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Top 9 Best Diamond Facial Kit Brands In India For 2018

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Explore the selected range of the best diamond facial kit brands that are mostly preferred as the best of all. The introduction of each brand with its description on how to use diamond facial kit and its price are also mentioned here.

How to Apply Diamond Facial Kit:

The universal method of performing facials remains the same step by step. The only difference here is that in most of the diamond facial kits, they have provided a serum for the final enrichment of the skin texture. To begin with, the facial cleanser is used for cleaning any surface impurities from the skin. Then the given scrub is made used to exfoliating the facial skin. Thereafter, a massage cream would be given for providing the facial massage strokes for about 20 minutes. Then the face is kept relaxed by applying the final face pack or mask. And now after cleaning the face thoroughly, the serum should be applied.


These Diamond facials have the common ingredient as Diamond extracts in most of the creams. Along with it, we can also have the benefits of other vital nutrients for the skin well-being. Overall, they help us in lightening, brightening, and whitening of the skin texture. They also soothe and fights against any skin infections. Some packs, are useful in overcoming the pigmentation and wrinkles due to skin ageing.

Best Diamond Facial Kit Brands In India For 2018:

Have a look at these top 9 diamond facial kit products below,

1. Shahnaz Husain Diamond Facial Kit:

Shahnaz Hussain Diamond Facial Kit

This Shahnaz Diamond facial kit is one of the popular of this range of products. This has a powerful age control formula for achieving timeless beauty. It purifies, rejuvenates and refines the skin by regenerating the new skin cells. They help us to get rid of the dead skin cells and enhance the skins over beauty. It contains a gentle facial cleanser, 24 carats Diamond Plus anti-age exfoliating Scrub 10 grams, Diamond radiance re-hydration gel 10 grams, Diamond moisturising and nourishing cream 10 grams and Diamond skin rejuvenating and beautifying mask10 grams.


First, clean the face with the given facial cleanser. And wipe it out with a wet cotton pad. Then gently scrub your facial skin using the exfoliating scrub given, for about 5-8 minutes. Clean the face. Then use the moisturizing and nourishing cream for massaging the facial skin for about 20 minutes. Again clean the face with wet cotton. Finally, take this rejuvenating and beautifying mask and apply all over the face. Keep the pack for about 20 minutes. And then wash the face thoroughly to get a radiant look.


INR 399 for 40 gms.

2. Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Facial Kit:

Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Facial Kit

This Radiant Lotus diamond facial kit of Lotus Herbals reduces the appearance of ageing, blemishes, acne and other skin disorders. It removes all the impurities that are present in the skin and reveals the youthful glowing skin. The massage cream and the mask provided here that helps us to give that radiant look which makes us ready for the party. The facial kit contains a basic cleanser, activator, massage cream and a mask.


The face is first cleaned with a basic facial cleanser given in the kit. Then it is wiped out clean. Next, we use the activator in order to penetrate the cream applied hereafter, too deep into the skin. And then the massage cream is continuously rubbed gently all over the face including the neck for about 20 minutes. Then the face is made clean again. Finally, the Diamond mask is applied to the face. You can wash out after it is dried completely to get a gorgeous look.


INR 315 for 37 gms.

3. TBC by Nature’s Diamond Facial Kit:

TBC by Nature’s Diamond Facial Kit

This brand of TBC by Nature’s Diamond Facial Kit uses a premium quality of ingredients and effectively retains the natural resources with their authentic form. No harmful chemicals are being used in this product but only the traditional effective properties of plants are taken together for the formulation. The Diamond facial kit consists of cleansing, exfoliating, massaging and face pack application. Here there are two extra products in which one is a refreshing gel that is to be used after the scrub. And the other one is serum which should be applied after the final pack. It enhances the skin’s radiator and also removed tanks along with it give a brighter and vital look.


The face is thoroughly cleansed by facial cleanser given in the kit. Now the skin is ready for scrubbing and exfoliating. The refreshing gel which is applied next, gives a nice soothing sensation to the skin. The massage cream is rubbed for about 20 minutes. And then a face pack is applied finally to sit for another 20 minutes. As a closing procedure, clarifying serum is applied to the skin.


INR 223 for 55 gms.

4. VLCC Natural Science Diamond Facial Kit:

VLCC Natural Science Diamond Facial Kit

This VLCC Diamond facial kit is suitable for all skin types and which helps to purify the oily skin and polishes the skin cells thoroughly. It also reduces the wrinkles that are spotted on the early ages. It makes the skin youthful and glowing. The facial kit contains a Detox lotion, Scrub, massage gel and washes off mask.


After cleaning the face, the Detox lotion is applied on it to remove the dead cells and impurities on it. The scrub given exfoliates the skin which should be used for 5 to 10 minutes. The massage cream here is on gel basis, which is very easy to apply and also very easily sinks into the skin. Again after cleaning the face with a wet cloth, finally mask is applied which can be washed out after another 20 minutes.


INR 350 for 30 gms.

5. Vedic Line Tejas Diamond Facial Kit:

Vedic Line Tejas Diamond Facial Kit

This Vedic line diamond facial kit gives an extraordinary look on the facial skin. It completely purifies the upper layer of the skin and removes all the unwanted impurities and dead skin cells. The kit contains scrub 100 ml, massage cream 100 ml, and massage gel 100 ml, mask 100 ml, tejas cleanser 100 ml and Moisture Serum 100ml.


As a first step, the face is cleaned with the Tejas cleanser. Then the scrub is rubbed all over the face in order to exfoliate the skin. And again after cleaning the face, massage is done for about 20 minutes. Then a Tejas pack is applied to sit back and relax for 20 minutes. Again a mask is to be applied. Finally, Tejas moisture serum is applied on the skin in order to make it glow.


INR. 1925 for 600 ml.

6. Biotique Diamond Bhasma Facial Kit:

Biotique Diamond Bhasma Facial Kit

This Biotique Diamond facial kit is entirely organic facial kit in which no harsh chemicals are used to made. The massage cream and exfoliator given in this kit makes the skin brighter, whiter and also luminous. The kit contains a face Scrub 15 gms, massage gel 15 gms, face mask 15 gms, face cream 15 gms and swiss magic dark spot corrector.


The skin is first cleaned and the given scrub is used for removing the dead skin cells. Then the gel given here is used for massaging. It is done for about 15 minutes. There is a mask which is applied all over the face including the neck. After peeling off this mask, again a face cream, in which diamond extract is induced, applied on the face to sit for 20 minutes. As a final step, swiss magic dark spot corrector is applied in order to give soothing sensation to the skin.


INR 330 for 60 gms.

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7. Nutriglow Diamond Facial Kit:

Nutri-Glow Diamond Facial Kit

This Nutriglow Diamond facial kit has skin brightening, whitening and lightening properties in it which helps to clean and removes the impurities if any. It also helps clear the spots and blemishes due to pigmentation. It leaves your skin youthful and as a glowing skin. The kit contains a cleanser 100 gms, scrub 100 gms, exfoliator 100 gms, gel 100 gms, cream 100 gms, pack 100 gms, serum 10 ml and toner 100 ml.


The face is cleansed with the cleaner given and then the scrubbing and exfoliating actions are done. A gel is applied for a soothing sensation. And there is a massage creme, which is done for 20 minutes. The pack is applied and left to dry out, after which a serum is wiped on. Finally, the procedure is completed by applying a toner.


INR 2050 for 710 gms.

8. OxyGlow Nature’s Care Diamond Facial Kit:

Oxy Glow Nature’s Care Diamond Facial Kit

The Oxyglow diamond facial kit is suitable for all the variable skin types. It helps to fade away dark spots and blemishes on the facial skin. It purifies and leaves the skin visibly clear. The kit contains a moisturizer, massage cream, scrub, and smooth shiny skin serum, cleansing milk and a face pack.


The face is thoroughly cleansed by using the cleansing milk. Then the face scrub is used for gently exfoliating the skin. And the massage cream is given here for giving that gentle strokes for about 20 minutes. There is a smooth shiny skin serum given here, which gives a calming sensation for the skin. And finally, there is a face pack which can be made it sit for 20 minutes on the face and then washed off.


INR 1095 for 165 gms.

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9. Nature Essence Ravishing Diamond Facial Kit:

Nature Essence Ravishing Diamond Facial Kit

This Nature Essence Diamond facial kit gives us a more even skin complexion leaving it well moisturized and nourished. It also helps in rejuvenating and replenishing the skin making it fairer to the next level of complexion. The kit includes a face cleanser, scrub, skin cream, glow pack and a skin polish cream.


As an initial step, the face is cleaned with a face cleanser given here. The scrub is used for peeling off the dead cells. Then there is a skin cream here in order to massage it for 20 minutes. Finally, the facial skin is made relaxed by using a glow pack for about 15 minutes. Also, there is a skin polish cream to enhance the glow.


INR 450 for 170 gms.

Diamonds are one of the secret ingredients used in those traditional days cosmetics, for the enhancement of the skin’s radiant. They have always been the special royal choice for the well-being of brightness of the skin. Make use of such unique combination of skin creams used in these facial kits here. Beyond this, you can also opt for aroma Diamond Facial Kit, o3 Diamond facial kit and Oriflame Diamond facial kit which are also best in their categories.

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