This new-age youtube superstar, beauty icon, and makeup artist have redefined the terms of style, fashion, and beauty with his skills. Being a male personality, he has taken over even the feminine spaces with his talent and extreme skill in creating gorgeous looks. He has become quite a sensation across the western world. He is no other than James Charles Dickinson. With such famous and beautiful looks, did you ever see James Charles without makeup too?

We know, it is quite unusual to witness the celebrities, that too makeup talents across the globe to see in real life face. However, here we bring you exciting and shocking real-life unfiltered images of James. He looks very different and unique from real life in makeup products on that you won’t believe what is coming. Let’s get started!

10 Shocking and Viral Pictures of James Charles Without Makeup:

This is how James Charles no real-life makeup pictures look like! These viral pics have gone quite crazy on the internet, and you should see this without makeup looks too!

1. Barefaced Selfie:

Here is the first shocking photo of James Charles without makeup on. He looks completely different and unique in real life unfiltered pictures. We cannot quite believe in these raw images, without any makeup put on himself. His nude face, with sharp eyes, is quite striking in his facial features. We can surely tell that he looks stylish even without any such artificial looks on!

2. Self-Love Time:

James quite loves having some time off for himself. This picture of him is seen during a vacation, where he is on his own. This James Charles no makeup look was posted by himself on social media. With unusual yet unique ear pin on, he looks super dapper and stylish. His eyes and eyebrows are entirely new to us, yet he looks impressive. His spots on skin can be visible evidently, yet he makes sure to look dapper!

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3. Relaxation Time:

Here comes another picture of James Charles without makeup on. Well, words are not close enough to describe this picture. It requires a lot of guts to post this image on the social media platform, all by yourself, when you know you are in the beauty industry and yet have spots and flaws in the appearance. But well, we appreciate and laud this move. He looks absolutely raw and surprising, yet with charming eyes and innocent face.

4. Old is Gold:

Here is an old picture of James Charles without makeup and glasses in real life. Well, not just for us, we can understand even celebrities and artists have a tough time when puberty hits badly! This picture is one such evidence. He has a lot of dark spots all over, yet poses for a photoshoot in this gutsy and bold manner. James looks fantastic with the unique haircut too. He, however, has mascara and lashes on to define his overall look. We are in awe and inspiration. What do you think?

5. Relaxing Time:

Seen here is James resting and posing for a selfie during his free time. He is just seen wearing a contact lens in this picture and is chilling out on the side. He has posted this picture himself on social media and looks very handsome. We quite love his simple looks!

6. Home Sweet Home:

James Charles quite loves his home and family time. He is quite attached to his pet dog, which we can see in this picture. He is seen happily smiling at the camera with his pet. In this photo, he has been wearing no makeup at all, with all happy faces around him. His skin also looks clear and bright in this picture. This boy really has an eye for beauty, isn’t it!

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7. Funky Moments:

This with glasses and without makeup picture of James Charles is not a very recent one, yet has been trending on the internet for all right reasons. He is not wearing any contact lens in this picture, looking quite smart and beautiful and is seen funky pose with the camera selfie. His very young age and youthful skin is quite smart and is captured well on the camera.

8. Out in Cold:

As much as we love stressing James vacation pictures, here is another one. He is seen enjoying even the cold winter snowfall climate outside. He is wearing mild makeup in this picture, however, with normal skin shade and eyelashes. James Charles is famous for his no mirror makeup, and we cannot stop but admire his talents and skills too.

9. Friends Like Family:

Last but one, this picture of James with his friends like family is quite crazy on the internet. He looks quite youthful and happy in this picture, without any makeup and only with dense eyes and eyebrows done. He loves his bond with friends and makes sure he is always in close contact with them. What do you think about this one?

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10. Between Shoots:

Last but not least, this picture of James again without makeup and raw looks was quite shocking back then. This picture was clicked a few years back when he had issues of rashes and spots around his puberty. However, we cannot stop but admire his bold selfie. We love his sharp facial features in this one!

Additional Tips:

With these James Charles without makeup pictures, we are here to give you some tips to achieve and inspire from his best of skincare, and makeup looks.

  1. It is essential that one takes good and required care of the skin. One cannot stress the importance of hydrated and well-moisturized skin, to get rid and take precautions of several skin concerns.
  2. Make sure always to protect your skin from the sun and harsh sun rays.
  3. Clean to pores and dead skin cells every week without fail.
  4. Never skin on toning and cleansing the skin from deep, every week without fail.
  5. Always make sure to remove makeup by the end of the day. Never sleep with your makeup on!
  6. A clean and healthy diet can result in pure and bright skin.

James Charles without makeup pics has taken quite across viral on the internet, all across the globe. The beauty artist and makeup lover’s real-life picture is not known to many, and we cannot stop but gush on these images. What are your thoughts? Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Does James Charles own any makeup brand?

Ans: James owns the brand Morphe. Morphe is known for its pigmented and lovely eye-shadow palettes across the globe, which many makeup artists swear by!

Q2. Which is James Charles’s favourite makeup product?

Ans: James loves his dense eyes look with curled eyelashes. Besides this, he swears by pores minimizing primer too.

Q3. Does James wear lipstick?

Ans: Occasionally, you can see James Charles even wearing shiny and bright lipstick shades, which he proudly flaunts across all over!

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