Have you ever thought of designing your bathroom in a space-effective way? Be it a confined or ample space, these bathroom cabinet designs not only make your bathroom appealing but are also practical for storing supplies. There are countless options available with several types of materials, sizes, and shapes when it involves cabinets for the bathroom. Utilize every inch of space with these luxury bathroom cabinet designs from this article.

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Latest Bathroom Cabinet Designs In India:

Here are our 20 simple and modern bathroom cabinet designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Traditional Bathroom Cabinet:

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If you are a fan of conventional yet unique designs, these traditional bathroom cabinets are the perfect option. The bead-board systems or the raised-panel doors are typical features you can find in traditional cabinets. The material used is quite sturdy and lasts a long time. Another popular part of these cabinets is the inset recessed doors where the frame’s flush is set.

2. Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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Wooden bathroom cabinets are a common sight in almost every bathroom. The unique design of these storage elements effectively secures your daily essentials and has a stylish look. The lower cupboard has a rectangular washbasin, and the wall-mount cabinet has see-through glass in the centre and open storage on either side. This is a perfect floating cabinet that beautifies your simple bathroom.

3. Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet:

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Although non-traditional stainless steel bathroom cabinets create a unique look to your bath space, it perfectly matches the sleek black flooring and contrast with the grey wall colour. This perfect colour combination elevates the steel cabinets to a new level. The black countertop with a glass washbasin bowl alongside a sleek tap completes the wash area’s look.

4. Glass Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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Doesn’t glass look attractive and refined? This glass bathroom cabinet is a perfect way to store bathroom essentials and effectively maintain the space’s look. The iron black exterior holds glass perfectly with sleek silver handles. You need to take care of how you arrange the storage supplies; since the glass door is see-through, everything will look crystal clear.

5. Plastic Bathroom Cabinets:

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Plastic is one of the superior materials used for many things in our daily lives. Since plastic is resistant to chemicals, insulators of heat and electricity, it is one of the top materials to use as a cabinet. The wall-mount cabinet has a sleek glass door external. Whereas the cabinet on the floor has a direct and simple design with a marble tabletop that completes the look beautifully.

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6. PVC Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

PVC is a material that is easy to maintain and affordable. This is the reason why many people prefer PVC bathroom cabinets. The simple design with the colour combination of black and white is a perfect way to convert a simple space into an extraordinary one. The white tabletop with a simple washbasin and a stylish tap correctly adds to the décor.

7. Luxury Bathroom Cabinets:

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Luxury is not limited to the rooms of your house anymore. Luxury bathroom cabinets are gaining popularity because of the style and elegance they add to space. This area has black cabinets against the all-white walls of the bathroom. The lighting in the room reflects through the whole space elevating the cabinets to a great extent.

8. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet:

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Bathroom mirror cabinets are a perfect way to add style and functionality to your wash area. The mirror is simply a door and has hidden storage behind it that helps store as many supplies as possible without looking at the mess. Another unique feature of this design is the addition of three rows aside for extra storage. Although you can find these types of mirror cabinets in various materials, a wooden finish gives you a classy finish to the space.

9. Corner Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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Utilizing every inch of the bathroom is essential when you have little space. The corner bathroom cabinet is a perfect way to use the toilet corner area that is often neglected virtually. Though the design is simple, it stores essentials perfectly and has stylish handles. The black tabletop, in contrast to the white cupboard, adds to the look.

10. Designer Bathroom Cabinets:

This is a perfect example of a designer bathroom cabinet that can effectively store supplies and an aesthetically pleasing look. The light-coloured wood has a sleek finish with a marble tabletop. The upper area of the cabinet has faded glass doors that elevate the face of the cabinets. The handles are not similar to the ordinary ones you can find but have a stylish look to them that goes hand in hand with the cabinets.

11. Custom Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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Incorporating your style into any space makes it even more special. This is the reason why customized bathroom cabinets have been gaining prominence. The simple cabinet has layers of storage units that can store all your essentials. It also has elegant oval washbasins on a marble tabletop that go in sync with the all-white cabinets. An addition of a stylish mirror can be a cherry on top.

12. Bathroom Cabinets with Lights:

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The lighting in any space not only brightens the area but also elevates it significantly. The simple white bathroom cabinets with lights on top have three sections that help you store toiletries. Unlike the conventional handles, you can open these doors from underneath them with the door itself. This space also has a dark wood wall mount table with a marble tabletop washbasin finished with a sleek tap.

13. Contemporary Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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The sleek design of these cabinets with fine fish lines is a perfect example of contemporary cabinet design. It creates an unfussy look with minimal ornamentation and flat surfaces, some of the prominent modern style features. Black colour cabinets with sleek silver handles add a rich look to the place and are incredibly convenient. The white marble tabletop works in contrast to the cabinets and is in line with the space’s flooring.

14. Teak Bathroom Cabinet:

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Teak has a beautiful golden yellow in colour wood suitable for all types of furniture, especially cabinets. The teak bathroom cabinets synchronize well with the wooden flooring of the space. These cabinets can withstand extreme cold or hot conditions, a common sight in the wash area. The white marble tabletop with an oval-shaped wash basin goes hand in hand with the storage cabinet.

15. Diamond Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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Diamond is a subsidiary company of MasterBrand that produces quality cabinets to style your simple wash area. The black colour cabinets are in contrast to the white marble flooring and the marble tabletop. The stylish taps and the diamond-shaped glass background add to the sophisticated look of your bathroom. This diamond bathroom cabinet helps organize your things and beautify the space.

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16. Shabby Chic Bathroom Cabinets:

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Chosen for either their design or appearance, this area’s furniture is the perfect example of a shabby chic bathroom cabinet. This beautiful storage cabinet has a stylish finish with crisp lines giving it an appearance of an antique piece. It also has a white marble tabletop with an in-built sink with a mirror made with a similar cabinet material making a perfect match. The light blue colour of the cabinet gives the bathroom an airy look.

17. Master Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

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One of the prominent features of a master bathroom is double sinks. The double sink feature has cabinets on both sides, giving you enough space for supplies. The grey square cabinets around this space complement the white walls and flooring, making it look sober. The design is quite simple and has only a two-colour combination. The marble tabletop above the cabinet not only adds to the feature; it looks sophisticated too. The addition of lights on either side of the mirror gives the vertical cabinets a beautiful glow.

18. Victorian Bathroom Cabinet:

If you are looking for a simple and vintage look for your wash area, this Victorian bathroom cabinet is the perfect option for you. It adds an elegant look and enough space to store essentials and is ideal for the bathroom’s extreme conditions. The wooden cabinets are highly durable and exude elegance in the highest form with beautiful texture and design. The copper look of the tap not only looks beautiful but also adds to the refined look of the cabinet.

19. Green Bathroom Cabinets:

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From olive to hunter, all types of green are gaining popularity among cabinets right now. Not many want subtle colours for their cabinets, especially in the bathroom. Much more than a passing trend, green is a colour that represents energy, rejuvenation, and renewal. The dark green cabinets work perfectly in contrast to the white tabletop and wall colours. It also helps hide the wear and tear that is a common phenomenon for cabinets.

20. Nilkamal Bathroom Cabinet Designs:

This cabinet perfectly blends into the all-white colour palette of the bathroom. The simple corner shelf is best suited to store simple toiletries. This beautiful wall mount cabinet’s polymer body can last long, making it a perfect addition to the bathroom space. It symbolizes the resourceful economics a Nilkamal bathroom cabinet has with sturdy joints. The sleek and neat edges of the cabinet make it look classy and stylish.

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Inspiration can come from any place that helps you decorate any space of your house. With so many options around, it can be daunting to make a choice. Whether it is a small or a large bathroom, there is no need to worry anymore! Add the much-needed style to your bathroom with the best bathroom cabinet designs in this article.


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