Vanity is an integral part of any modern bathroom set up beautifying the space efficiently. Big or small, any size bathroom needs space to store the supplies along with concealing the plumbing. The bathroom vanity designs can be defined as a combination of storage surrounding the bathroom basin or sink. According to the size and space available in the bathroom, please choose the right bathroom vanity design that enhances the look of the area without making it congested.

Latest Bathroom Vanity Designs In India:

Here is a list of the simple and modern bathroom vanity ideas you can try.

1. Vanity Designs For Small Bathrooms:

This is a perfect example of a vanity design for small bathrooms. The simple floor standing vanity has two drawers with an in-built marble washbasin on the top. Although the vanity size is small, it blends in easily with space available around the area and stands out against space’s white wall colour.

2. Wooden Bathroom Vanity Unit:

Wood is one of the superior materials used for vanities in many households. The light-coloured wood with black washbasin on top adds a contrasting look to space, and there is a separate rack available to store towels below the washbasin. The all-grey colour palette of the room elevates the vanity beautifully.

3. Double Vanity Bathroom Ideas:

If you are a person who likes separate washbasins for yourself, then this double vanity bathroom idea is a perfect solution. The dark wooden vanity stands out against the all-white colour theme of the room, including the washbasins. The storage space is doubled and beautifies the space elegantly.

4. Master Bathroom Vanity Ideas:

Unlike many wash areas present in our house, the master bathroom is one of the most significant spaces and has large storage space for supplies. The black colour of the vanity stands out against the white washbasins, and the colour theme of the room adding a unique elegance as every element matches each other.

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5. Scandinavian Bathroom Vanity Designs:

The lack of clutter is one of the prominent features of a Scandinavian vanity, making it one of the best bathroom vanity layouts for any home. The wall-mounted mirror with a wooden frame with built-in wooden shelves of the vanity blends in, completing the space’s look, making it aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t compromise the beauty of the area, all the while providing functionality.

6. Designer Bathroom Vanity Units:

Designer bathroom vanity units are a perfect choice for incorporating unique and unusual designs into your home. The wall-mounted vanity topped with a rectangular basin has a clean finish. The mirror on the wall finishes the look, tying up all the elements of the space beautifully. The subtle colour palette of the room elevates the vanity.

7. Rustic Modern Bathroom Vanity:

The rustic modern bathroom vanity is a perfect option for those who love keeping the elements of the space natural, rough, and casual. The faded wooden shelves of reclaimed wood topped with marble washbasin create a contrasting finish to the room. The handles on the vanity go hand in hand with the taps used.

8. Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Units:

The beautiful wall-built vanity made out of the wood’s natural texture is a perfect example of the contemporary bathroom vanity designs. When combined with the furniture, the simple, clean lines define the space beautifully—the vanity blends in with space’s colour palette blending all the elements giving it a versatile look.

9. L Shaped Bathroom Vanity Designs:

An L-shaped bathroom vanity is a perfect option when you want to utilize the space’s corners effectively. The vanities on both sides of the corner give you enough area to store toiletries in your bathroom. The white colour of the vanity goes hand in hand with the all-white theme of the space giving your space a classy finish.

10. Industrial Modern Bathroom Vanity:

Unlike the sophisticated looks, many of us are more into using raw materials in the wash area. This is where the industrial modern bathroom vanity comes into the picture. The faded wood vanity with enough racks helps store supplies and stands out against space’s all-white theme elevating it further. It is a perfect example of a two-person vanity with minimal furniture.

11. White Vanity Bathroom Ideas:

White is one of the prominent colours used in representing your taste in any room of your house, especially the bathroom. The floor-standing vanity with black holders is in contrast with each other. It also blends in with the all-white theme of the space. Although it is a high-maintenance design, you can give it a try if you have a kids-free zone.

12. Brown Bathroom Vanity Designs:

The solid wooden vanity stands sturdy, reliable, and is durable. The brown vanity in the bathroom has an earthy finish giving it a natural and elegant finish. The combination of shelves and patterned washbasin stands out against the white-coloured walls and floor tiles. The room’s upper area is blue with two mirrors with a brown frame matching the vanity.

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13. Black Vanity Bathroom Ideas:

A black bathroom vanity is a perfect option, especially if you want your vanity to pop out. It helps stand out against the white-theme of the space blending in beautifully. Unlike the traditional colour used in many bathrooms, the black colour of the vanity not only stands out but has an endurance against the elements in the space.

14. Grey Vanity Bathroom Designs:

The grey vanity bathroom design adds neutrality and balance to the all-white colour palette of the space. It ties up all the elements of the area, effectively elevating the vanity beautifully. The dual cabinets with two marble washbasins add to the style of the space. The vanity helps store supplies without any clutter to leave around. This is one of the cool bathroom vanity ideas you can try.

15. Trendy Bathroom Vanity Designs:

If you are looking to stay up to date with trending fashion, this trendy best bathroom vanity design is the perfect option. Unlike the traditional shape, the wall-built vanity has straight and curved lines on each side. The white vanity against the dark-coloured walls stands out, making it look chic.

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The beautiful and exclusive bathroom vanity designs presented in this article add an impressive look to space. They not only beautify the space but helps you utilize every inch of space effectively. This article gives you a unique perspective for people who want to renovate their bathrooms.


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