directed. There will be a different gold cleanser and scrub and mask. Just apply it as directed on the pack; you can use this facial kit once in a month or two.

Price: 200 INR for 60 gm

2. Nature’s Gold Facial Kit:


The nature’s gold facial kit is special cleansing scrub formulae that have properties of gold dust and peppermint oil with some orange oil extract in it which helps to peel off the dry skin and making it glow and healthy. It balances that PH thing in the skin making it soft and smooth. It is made to give a metallic look and a lasting look.

Use: to use this special kit you can just the sachet that is provided inside it, all need to do is scrub then cleanser and then toner with at least massage it at least for 10 mins each. Then wash it off with warm water and wipe with a clean and dry towel.

Price: 800 INR for a pack

3. Shahnaz Husain Gold Facial Kit:


The Shahnaz gold facial kit is a special treatment by Shahnaz Husain it consists of 24 karats anti ageing exfoliating scrub. It has a skin radiance gel a moisturizing cream. All this kit brings home a complete salon like treatment. It gives an ageless look and rejuvenates the skin. It reduces the sign of ageing skin will become smooth and healthy than it was from before.

Use: you can use it like facial kit which contains some sachet all you need to do is apply the mask and another scrub as per the instructions and massage it and wash it off with warm water. You can use this once in 2 months because it gives a long effect.

Price: 850 INR for a pack

4. Oxyglow Gold Facial Kit:


The Oxyglow gold facial kit a natural formula has herbs and acts like an anti ageing treatment makes the skin soft and wrinkle free. It has certified 99% pure gold in it, making it healthier and restoring skin’s elasticity. Rejuvenates the skin making it firmer and younger and glowing, it moreover helps it wash off the impurities and dirt off from your skin.

Use: you can just use it normally like a gold facial kit, can be used once in a month to wash off the dirt and make your skin smooth and elastic.

Price: 800 INR for 170g

5. Lotus Gold Facial Kit:


This lotus gold facial kit has a natural thing in it like horse chestnuts, papaya, exfoliating cleanser, activating massage cream and some other gold ingredients that make it even more unique and hydrating. It is designed to hydrate the skin and make it look even more glossy and flawless. It promotes the cell turnover, providing the skin nourishment.

Use: there are just 4 easy steps to use it apply exfoliating cleanser then activator and massage it for 6-7 min. then moisturizer and massage it for like 10-15 min, after that use the mask.

Price: 1000 INR for 4 pack sachet.

6. VLCC Gold Facial Kit for Oily Skin:


The VLCC gold facial kit for oily skin is a natural formula that contains the scrub the gold peel off mask and has some amount of turmeric in it to make the skin even more shiny and healthy. It gently exfoliates the skin making it give a radiant look. and also helps to maintain the PH balance of a skin making it healthy and natural than it was before. It works and gives wonders to the skin.

Use: it has 4 sachets which have different masks and other things all you need to do is apply these mask on your face massage it then wash it off with warm water.

Price: 400 INR for 100g

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7. Jovees Gold Facial Kit:


The Jovees gold facial kit a facial kit that helps to rejuvenate the skin it helps to improve the blood circulation restores the softness making it smooth helps to accelerate the regeneration of new cells; it improves the skin elasticity and helps to reduce the appearance. It penetrates the skin and helps to accelerate the skin and increasing the quality of the skin.

Use: it has the facial kit that contains the sachets that help to make the skin glow it has scrub, cleanser and another toner that helps to make the skin become gold dust.

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8. Aroma Gold Facial Kit:


The aroma gold facial kit is a special gold kit that helps the skin to make it smooth and shiny it has a gold dust in it which helps to make skin smooth and soft washing off the dirt and also removing the blackheads from one’s face. It helps to get the dust away and making it healthy and strong.

Use: can use it like a normal facial kit, has some scrub and cleanser in it making your skin glow. You just need to apply the sachet one by one then just massage it and wash it off.

Price: 1530 INR for a pack

9. Banjaras Gold Facial Kit:


The Banjaras gold facial kit is a nice facial kit that can be used by everyone it is normal to all skin types it has gold ingredients mix in it to make it healthier and glow on the skin. It helps the skin to gain moisture and also maintain a PH balance.

Use: you can use it like a normal facial kit. It has some sachet in it like the cleaner the scrub the toner the after oil. All you need to do is apply these things one by one then just massage it for some time like at least 10 min then just wash it off after it with warm water, After it wipes with a clean and a dry towel.

Price: 225 INR for 60g

There are a lot of facial kits available in the market by different companies these facial kits are very nice for one’s skin. You can use it once in a month or some high quality gold facial kit provides a very long lasting effect that helps to hydrate the skin also makes it smoother and refreshes it. These high facial kits can be used once in two months. The facial kits has a lot of benefits in them it reduces the dark spots on the face. Nourishes the skin making it rejuvenated and a flawless skin these gold facial also reduces the pigmentation on your face, also gives a lustress effect to the skin. These gold facial have an ageless formulae to uplift the skin making it look healthy and nice that it was from before.

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