30 Different Types of Best Bathroom Designs with Pictures

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When it comes to re-design your home and make a signature style in every corner of your house then the bathrooms are needed to be flourished with a difference and a style that speaks for itself. The kitchen and bathrooms need extra touch of excellence as there is now a plethora of choice when it comes to tiles for the said places of the house. One can even go for the same old traditional style also with a twist of contemporary tiles idea or the one color shinny flooring. There are both low cost or the luxurious costing ideas that can make a dream come true in the style and choice of bathrooms people love for their choice. Among the designs and style of flooring used in bathrooms one can choose a mix media work in the entire bathroom is it the walls shelves or the floor or the bath tub or sinks. The proper placing and arrangement also plays a very vital role in making the bathroom a place of relaxation.

The artists in the world of interiors have become experts in experimenting awesome ideas and bringing out the most astonishing designs in the interiors the spell binds the eyes of many. Using the creativity the interior designers and the constructors make amazing use of marbles, ceramic, concrete, glass tiles, stones and metals and lots more material. A short article on the beautiful designs made in bathrooms of small to large size is listed below that can bring ideas to your new home.

Latest and Beautiful Bathroom Designs in India with Images:

Let we have to look at the modern and simple bathroom designs.

1. Modern Ceramic Tiles Shiny Bathroom:

bathroom designs

The most often and largely used ceramic tiles are considered the best option for beautifying your home bathroom. The most traditional style and suitably available in all shape, size and beautiful colors, ceramic tiles are available in designs that vary from matte, to high-sheen to embossed and pictured style. Ceramic tiles are normally very less costly and are a good choice if you have to cover a large portion of the flooring of bathrooms designs or the walls.

2. Wooden Floor Classic Modern Bathroom:

Wooden Floor Classic Modern Bathroom

Wooden bathroom flooring is normally not the bathroom designs India uses but the glamour and finishing and look that wooden flooring gives is outstanding and refreshing. But the best quality of wood used and the finishing only gives the best result in wooden flooring as the wood should be water resistant and moisture resistant. Otherwise the trend of wooden flooring is magnetically eye catching.

3. Contemporary Classic Bathrooms:

Contemporary classic bathrooms

This modern bathroom is looking just fabulous with overall round bulbs attached on ceiling. A lovely passage is having green carpet and a beautiful curve has been given to bathtub area accompanying wash basin too. Gorgeous fresh room is created with wooden flooring and big mirror attached. Rest space is given to get ready inside only and get out. These lights are giving amazing shining to bathroom.

4. Beautiful in Room Pool Bathroom:

Beautiful in Room Pool Bathroom

The bathroom interior design is looking mind-blowing. On walls too, designer tiles are enhancing the shine of bathroom. Few layers of plants are kept over tiles and there is a shower on ceiling too. While taking bath on pool, you can even use telephone shower and enjoy your bath. Few bottles of shampoo and body wash can be put over shelves. Very stylish water taps are used in this bathroom.

5. Bathroom with Belfast Sinks:

Bathroom with Belfast sinks

This beautiful bathroom can be used in dual way. One can used it as pool bath and you can even use it with shower. Big mirror is hanging on wall with wood frame. A small transparent glass is put to cover half of your shower area. The base and cover of sink and tub is done through wood. Full utilisation of space is done in this small bathroom. The design of bath tub and shower like this is rare to watch.

6. Ultra Contemporary Bathroom:

Ultra Contemporary Bathroom

This dark atmosphere of new bathroom designs is shining out with its tiles on wall and floors. Two basins are kept with two mirrors over white printed stone and dark colour of tiles is enhancing the design of bathroom. This bathroom is much spacious to use it well. Like this, you can even use handle to hang your napkins.

7. Luxury Bathroom:

Luxury Bathroom

The slope given to this bath tub is just looking astounding in this bathroom interior design. A separate area is created for shower and bath tub which is considered to be good for a clean bathroom. A glass cover has been given to shower portion and beside tub, two plants are kept and even two lovely flower vases are there beside carpet. This bath space is having pretty tiles design and beside there is big glasses installed.

8. Travertine Bathroom:

Travertine Bathroom

This latest bathroom design is appearing out to be like 5 star hotels. Light brown colour wooden flooring and wall tiles are glowing out the atmosphere. Even wooden cupboard is built to keep all necessary items of bathroom use. A large glass mirror is reflecting the lights on opposite wall. Very pretty shape of basin is kept over cupboard and there is full length blue glass is there.

9. Ceramic Tile Bathroom:

Ceramic Tile Bathroom

Colourful ceramic tiles are used for this home bathroom designs of blue colour. A mirror is having curve like shape with star and lines in between. A basin is attached with tiles and box is made below basin. A curtain has been kept to put on while a person is using shower.

10. Rustic Industrial Inspired Bathroom:

Rustic Industrial Inspired Bathroom

It can be one of the best bathroom designs one can give to their home. It gives you a cottage like feel as it is having triangle ceiling with wood door and floor. A wall behind bath tub is giving awesome look with open bricks and there is also small circular stool used to keep your stuff.

11. Porcelain Tile Bathroom:

Porcelain Tile Bathroom

This bathroom design picture appears out to be auspicious with porcelain tile. All over bathroom is shining with white tiles, white basin and white bath tub. The wall behind tub is having a black shiny wall tile which is giving a good combination. A space is created beside tub for keeping towels and all.

12. Brass Furnished Bathroom:

Brass Furnished Bathroom

This modern bathroom is having brass bath tub and it is open. A special space is created for putting this bath tub and it is over rocks. This big bath room is looking grand and deluxe. Magnificent appearance is given to this bath room with unique water tape design and open view.

13. Grandiose Bathroom Designs:

Grandiose bathroom

This new bathroom design is just exclusive with its wall texture design and lighting pattern. The way this bathroom is built, one will think twice before using it. Such a stylish essential items are used in this that one will remain spellbound. Very cute curve is given to bathroom and appears to be extravagant.

14. Marble Tile Bathroom:

Marble Tile Bathroom

This bathroom design idea is fancy with its wall tile pattern and glass cover for shower. Below basin, the area is utilised by building boxes and cute small stool is there for keeping towel. Even the wall connecting bath tub is looking marvellous with its design. This bathroom design is looking rich.

15. Stone Tile Bathroom:

Stone Tile Bathroom

This bathroom interior design is created elegantly with stone tiles of dark shade. A pretty shower is hanging over bath tub and beside it there is a big window. The area of bathroom is such a spacious one and lavish basin portion is created. There is different design of wall tiles behind mirror.

16. Master Bathroom:

Master Bathroom

This master bathroom designs is splendid like master bathroom. Inside shower room, a sky blue colour effect is given with tiles that it feels like you are in ocean. The pattern of basin is simply modern and other utilities are also there to decorate. There is a bowel to store soaps and even magazines are there.

17. Slate Tile Bathroom:

Slate Tile Bathroom

This bathroom design India is enhanced with beautiful slate tiles of big sizes. Unique pattern of wash basin and box below it is created. A shower pipe is looking rich with its shape and design on glass it looking like water drops. A nice box is created with glass door to keep bathroom essentials.

18. Concrete Bathroom:

Concrete Bathroom

This can be one of the best bathroom designs built up of concrete. The bath tub and stand below mirror looks rough at once but it is polished. A small round box is kept to put napkins. As per size of wall, big mirror is put. It does not possess any stylish items but its simplicity will win your heart.

19. White Tile Bathroom:

White Tile Bathroom

This simple bathroom design is beaming with white tiles. A small open space is there over white bath tub where sweet flowers are furnishing the open space. A mini bath tub is put of oval shape and beside it there is a stool.  This whiteness of whole bathroom is adding grace in appearance.

20. Elevated Bathtub Bathroom:

Elevated Bathtub Bathroom

This beautiful bathroom is having elevated bathtub especially for those who can’t move much. A well furnished bathtub is used and special interior is done for shower. A quality items are used in this bathroom which intensify your living standard. It will boost few people to use it comfortably.

21. Fully Mirror Furnished Bathroom:

Fully Mirror Furnished Bathroom

This bathroom interior design is fully furnished with mirrors. Gracious designs of tiles inflate the charm of bathroom. A full length mirror is used to cover shower portion inside which there is a round shower. The bathroom is so big that you can even put washing machine inside. Beautiful lighting work is done.

22. Glass Tiles Bathroom

Glass Tiles Bathroom

Wonderful glass tiles are used in this home bathroom design. This glass tile is looking so much gorgeous that it will inspire you to use again and again. On ceiling, an ocean like effect is created. Glass box is attached over wall to keep small bottles. Amazing lighting effect is given to this bathroom.

23. Shower Bathroom:

Shower Bathroom

A separate box of glass is created for shower bath in this modern bathroom. This separate space is raised from the level of floor and designer flooring is given to it. A person can enjoy lovely shower bath here with the use of all essentials. Even a single bulb is attached on ceiling.

24. Shabby Chic Bathroom:

Shabby Chic Bathroom

There is a raised bathtub in this latest bathroom designs in pink shade. Lovely two small plants are kept beside bathtub. Even a chair is put there with soft cushions. A cute basket is there with bath products. While bathing, one can enjoy outer view also and you can even close it with curtains.

25. Black Inspired Retro Bathroom:

Black Inspired Retro Bathroom

This beautiful bathroom is having combination of black and white colour. There are number of photo frames hanging on each wall and even floor tiles are having lining pattern of white and black. Ancient style suitcases are kept one side. This design of bathroom appears out to be nostalgic.

26. Colourful Bathroom:

Colourful Bathroom

An extravagant wall texture design is done in this simple bathroom design. There is a bathtub of unique red colour which is having one toy duck.  There is trend setting floor tile design and beautiful red and yellow flowers spreading smell in bathroom. A glass trolley is there and a towel is hanging over it.

27. Decent Small Bathroom:

Decent Small Bathroom

It is awe-inspired bathroom design picture with green shade of basin and bathtub. The wall attached with bathtub is having white tiles attached. A simple mirror and glass stand is there over basin. It is not made much stylish with designer bathroom products. But it is looking modest too.

28. Floor Level Bathtub Bathroom:

Floor Level Bathtub Bathroom

This bathroom interior design is so eccentric and it is floor level bathtub. Isolated style of plant is planted here which is not having single leaf. Two vintage style ladders are kept with towel hanging. And there is lights affixed inside wall that adds glitter to this bathroom.

29. Bathroom with Laundry:

This simple bathroom design is having laundry facility too. Beside a beautiful sink, one washing machine is kept where you can wash your clothes inside bathroom only. The design of this bathroom is unembellished with plain tiles. Effortless use of small bathroom is made in excellent way.

30. Vintage Bathroom Design:

Vintage Bathroom Design

This can be one of the best bathroom designs in a spacious way. An old pattern of floor tiles is there with black dot design. Even the sink design is ancient and there is chandelier hanging over bathtub. There is big glass window and one wall is decorated with photo frames.

Bathroom is that place of home where you can behave the way you like. It is the place where you go first as you wake up. So it needs to be well furnished and properly arranged. You can make it simple as well as stylish. It is upon you.

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