In modern bathrooms, vanity is a must have for everyone. Big or small, each bathroom needs space for storage of the basics. These vanities come in several structures and designs which can be used according to the space available.

Care should be taken that installation of vanity does not block a lot of place as it will make the bathroom very small and congested. Depending on the need, it can be wall hung or floor placed.

Best and Modern Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets:

Here are a few stylish and elegant bathroom vanity designs for you.

1. The Big White Vanity:

A huge bathroom with a huge vanity is all one can ask for. This magnificent white bathroom vanity in white is ideal for luxury bathrooms with huge walls. It goes well with other decor and has a classy antique build.

2. Huge L-Shaped Vanity:

This vanity bathroom design is suitable for a huge bathroom with a lot of space to incorporate this cream colour vanity with three big mirrors. It is in the combination of several drawers and single door cupboards, designed to store a lot of stuff.

3. Vanity in Contrast:

In this bathroom vanity units the big drawers and cupboard under the washbasin are highlighting the room with their dark colour as opposed to the simple and sober combinations of the rest of the place. It is an appropriate size for a medium to large bathroom.

4. Small and Simple Bathroom Vanity:

The small vanity here is just ideal for this size of bathroom. It blends well with other bathroom accessories and had an exquisite style of its own. The small bathroom vanities are pretty ancient and very contrasting to the modern finish of the rest of the place.

5. The Basic Vanities:

These bathroom vanity cabinets are of a small to medium sized bathroom with a medium sized double door vanity. This four legged vanity looks very different from the rest of the bathroom decor, and thus is a centre of attraction even in its basic form. The colour goes well with the rest of the bathroom and the entire place is synchronized in combination.

6. Wooden Vanity With Drawers Only:

Pull out drawers are very easy to manage and look smart and elegant. Here, these drawers are in a darker shade as compared to the rest of the bathroom and is a highlighting factor of the place. The drawers are just the right size and look spacious.

7. Chocolate Colour Small Sized Vanity with Drawers:

The highlighted front wall and vanity are in the same combination giving a unique sync in the place. Drawers are pretty small but many, making segregation of stuff easy. Small spaces are also beneficial if we look at in terms of maintenance.

8. Vanity With Mirrors:

We usually see vanity for bathroom with wood or vinyl, but here is one that is fitted with mirrors all over. These plain white looking glass mirrors are unique in style and is easy to maintain. Two double door cabinets with beautiful tops and several drawers make this vanity suitable for medium to large size bathrooms and are pretty spacious.

9. Wall Hung Vanity:

The unique design of this wall hung vanity is very impressive and elegant. It is suitable for all sized bathrooms. Here, it has been placed wisely, utilizing the empty wall between the bath tub and sauna area. The structure is also spacious and contemporary.

These exclusive designs are very impressive as they make use of the entire space and add to the beauty of the bathroom and also give new ideas for those who are making or renovating their bathroom.

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