Did you know that a simple change can make or break the look of any space? Bathroom basins serve as a focal point playing an essential role in determining the look of the area. By changing a simple thing like a washbasin in your bathroom, you can bring great sophistication. Read on for some tips to choose the bathroom basin designs that make your bathroom look glamorous.

Best Bathroom Basin Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and latest bathroom basin designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Corner Bathroom Basin Designs:

A corner bathroom basin plays a vital role in using the space in your washroom effectively. Although the basin’s interiors are a basic ceramic one, the outer coat has an elegant gold cover with white patterns. The design and colour of the basin go hand-in-hand with the stylish water tap. You can opt for this type of system for an elegant and royal finish to your bathroom.

2. Funky Bathroom Basins:

Who said you could not have a little fun in the bathroom? This funky bathroom basin is stylish as well as functional. This is the perfect example of a pedestal sink, but the unique design makes it stand out and attractive. This washbasin’s design looks like the vortex of a tornado giving your bathroom a beautiful yet unique style.

3. Modern Bathroom Wash Basins:

Modern bathroom washbasins are some of the trending designs that blend into the aesthetics of your washroom beautifully. Depending on the place, these washbasins are generally custom-made, keeping in mind the personal choice. Other accessories of the space blend in with the design of the basin. They add a pleasant and calm appeal to your bathroom.

4. Stone Bathroom Basin Designs:

If you want to add a beautiful elegance and appeal to your restroom, this beautiful heart-moulded bowl made out of natural stone is a perfect choice. The rustic finish of this stone bathroom basin can be used not only for homes but also in hotels and offices. The stylish tap goes hand-in-hand with the whole plan of the basin. The grain and colour of this rugged basin emphasize its natural beauty.

5. Bathroom Vanity Basins:

Bathroom vanity basins are an apt option for those who like to utilize every inch of space in their bathroom. The simple design of the white basin gives your bath space a classy look. The small cupboard present under the sink has two cabinets to store toiletries and are easily accessible. This is a perfect way to beautify and effectively use space in the bath area.

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6. Glass Bathroom Basin:

The delicate and see-through glass bathroom basin is one of the best ways to add elegance and beauty to the area. Easy to install, these basins elevate the décor of your bathroom, increasing the beauty even further. Suitable for any bathroom, it is relatively easy to clean and maintain these washbasins.

7. Round Bathroom Basin Designs:

Round bathroom basins add elegance to even a simple wash area beautifying the space significantly. This basin’s shape and size easily fit in with the area’s décor giving it a refined look. Ceramic is one of the common materials used for this type of inlets, and the stylish looking taps go in sync with them.

8. Designer Wooden Bathroom Basins:

The designer wooden bathroom basins present a rustic influence to your modern space giving it a beautiful finish. Beautifully crafted with wooden material, the wash basin’s detail gives a unique charm and a mysterious piece. Choose this kind of bay if you want to add texture to your simple contemporary space. This basin stands out regardless of the interiors and décor of the bathroom.

9. Bowl Toilet Basin:

As the name suggests, the bowl basin is in the shape of a bowl you commonly find in kitchens. The luxurious yet comfortable design makes them stand out in the simplicity of the bath space. Depending on your taste and personal choice, this fixture type creates a subtle contrast complementing the area’s décor beautifully. If you are looking for a relaxed ambience, then this is the one you should choose.

10. Square Bathroom Basin Designs:

These square bathroom basins uniquely blend functionality and beauty. The handcrafted elements of this ceramic wash basin bind the warmth and charm of the bathroom. This is a perfect combination of traditional and modern ways to incorporate a distinctively sophisticated look into your bath space. These types of basins are made with ceramic and are very commonly found in many bathrooms.

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11. Wall Mounted Bathroom Basin Unit:

The wall-mounted bathroom basin is one of the popular and durable ones available. This square wall mount basin adds a distinctive and stylish look to your simple bathroom. Easily fitted in a limited space that comes in many shapes and colours. Add this basin to your wash area for an elegant and aesthetic look to your décor.

12. Marble Bathroom Basin Designs:

The marble bathroom basin is available in different colour combinations and adds a level of sophistication and elegance to your bath space. Even with a simple generic design, the marble basin stands out, making it a perfect addition to any bathroom. The subdued colours of this basin keep it in the focal point, impacting the bathroom’s décor.

13. Black Bathroom Basin Designs:

Black is not a standard colour used for wash basins making the black toilet basin all the more special. It creates an elegant contrast with the glassy top surface and a rough sculptural bottom. The smooth curved corners, linear edge gives this design a simple and clean finish. The smooth glossy surface of this beautiful basin can be a perfect addition to any bathroom.

14. Green Bathroom Wash Basin:

Green is a colour that exudes a calm and serene finish to your bathroom. This green bathroom basin suits bathrooms that have a colour theme in place. The beautiful lines on the tempered glass have a dark tint built into the stand with a beautiful and stylish tap on the top. Easy to clean, this wash basin gives your bathroom a unique and glamorous look.

15. Blue Bathroom Wash Basin Design:

Accessorizing your bathroom with a colour- theme, in mind is gaining popularity these days. This blue bathroom wash basin is a perfect example of elevating the aqua colour that beautifully identifies with water. Another common feature of this basin is the circular form that is another popular trend these days. The in-built tap goes hand-in-hand with the colour of the wash basin, beautifying the space even further.

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If you thought changing your bathroom looks is difficult, then we hope this article has changed your mind for good. This article presents you with an array of best bathroom basin designs that have great potential to change the way your wash area looks. Be sure to choose the one that suits the needs and bask in the glory!

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