Belts may appear as a seamless and small accessory, but trust us, they can escalate and define one’s look to a large extent. Professional spaces give a lot of importance to appearance; for this, the formal belts can pull an outfit together smartly and elegantly. If you are a person who loves excellent detail, this guide on formal belts can be helpful. Be it if you are a person who loves to look stylish or even if you are a beginner and novice, our tips and compilations on women’s and men’s formal belts can do the trick. Let’s get started!

Stylish and Trendy Collection of Formal Belts For Gents and Ladies in Fashion:

Features of Formal Belts:

While there are varieties and designs of different belts revolving around the fashion market, you are mistaken if you assume all kinds of these accessories can fit well with formal looks, given that these formal or professional looks need precision. A specific style of dressing sense lets us help you first with the particular features or characteristics of formal belts.

  • First and foremost to check out while deciding on formal belts is the buckle. The frame-type elegant metal buckle differentiates the formal belts from the casual ones. The buckle is also flatter and neater here.
  • Most of the formal belts are around an inch or more comprehensive. Unlike formal belts, casual belts are skinny and may come in various textures and patterns, but we look for an elegant, neat design and flat look.
  • The colour of the formal belt also plays a significant role. Black or brown are traditional colours when choosing such dress belts. Otherwise, the modern looks also include grey, tan, and white colours.
  • Here is a tip: Always try to match your buckle to your outfit or shoe leather colour; this can give a very professional and formal new day look.

Top and Trending Formal Belts For Gents in Latest Designs:

As men find it tough to look around for the best for their money, look at our best Men’s Formal Belts in different Designs. Choose your best one from the below list.

1. Plus Size Formal Belts:

This brown colour regular formal belt for men in plus size is just as elegant and elite as it is always. It is a comfortable and cosy fit, ideally made for the plus size men to give that professional and neat clean look every day. Try it out for formal wear or with blazers; this can go on very well.

  • Design: Brown Plus Size Belt for Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Plus Size
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth to clean the dust.

2. Raymond Formal Belts:

We bet you haven’t come across many of the brown colour belts. This new unique, and modern-day pick in Raymond’s dark brown colour is the trend for young men these days. This formal belt is simple yet lovely and mesmerizing if you love such contemporary looks. What do you think? It is among the hot selling and best formal belts for men.

  • Design: Dark Brown Color Solid Leather Belt from Raymond
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Athletic, Inverted Triangular Body Shape
  • Care: To clean dust, wipe with a dry cloth only.

3. Van Heusen Formal Belts:

This textured belt from Van Heussen in brown is another branded and premium formal belt for men in India. It is pocket-friendly yet very strong and durable, giving a polished and eye-catchy dignified look for offices or parties and gatherings. Try it out with lighter colour shirts to give it a plush look.

  • Design: Van Heusen Formal Brown Belt in Push Pin Closure
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Muscular, Thin, and Rectangular
  • Care: Wipe the belt to remove dust only with a dry and clean cloth.

4. Formal Leather Belts for Mens:

This Louis Philippe formal belt in black and brown is one of the most coveted varieties in the past two years. The leather belt comes with a reversible variant, which can be used on either side in two colours. This multi-colour purpose is smart and trendy and gives men a dignified and professional look in formal wear.

  • Design: Black and Brown Reversible Leather Belt from Louis Philippe
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Thin, Athletic, and Muscular
  • Care: Wipe only with a dry cloth to remove any dust.

5. Woodland Formal Belts:

The tan brown colour is lovely and elegant, which goes with most formal wear outfit colours. This traditional tan brown colour formal belt from Woodland is one of a type. It seamlessly gives a classy and elite look, ideal for younger age groups who prefer neat and clean.

  • Design: Woodland Tan Brown Colour Formal Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth to remove dust.

6. Gucci G Formal Branded Belts:

Gucci also has its range of men’s black formal belts, and we bet it is unmatched. The belt has an interlocking buckle in G, representing the brand’s typographic letter. Gucci’s men’s formal belt is one of the most wanted looks globally with the genuine and premium leather and elite, sophisticated, and grandeur look. This is undoubtedly a lovely pick for high-end gatherings or parties.

  • Design: Gucci Interlocking Buckle G Black Belt
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Care: Wipe the belt with a dry cloth and only store it in a neat place.

7. Levis Mens Designer Formal Belt:

You can effortlessly get the lovely formal and professional look, even with the pocket-friendly yet premium quality Levis belt. The brown solid men’s belt is the simple yet exquisite and classy design we have ever seen. Try this out for everyday wear, and this can look comfortable too.

  • Design: Brown Color Designer Formal Belt from Levis
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Muscular and Athletic
  • Care: Wipe the belt with a clean and dry cloth.

8. Black Louis Philippe Formal Belt:

While the textured belt is growing popular daily, this Louis Philippe black formal belt in geometric webbed texture has our heart. With the black self-design and elegant style statement, we love how this leather belt in black can go very well with a plush and grandeur look, be it for regular office meetings or parties and cocktail events.

  • Design: Black Textured Belt from Louis Philippe
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Atheltic and Triangular
  • Care: Wipe the belt with a dry cloth only

9. Rolling Lock Formal Belts for Men:

Image Source: ajio

Men’s formal belt design is quite popular for its mix-made buckle design. This buckle is given a rolling lock pattern made from brass, zinc, and rhodium plating. The Kenneth Cole Reaction company’s leather belt is one of the best durable belts to rely on.

10. Alphabetical Vintage Formal Belt:

A stunning belt design from Hermes, the belt is ideal for formals. The belt is given a plain black texture which gives a simplified look over formals. The belt’s buckle is given an alphabetical form with the letter H, which stands for the company.

11. Reversing Plague Mens Formal Belt:

Calvin Klein has always given men a vogue appearance through the buckle designs it carries. The formal belts buckles design here is given a reversing match, enabling you to wear the belt in four different ways. The simple black belts with a lovely silver buckle perfectly combine for formal wear.

12. Bounded Formal Belt:

Formal leather belts give a new look to the belts and the wearer when given a bounded design. A design by Nautical gives an equal glance. The belt is polyester leather with a toned stitch at the edges for a comfortable grip and a reverse silver buckle.

13. Rough Design Formal Belt:

An extensively adopted men’s formal leather belt design comes with a medium broadness. The belt is also made with a rough texture that carries an antique brass-made buckle carrying the company’s name, Hilfiger. The sturdy belt comes with imported material for rough and tough usage.

14. Flat Buckle Formal Belt:

Modest leather belts give a lavishing look to the wearer in formals when attached with formal belt buckles. The leather belt is given a flat buckle with steel metal designed in it, with its logo. The belt is also given stitched border design for a rectified look.

15. Trio Strip Formal Belt:

A formal black belt perfect for any formal pants or trousers is given a smooth but robust texture. The edge of the belt is given small stitches, which give a dotted look. The belt’s buckle is also given three steel strand strips with a strong clasp on the waist.

16. Minute Plaid Formal Belt:

The youngsters in the market widely adopt formal leather belts with a berg design. The thick leather belts are given minute box designs with an imprinted design and a simple steel belt. The thickness of the belt makes it comfortable to carry for the full day.

17. Roll Over Formal Belt:

A new design in the men’s formal belts category is leather and has a rough raw texture. The belt is given blue suede leather flicks on the smooth leather belt to make it look slight funky. The simple belt and two holders make it look more advanced for offices.

18. Dalidou Formal Belt:

Dalidou has always given the best quality belts with a marked design in a circular tooled manner. The formal black belt is given a dual stitch at the edges with a tiny vision to make the belt more adorable. The belt is also given a wonderful buckle with cress cross designs in steel.

Fashionable and Trendy Models of Formal Belts for Ladies with Images:

Let’s look at the top and stylish formal belt designs for women in fashion.

1. Armani Exchange Formal Belt:

If you love a premium and luxury look on your outfit, this Armani Exchange black formal belt is unbeatable. The belt for a formal dress comes with the brand’s logo buckle. The belt’s polished elite look is unmatched and ideal for parties, events, and gatherings. What do you think of it?

  • Design: Black Armani Exchange Formal Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Thin, Hourglass, Pear
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth.

2. Embellished Formal Belt:

This embellished formal belt for women is unique and fashionable too. Although not very suitable for professional gatherings, meetings, or work, this formal belt in brown can be sleek and stylish, better used during semiformal to formal parties and team dinners. It can go very well both with office wear as well as women’s dresses too. Not just it, it is also very affordable, making it a must-have in every women’s wardrobe.

  • Design: Embellished Balck and Steel Color Formal Belt
  • Material: PU
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Care: Wipe the belt with a dry and clean cloth to remove any dust.

3. Wide Formal Belts:

This broad strap formal belt in brown colour is both easy on the pocket and professional. For the women who regularly wear formal wear to offices, this can be a good everyday wear belt to try out. It gives a comfortable look and a neat and clean look.

  • Design: Brown Color Wide Strap Formal Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Thin, Hourglass
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth to remove dust.

4. Tan Textured Formal Belt:

This tan light brown rustic textured formal belt has a buckle closure and a very sassy and bold look. If you aren’t very fond of the usual black and brown colours and prefer to pick something unique, lovely yet professional, this can be an excellent and ideal pick. Try this formal waist belt to get that contemporary yet classy vibe on your formal wear.

  • Design: Brown Light Color Buckle Closure Belt
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Pear, and Curvy
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a clean and dry cloth.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Formal Belts:

This Tommy Hilfiger reversible women’s formal belt is one of the best-selling variants. The black and grey colour belt is reversible and comes with a push pin. It gives a very elite and plush look seamlessly, ideal for high-end parties, cocktail events in formal wear, or even dinner gatherings with office meetings.

  • Design: Black and Grey Reversible Formal Belt from Tommy Hilfiger
  • Material: Leather
  • Body Type: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth.
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth.

6. Brown Slim Formal Belts:

This budget-friendly formal belt with a slim textured strap is lovely and ideal for modern young girls who do not want a very outward-looking and high-end variant. These formal belts for ladies give girls and women an edgy and sleek chic look, yet a neat and professional dignified look.

  • Design: Brown Slim Formal Belt
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Body Type: Thin, Pear and Apple
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a dry cloth.

7. Formal Canvas Belts:

This canvas belt for women can suffice and look classy for semiformal to casual and formal regular wear looks. The black canvas belt for girls and women is ideal for brackets and regular casual wear for the younger age group. It gives an easy and comfortable look and can be worn on formal wear, dresses, and denim. This multipurpose, versatile belt is a must-have for every office goer.

  • Design: Black Canvas Belt
  • Material: Canvas
  • Body Type: Curvy, Hourglass, Pear
  • Care: Wipe the belt only with a clean and dry cloth.

The formal belts for men and women are a must-have for office goers or professionals. They can be versatile and useful for other ranges of events such as parties and gatherings to give that dignified and clean, neat look. Pick up your favourite and try them out; you can like them too.

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