Wow! Look at your thick, luscious hair. It’s so beautiful, they say, right? But only you know that having locks with volume and texture is a blessing and how challenging it can be to style thick hair! So, stay put, scroll down, and read through this comprehensive guide with 20 hairstyles crafted to help you discover the best hairstyles for thick hair that blend simplicity with elegance, ensuring you look your best with minimal fuss. Are you ready? Dive in!

20 Different Bob and layered Haircuts for Wavy and Curly Thick Hair:

Here are the 20 best hairstyles for thick hair that combine style and elegance. Find your new look with our simple styling tips.

1. Fishtail Braid for Thick Hair:

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If you have thick and long hair, our first pick is a fishtail braid! If a mermaid comes to mind, well, look at the picture. That will solve all your queries. Divide your hair into two sections and alternately pull small portions from one side to the other. This is similar to the French braid most women love to do!

Pump some smoothing serum into your palms and tame frizz to maintain a uniform look. Once done, secure the hairstyle with a firm hold of hairspray. For ease, start the braid at the nape of your neck and pull the hair strands to the side.

2. Pixie Haircut for Thick Hair:

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A modified pixie hairstyle creates a bold, modern statement that’s chic and easy to manage. To maintain the sharpness of the pixie, you will have to schedule trims every four to six weeks. Pump some hair styling gel into your palms and shape your hair to define layers for a textured look. You can go generous on the smoothing serum for a sleeker style and comb through gently. This hairstyle is perfect if you seek a fashionable, time-saving routine to showcase your personality.

3. Albaso Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

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Don’t freak out at the sight of it! We know you love it but are thinking about how to do it! Why are we here? We’ll help you! The “Albaso” has its roots in the traditional Ethiopian culture. This is the best hairstyle for thick, curly hair. In this, the hair is braided in a pattern resembling a crown. Yes! This will turn you into a queen with a beautiful tressy crown!

Here are simple steps to do the Albaso Hairstyle:

  • Wash, dry and detangle your hair.
  • Work in sections!
  • Braid each section of hair at a raised level to shape it like a crown.
  • Secure each braid with a hair tie.
  • You can add beads or other accessories to enhance the braid’s beauty.

Ok, we are at the maintenance section. We know you want to know that, too!

  • To avoid frizz, cover your hair with a satin scarf at night.
  • Keep your scalp and braids moisturised. Spray some hair spray or apply oil.
  • Ensure the braids are tight to avoid tension on your hair strands.
  • The best part about this hairstyle is that you can wear it for several days without worrying about styling your thick hair repeatedly! That’s all! It’s simple, isn’t it?

4. Ombre Hairstyle on Short and Thick Hair:

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An ombre hairstyle on short, thick, wavy hair! Wondering what? Well! Ombre in French means shadow! This is a two-toned hair colour, darker at the top, which is usually the natural hair colour and lighter at the bottom, typically coloured to acquire a gradient effect.

Here’s the how part!

  • This hairstyle is fashionable but a little complex! So, consulting a professional hairstylist can help you achieve your desired thick hair look.
  • Once you get your hair styled, make sure you follow the coloured hair regime and also get trims and touch-ups done as suggested by your hairstylist!

5. Colouring Choices for Thick Hair:

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Want an instant chic look? Get your hair coloured! Yes! To just make your thick hair look different and throw a cool vibe, add colour to it. The fact that your hair is thick makes it a great canvas for a variety of colour styles.

Let us introduce you to three happening colouring styles!

  1. Number 1 is Balayage, which involves dyeing your hair using your hands, creating natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights. It works beautifully on thick hair. With this, you can go for long layered cuts, soft curls, or beachy waves to complement the colour.
  2. Number 2 is Ombre, the two-toned hair colouring technique you read above.
  3. Number 3 is the Chunky Highlights, bold and thick highlights – natural tones or vibrant colours.

Like the idea? Get the vibrance on your hair now!

6. Thick Hair Dyed Red Color:

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If you have thick hair and want to look stunning but are apprehensive about colouring your hair? Think no further! Look at this picture, and you will be stunned. Red hair colour makes a striking statement, especially on thick hair. The depth and richness of red shades enhance the natural volume and texture of thick hair, creating a bold and vibrant look. Here are some hairstyle ideas for thick hair dyed red. Long layers can lighten the weight of thick hair and look stunning with deeper reds or auburn shades.

7. Wavy Side Shaved Side Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

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The wavy side with a shaved side hairstyle creates an edgy look, making it a stylish choice for those with thick hair. While the wavy side showcases the natural texture of your thick hair, it is usually tamed with a curling iron to get more defined waves. The shaved side is typically buzzed close to the scalp – a simple shave or a beautiful pattern is carved in to add flair! This asymmetrical hairstyle is excellent for all hair lengths. If you have chosen this stylish hairstyle, just get regular trims done to maintain the crisp appearance, and you are great to go!

8. Claw Clip Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

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Yay! The claw clips are back in fashion! It will be a relief to hear that your hairdo can be over in a few seconds, right? Claw clips make your hairstyle look chic! They come in different sizes and can be used for multiple hairstyles, from a simple twisted updo to a more classy French twist or a half-up, half-down look! Whether you aim for a casual look or something more formal, a claw clip can become a handy updo clip or a trendy hair accessory!

Remember to pick clips with smooth edges and avoid pulling the hair too tightly. Choose a larger claw clip for a better grip and a more comfortable hold for your thick hair.

Pull out a few hair strands to make a tousled bun to frame your face for a more relaxed look. Brush your hair back smoothly before securing it with the clip for a tidy look. Pick plain and fancy claw clips to clutch them into your hair, and get ready within seconds!

9. Barley Claw Clip for Short and Thick Hair:

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Here is another claw clip you can rely on for parties and pub nights: barley claw clips. These are trendy and versatile hair accessories. Be it the classic half-up, half-down style, an elegant low bun, a messy bun, a side-swept hairstyle or a full updo, Barley claw clips can do their magic! These are great for any hair type and length! So, style using these claw clips for a touch of style to everyday hair routines for short, long or thick hair.

10. The Messy High Bun for Long and Thick Hair:

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If you are one of those office goers who love long hair but have no time to brush it up during the morning hustle, just do a messy high bun and pull out a hair strand from both sides in the front to make the look trendy yet classy! You can add a hair accessory to the bun and make it look more beautiful. Messy buns are time savers! And the fantastic part of messy buns is that they are the best for thick hair and go great with any outfit.

11. Short Bob Cut for Thick and Straight Hair:

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If you have thick, straight hair and want to take advantage of it to save time, get a short bobcut done. Yes, trust us! It is an excellent option for thick, straight hair. It is easy to care for and is stylish, too! Remember to keep it chin-length for a sleek and modern look. Goes great with all kinds of outfits and occasions! Pick this tip – get your short bob with a light layering so it doesn’t look bulky. You must get your hair trimmed to maintain the look!

When you style, just go easy on your hair as you blow-dry, brushing with a round hairbrush. If you get bored with the straight hair look, you can occasionally do curls or waves to look stunning!

12. Short Bob Cut with Front Bangs for Straight Thick Hair:

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Here is another quick pick hairstyle for thick, straight hair! Get a short bob cut with front bangs to emit a contemporary vibe. The ideal length would be around the chin or until the shoulders. Front bangs are great when you want to add an extra touch of charm to the overall appearance. Quickly work with a round hair brush before you get caught in your day’s work in style!

13. Hairstyles for Curly Thick Hair:

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Curly hair is so adorable but can be challenging to maintain. And when your hair is curly and thick, that’s even more challenging, right? Curly-haired girls have tangle issues, so keep your hair hydrated!

Here are a few hairstyle recommendations from our room of stylists for your pensive, curly, thick hair! While layered cut, shoulder-length bob and long loose hair like in the picture above are the go-to styles, here is another secret! The curly shag haircut with lots of layers can give a modern, edgy look. This is your go-to style if you have a natural volume of thick, curly hair! An asymmetrical cut also does wonders! A pixie cut is a bolder choice for a chic look!

14. Devacut for Thick Curly Hair:

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You know what to pick to look chic with curly hair, right? Well, that’s not it! Have you heard of the Devacut? It is a dry-cutting technique designed specifically for curly hair. Your hair is cut curl by curl, giving it a more personalised shape to complement the natural curl pattern of your beautiful locks. Try this, and you are sure to love it!

15. Neck-Length Bob Cut for Thick Curly Hair:

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A neck-length bob is stylish for women with short, curly, thick hair. The beauty of this cut is that it highlights the natural texture of curly hair while giving a classy look. The neck-length bob typically falls just around the base of the neck, ideal for showcasing curls. The advantage of picking this hairstyle is that it can be adapted to suit different face shapes and curl types.

16. Two-Ponytail Low Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

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A two-ponytail hairstyle, popular as “pigtails,” is a cute yet trendy hairstyle you can do on your thick hair. We know you already know how to make the school-girl hairstyle, but we would love to help you through the hairstyling process. So, check out.

  • Brush your hair by making partitions so there are no tangles at all!
  • Start from the forehead and part your hair into two towards the nape of your neck, making two equal sections of your hair.
  • If your thick hair is frizzy, take a generous amount of smoothing serum and tame your locks to give them a smooth finish.
  • Gather one section of your hair just above the ear level for long hair. Repeat on the other side.
  • Make sure the ponytails look alike when it comes to height and volume.
  • Use decorative hair accessories like clips or ribbons to add pigtail colour!
  • Here’s the key tip: Pull the hair near the crown to prevent the flat look. And if you want to make it look trendier, add some curls to the pigtails!

17. Two-Ponytail High Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

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Two-high ponytails, popular as “double ponytails” or “high pigtails,” are stylish yet playful. Look at the picture! Unlike low ponytails, to make high ponytails with thick hair, you must brush one section upwards towards the crown of your head from the side. The higher, the better! The ponytail must be tight to hold your thick hair but not so tight that you end up with a twisted strand! Use good-quality hair ties to avoid your ponytails from looking saggy.

18. Hairstyles for Older Women with Straight Thick Hair:

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Not just for young missies, we also compiled hairstyles for older women with thick, straight hair. Hairstyles that are both classy and easy to maintain are here to help you enhance your natural beauty while respecting the texture and volume of your hair. Here are some stylish options:

  • A chin-length or slightly longer bob cut is just timeless and flattering. It’s easy peasy to maintain and gives a beautiful, sleek look.
  • Ladies, you can add layers to create a sophisticated look for your medium-length, thick, straight hair. When there is movement, this hairstyle looks stunning!
  • For your long, thick, straight hair, you can choose to get light layers done to add shape and movement. The best part about this hairstyle is that, on humid days, you can just pull back your hair into an elegant updo and still look chic!
  • And it would be unfair not to mention the Lob, the long bob cut with side bangs, known to add more charm to those with straight, thick hair!

19. Afro Braids Hairstyle for Thick Hair:

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Hairstyles that involve braiding thick hair into thin plaits or afro braids are stylish and trendy, giving a chic vibe! These braided hairstyles are artistic yet offer protection to the hair.

There are different types of afro braids.

  • First is the Senegalese twist style, which uses rope-like braids. This style is shinier, and synthetic hair strands are used to add more vibrance.
  • Second is the Marley Twists, similar to the Senegalese twist but with a more natural, matte finish.
  • Third is Fulani braids, which include thin plaits with unique patterns and designs. Hairstylists enhance the look with beads and rings.
  • Fourth is the Ghana Braids, popular as banana braids, which include thin braids for intricate designs within the hairstyle.

20. Classy Hairstyles for Little Girls with Thick Hair:

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We have covered beautiful hairstyles for women and young missies with thick hair. Here, let’s explore hairstyles for little girls with thick hair, ranging from playful braids to elegant bob cuts. Braids, like French or fishtail, are practical and stylish, suitable for various occasions. High ponytails and half-up, half-down styles are easy to maintain and perfect for everyday wear.

Here are Some Easy Tips for Taking Care of Thick Hair:

  • Get your hair trimmed regularly, preferably every 4-5 weeks.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type so that your hair does not become dry and frizzy.
  • Apply a weekly homemade or store-bought hydrating hair mask to nourish your hair.

Having thick hair is like having a gold mine of possibilities! A hairstyle is perfect whether you are into long layers, chic bobs, stunning braids, or bold colours. With these ideas, turn your thick hair into your best accessory. And remember, keeping your hair healthy with regular trims and the right products is important. So, experiment with these styles and enjoy the versatility and beauty of your thick hair. It’s all about finding the look that makes you feel amazing with minimal hassle.


We have compiled more useful hair styling articles on our website for you to explore. Browse through and see what interests you the most. Let us know in the comment section if you know of any other chic hairstyles for thick hair so we can put them up for other readers to try their hands on! Also, let us know what more you would like to know about hair styling so our experts can curate the tips for you to pick and play quickly! Happy styling!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1: Can I still have long hair if it’s thick?

Ans: Absolutely! Long hair can be stunning on those with thick hair. The trick is incorporating layers that can remove some weight and give the hair shape.

Q2: How often is it best to wash thick hair?

Ans: It depends on your hair and scalp type. Usually, washing it 2-3 times a week works well. Washing too often may remove the natural oils, making your hair dry and frizzy.

Q3: Do you have any quick styling ideas for thick hair?

Ans: A bun or ponytail is always a chic and easy choice. If you have more time, try simple braids or a half-up, half-down look. They are quick to do and look fantastic.


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