Silver can be your skin’s new best friend! With innumerable skin benefits like antimicrobial, purifying and healing properties, it is used in many skin products and why not. With the ability to solve a host of skin problems, facials use silver particles and extracts extensively. Therefore, we have got you the best silver Facial kit brands as you might consider them in getting a healthy and beautiful skin.

How to Use A Silver Facial Kit:

  • You can apply your silver facial according to the product and its usage instructions. Once in every 4-5 weeks is ideal though. Your silver kit may primarily consist of cleanser, scrubber, face pack, exfoliant and moisturizer.
  • The benefits may be quick in action or take time.
  • Go through the instruction manual before applying the kit.
  • It’s advised to go for a patch test before 48 hours of applying the kit.
  • Apply as per the instructions are given. It would take 30-45 minutes to complete the whole facial.
  • After the kit process is over, take proper care of your face.

Best Silver Facial Kit Products In India For 2021:

Now let’s have a look at the top 9 facial kit brands we have compiled for you.

1. VLCC Silver Facial Kit:

Exfoliate your oily skin with VLCC single silver facial kit and get the glow you have always wanted. It lightens your skin making it soft and bright. With the goodness of silver ash, the kit lightens your skin tone after the very first use.


Kit consists of 6 snatches – Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner, Silver Glow Scrub– Silver Glow Gel, Silver Glow Cream, Silver Glow Pack and Oil-Free Moisturizing Gel. This is easy to apply especially for quick fixing at home. This kit is ideal for 1-2 uses.

Price: Rs. 250

2. Aroma Magic Silver Facial Kit:

Aroma silver facial kit comprises 7 steps for a healthy and well-hydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types, suits best for dry skin. It makes your skin less dry and maintains the moisture, perfect for winters.


Aroma Magic Silver Kit contains – Face Cleanser, Enzyme Gel, Protein Bleach, Skin Serum, Silver Sheen Gel, Hydrating Gel and Face Pack. The cleanser tightens your skin pores, while the special enzyme gel removes excess oil. Skin serum and the gel helps to maintain the moisture of your skin.

Price: Rs. 1100

3. Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Silver Facial Kit:

Make your face shine like silver with Kaya silver facial kit and get the glow you always wanted. The kit has silver leaves and almond oil which helps fight against ageing signs and process.


Comprising Veda Beautiful, Silver Gel, Silver Marrow and Silver Cream, the kit helps make your skin glow and fight with ageing signs. While the application may take time, it is worth the efforts.

Price: Rs. 680

4. Nature’s Essence Silver Facial Kit:

With the goodness of silver, fight acne and blemishes with Nature’s silver facial kit. Suitable for all skin types, the ingredients tighten your skin as a result giving you the desired looks. This one is ideal for reducing dark spots and patches.


The kit contains Silver Cleansing Gel, Silver Scrub, Silver Massage Cream and Silver Pack. All the products inside the kit are easy to apply, especially at home and in less than an hour.

Price: Rs. 500

5. Sara Silver Facial Kit:

Sara silver facial kit is what you need for that bright and healthy complexion. Also, the added benefits include- cell regeneration and excess oil removal. Suitable for normal to oily skin.


The kit consists of – Silver Cleansing Gel, Silver Tan Scrub, Silver Serum, Silver Mask, Silver Cream and Silver Mould Mask. The special ingredients moisturise and nourish your skin perfectly.

Price: Rs. 545

6. Naturence Herbal Silver Facial Kit:

With the goodness of lemon, grape seed oil and aloe vera, this silver kit can rejuvenate your skin, adding more life to it. Suitable for all skin types, it whitens your skin and perfect for special occasions.


Consists of a cleanser, scrub, gel, face cream and face pack, the kit has good packaging and the ingredients blend properly on skin without any hassle. This is best suited for sensitive skin.

Price: Rs. 600

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7. Astaberry Silver Facial Kit:

Image Source: Astaberry

Protect your face from harsh weather conditions with the amazing qualities of Silver infused in Astaberry’s silver facial kit. It nourishes your skin making it smooth and soft.


The kit includes Astaberry Silver Cleanser, Astaberry Silver Scrub, Astaberry Silver Cream, Astaberry Silver Gel, Astaberry Silver Mask and Astaberry Silver Cream for a smooth, de-stressing effect on the skin. Altogether it is a value for money product.

Price: Rs. 600

8. Aryanveda Silver Facial Kit:

Give your skin a treat with this best silver facial kit available. With silver extracts, jojoba, aloe vera and many essential oils, Aryanveda silver kit makes your skin breathe and keeps it beautiful. It fights with skin-damaging free radicals


Kit contains Silver cleanser, Silver scrub, Silver Massage Gel, Silver Massage cream and Silver pack. The results and colour of products may vary but nonetheless, it makes your skin unbelievably soft and supple.

Price: Rs. 677

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9. Jolen Real Silver Facial Kit:

Image Source: Jolen

Jolen’s silver facial kit is ideal for your skin for it removes day to day skin impurities from your skin. With extracts of aloe, rose and bamboo, the kit is capable of giving you the desired look you have always wanted for your skin.


Silver Exfoliating Cleanser, Silver Massage Cream, Silver Gel Activator, Silver Face Pack, and Silver Serum constitute the kit. Packed beautifully, it is an anti-pollutant kit. Travel-friendly and easily applicable, we bet you will love the product.

Price: Rs. 225

Apart from many uses of silver, one such use is for skin benefits. Silver is known to purify and cool the skin surface, resulting in beautiful and fair skin tone. That is why the extracts of silver are used in skin care products, including the Facial kits we have listed here. Including silver in your skin care regime will surely benefit your skin.


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