Bathrooms are the most important place to impress the visitor or the family member. The bathroom designs are chosen according to the constructor or the owner. There are many designs for the bathroom. These change according to the taste of the owner, style of the entire home and size of the bathroom. Even the colour of the wall is chosen according to the style. The designer bathroom mostly has a basin sink, mirror, bathtub, shower and a cabinet (optional). These are chosen in accordance with others. The bathrooms are even designed for kids. The designers design the bathroom carefully consulting the owner.

Latest Designer Bathroom Ideas In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern designer bathroom designs with photos. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Mediterranean Designer Bathroom:

The Mediterranean bathroom designs are made with reference to the seaside style. These are mostly made of wood and are brown in colour. The wood is carved to make the desired designs. Even the screen, rugs are also made with the same style and are made with wood.

2. London Style Designer Bathroom:

London style designer bathroom reflects the London style with white stones and marbles. This gives the classiest and most organized look. These are mostly made with black and white combination. This is a design which suits best for the white or black-themed house.

3. Hollywood Style Designer Bathroom:

Hollywood style designer bathroom is the most loved and luxurious type of design. The bathroom designer tries to replicate the Hollywood style –copy a style from a Hollywood movie. The bathroom is designed in such a way that the user likes an actor/actress.

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4. Modern Style Designer Bathroom:

The modern bathroom designs are the best designer bathrooms. These are also the expensive type and the designs are chosen with the latest technology and contrast lights. These are made with cool ideas and are also designed as convertible models.

5. Luxury Designer Bathroom Design:

These are made for bigger size rooms. The bathroom designer designs it in such a way that it looks more gorgeous and majestic. The designer bathroom furniture is chosen carefully and in a particular style. The majestic design attracts people and creates a great opinion.

6. Cute Kids Designer Bathroom:

The bathroom designers also design cute and small designer bathrooms for small kids. Depends on the gender of the kid, the room is designed. The picture on the wall and the colour of the furniture are also selected with the same design. The designs are mostly cartoons.

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7. Trendy Designer Bathroom:

Trendy designs are for small designer bathrooms and they are compact. These are made with convertible furniture to save more space. These are suitable for smaller compact apartments. The furniture used is mostly compact.

8. Natural Designer Bathroom:

Natural bathrooms as the name depicts are made with natural habitat. The furniture is mostly replaced with natural things. Some plants are added as decorative items and the shower is made as open rain replica. The bathroom designer designs it giving more importance to nature.

9. Bespoke Designer Bathroom:

Bespoke bathroom designs are made with marble or a rug which tells a story or tells a message to the visitor. A single marble is sculpted and carved with a particular design and is fitted on the wall. The colours are chosen in accordance with the style of the home.

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The designer bathrooms are the most trending style and these are widely chosen by the owner. The designer carefully designs each and every part of the bathroom and fits every furniture to best suit the room. These are mostly of foreign style but are being adopted by Indians too.

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