Frocks are a great way to look fashionable and stylish. These frocks are party wear items that can be embellished as well. The latest trend in frocks is the gown frock. This is a combination of a long dress called a gown but in the style of a frock. The gown frock is mostly worn for occasions and special parties. These are studded or made fancy with embroidery, sequins, etc. Choose colours that suit you, then select the best material for the gown frock. Flowing garments are always a good choice for gowns, as the flow makes them look stunning.

Latest and Fashionable Gown Frock Designs for Ladies with Images:

Here are some of the various styles of gown frocks you can choose from.

1. Indo-Western Gown Frock:

This lovely gown frock is made with the Indian and Western styles merged. The gown is made from silk material cut in a kurta style. The top of the frock is sleeveless and has a shirt collar. Some of the colours for this frock include bright reds and dull gold.

2. Kurti Style Gown:

This evening dress is a simple gown frock done in the kurti style. The gown frock design resembles a kurti with a dupatta. The net material is attached to the gown at the waist. The bodice is embroidered well with floral patterns.

3. Jacket Gown Frock:

This frock gown dress is what most girls are in love with. It is typically an Indian costume with embroidery and is in bright colours. A jacket is added to this ensemble to make it stunning. The jacket is contrasting and has a tie at the front.

4. High Neck Long Gown:

Here is a high neck long frock gown that you can wear for a special occasion. It has fan-shaped embroidery done on sheer material. This gives it a free-flowing effect. The colours can be blue with contrast embroidery of gold or silver. You can add a matching dupatta as an added accessory.

5. Cut Shoulder Gown Frock:

The latest trend also includes this gown frock dress with cut shoulders. The gown has full flares at the bottom, which gives it a perfect look. The cut shoulders are then accentuated with embroidery around it. The same embroidery is also added to the neckline.

6. Embroidered Gown Frock:

Choose this cool pink gown-style frock for your next occasion. This embroidered gown is perfect for weddings and functions. The long sleeves are also decked with gold thread. The flare of the gown makes it a statement piece.

7. Evening Gown:

Here is the latest trend evening gown you can carry off well into the night. The designer frocks and gowns are made with you in mind. This piece is like a two-piece set with the top being fitted and the skirt flared well. The print is unique and special.

8. Front Open Frock Gown:

Another Indo-western style is the front open gown frock, perfect in deep colours. This latest gown-style frock is what you need for a wedding reception or your special party. The flare of the gown looks spectacular when you are on the dance floor.

9. Side Flares Gown Frock:

This is a cool addition to your wardrobe collection. This dress has flares attached sideways, giving it a fluffy look. The cut shoulder or sleeveless look is perfect for this long frock-type gown. Choose your favourite colour for this precious gown.

10. Silk Party Gown:

Kids, too, can wear these lovely frock gowns that make them look stunning. The silk material is rich and gives a perfect look for occasions. The top of the gown is plain and simple, and the bottom half can be fancy. A gold border will look very nice with this gown.

11. Crepe Frock Gown:

Choose this gorgeous crepe gown for any special day of your life. This blue crepe gown will make you appear slimmer and taller. The simple mesh look at the top gives the gown a majestic look. The flare of the gown is also nice and perfect for hitting the dance floor.

12. Sweetheart Neckline Gown:

This spectacular gown frock in blue and black has a sweetheart neckline. This gown has a slim waistline and is flared immensely at the bottom. The bottom is embroidered with big designs that stand out. You will find this to be the perfect outfit for your next occasion.

13. Solid Gown Frock:

This solid yellow gown frock is another great example of the best Indian wear. The gown is a combination of yellow and maroon. The silk material used here makes it look very rich. Side pockets to the gown are an added attraction.

14. Printed Maxi Gown:

Here is a lovely printed maxi dress that is in the gown style. The print is quite summery and looks very pretty on everyone. A belt at the waist accentuates your waistline and makes a great addition. Since the material is thin and flowing, the gown looks extremely comfortable.

15. Cold Shoulder Gown:

Choose this special frock gown in teal for your next outing. The cold shoulder pattern is made stylish with a patch of zardosi work. The work is so intricate and special that you will feel like a princess in this gown. The flare of the gown is perfect, too, and this adds character to this special gown.

Gown frocks are the latest trend in the fashion industry, making waves rapidly. Women love this new trend as it gives them the freedom to be western styled while keeping to their roots in India. The Indo-western style gown frocks are a craze right now.

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