There are times when you are completely famished from a long day at work, and you can’t think of anything other than munching on snacks with high carbohydrate content. The high fibre snacks will satiate your hunger for food but will harm your body in the long run. However, curating some good protein snacks will release the hormones that will suppress your appetite and will keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Further, healthy high protein snacks will slow down your digestion process as well. So, here is the list of protein snack packs that you can inject into your diet routine by following protein snack ideas and becoming fit and healthy.

What Is a Protein Snack?

Snacks are something that you munch onto, whenever you feel hungry and it is not mealed time. All those snack elements that are high in protein content and are good for the body are known as quick protein-rich snacks. Instead of focusing on a protein-rich meal, you can just munch on some high protein snack list now and then, and get your daily dose of easy protein snacks.

Are Protein Snacks Healthy?

Protein-based snacks are really healthy. Snacks of protein will curb your hunger pangs and will make you lose weight. It so happens, that when you consume protein-filled snacks, the hormones are released and your hunger goes down the drain. So, you end up staying away from all those snacks that are rich in carbs. In addition to this, good high protein snacks balance out your blood sugar levels as well.

Top and Healthy High Protein Snacks List In India:

Here we enlisted the 25 best high protein snacks list and how to include them in your diet. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are a healthy and natural protein snack and are pretty addictive. They are the best source of injecting protein to your diet as they are snack food high in protein. Plus, will help you out in remaining high on energy throughout the day. It can be one of the yummy protein snack ideas for kids.

Protein Content: 3/4 cup chickpeas contain 9 gm of protein.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can consume chickpeas in savoury or in boiled form.
  • Take a cup of chickpeas and put them to a boil. Then add in some cut salad items such as tomatoes, cucumbers, coriander, onion etc. and add in drops of lemon juice.
  • Add salt and pepper and consume it like a salad. Next, you can consume it like a crackle and make it a high protein low sugar snack.
  • Take a cup of boiled chickpeas and put it in the oven at 400 degrees. Then make a mixture of pepper, salt, and paprika and pour it over the chickpeas evenly.
  • Then bake it again for 10-15 minutes and let it cool down. They are great protein-rich snacks.

2. Salted Almonds:

Almonds are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and high protein snacks. Munching on almonds gives you the energy to pass through the entire day. Plus, it contains mono-saturated fats that are good for your body. They are healthy protein snack ideas. You can make it a protein snack for work.

Protein Content: 8 grams of protein in one ounce of almonds.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Almonds can be included in various ways. You can soak it in the water at night and consume it in the early morning the next day which is a simple protein snack idea.
  • Secondly, take some almonds and bake them in the oven. Pour salt over it and roast it a bit in the pan.
  • Third, you can glaze it with caramel as well and consume it as Salted caramel almonds which will give you the answer to what snacks have protein.

3. Greek Yogurt:

Greek yoghurt has got a higher amount of protein as compared to normal yoghurt. Consuming this will curb your hunger pangs and is the best protein-rich snack. Additionally, it contains a lot of calcium that is good for your bone health and is a high protein high energy snack.

Protein Content: Greek yoghurt contains 20 gm of protein per cup.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can consume it directly as a breakfast option. Secondly, you can prepare a parfait plate of Greek yoghurt.
  • Take a layer of yoghurt, add a spoon of granola seeds and spread some berries into it and make it a high protein snack for work.
  • Then mix the entire preparation and consume it. Granola has got 4 gm. of protein per spoon as well.
  • So, be very cautious while including granola in your diet and is very fattening as well. It is the best high protein snack for weight loss.

4. Tuna Fish:

Tuna fish is the healthiest option for protein consumption and is a yummy protein snack. This is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids too. This will provide you with a filling snack and will give you additional benefits as well. This is the best option for a high protein snack for kids.

Protein Content: Tuna has got 29 grams of protein per can.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Tuna can be added as a salad option or as a sandwich option which is a heavy protein snack.
  • Take tuna, and cut it into pieces. Cut the salad vegetables, add in salt, pepper and salad dressing and mix them properly.
  • Next, make a sandwich out of it, with tuna compressed in the middle of the bread, with lettuce, tomato, and Cucumber and can be a protein snack for weight loss.
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. They are the best sources of protein snacks.

5. Hard-Boiled Egg:

An egg is beneficial for maintaining a balance of all the vitamins and minerals in your body. It will keep you full the entire day. Plus, it will pass on vitamin B content as well. So, do not ponder over what are good protein snacks.

Protein Content: One egg contains 12 grams of protein.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just hard boil the egg early in the morning and eat two eggs in your breakfast daily, it is a homemade protein snack.
  • This will give you proteins and other nutrients as well. Cooking eggs and eating scrambled ones, won’t offer high levels of vitamins and minerals in your body as compared to the hard-boiled ones. It is a high protein snack for weight loss.

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6. Cheese Slices:

Be it cheese slices or any other dairy product, they are known to be rich in protein and are a low-calorie protein snack. They are also suitable for providing calcium content in our bodies. It is a really quick snack and takes a toll on your appetite. It can be a low protein high protein snack.

Protein Content: 1-2 ounces of cheese slices contain 28 grams of protein.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • cheese slices can be consumed alone, just like a snack or you can make a sandwich using cheese slices.
  • Just add a cheese slice between two pieces of bread and toast them in a pan.
  • This is the quickest and the simplest option for a high protein low-calorie snack.

7. Vanilla Chia Pudding:

Chia seeds give you immense protein along with omega-3 fatty acids. They are the best breakfast option, are the best protein snack for weight loss and will keep your energy levels high, the entire day. Starting off your day or ending it off with the Chia Pudding, is an amazing option to get some proteins and fibres. It is a high protein vegan snack.

Protein Content: The protein content in a handful of Chia seeds is 12 grams.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Chia seeds can be included in your diet by preparing a pudding out of it.
  • Just take some vanilla essence and Greek yoghurt. Add some berries and add a handful of Chia seeds and make it a low-fat protein snack.
  • Freeze them for some time and then savour spoons of this pudding.
  • Vanilla essence shall be added in the start for the smell or you can add a scoop of vanilla powder or the ice cream. So, this tells you about what is a protein snack.

8. Pumpkin Bites:

For all the vegan people out there, these pumpkin bites are the best solution. Pumpkins are full of protein. If you are not able to gobble down a protein shake every morning, pumpkin bites shall be your go-to option. This is a homemade high protein snack. It can also be termed as a protein snack for kids.

Protein Content: Pumpkin bites have got 20 gms of protein content.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Pumpkin bites are easy to make and are a high protein no sugar snack.
  • Take half a pumpkin and boil it. Mash the pumpkin once it is not hot.
  • Then make small round balls out of the mixture. You can add some salt, pepper, and paprika to the mixture.
  • Cheese is optional. Then shallow fry it.
  • Try this low-sugar protein snack and a vegetarian protein snack.

9. Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in protein and are easy to make snacks. They can be easily constituted with your cravings for chips and fries. You can easily get them from any store. This is a high-calorie protein snack and a vegetarian protein snack.

Protein Content: A handful of pumpkin seeds contain 12 grams of protein content.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can take some normal pumpkin seeds from the store, or you can take out pumpkin seeds and dry them in the sun for some days.
  • After that fry them in the pan with drops of olive oil or you can bake them in the oven as well.
  • Spread some salt and red chilli powder on them and prepare a high protein vegetarian snack.
  • You can buy roasted pumpkin seeds from the stores as well.
  • It is the best option for low carb protein snacks. This is one of the best protein snacks for work.

10. Hummus and Vegetables:

Hummus is a mashed dip made out of chickpeas. It is mixed with olive oil dressing or tahini for a vegan protein snack. Apart from protein, you can get a daily dose of other nutrients as well. This one is a protein snack for adults.

Protein Content: The protein content found in hummus is 6.5 grams.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Hummus can be made as a dip. Boil some chickpeas and mash them in a blender.
  • Make sure the paste of chickpeas is thick. Over the hummus, spread some olive oil or tahini.
  • Then garnish it with a small olive. You can use carrot or celery sticks and eat them up with hummus, as a dip.
  • This can be eaten on the go and is a high protein low carb snack.

11. Apple and Peanut Butter:

Apples have got vitamin C and high fibre content. Peanut butter is fattening but one tablespoon won’t harm your diet. It is an amazing blend and will give you a completely nutritious food. It is the best high protein low carb snack.

Protein Content: The protein content found in apple and peanut butter together is 15 grams.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Take apples and cut them into slices. Take an apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter.
  • Consume the apple slices along with peanut butter as a dip.
  • Do this daily, but once a day. Do not overdo it with peanut butter as it has got a high-fat level.
  • However, Apple will give you the added benefit of consuming mono-saturated fats.

12. Beef Sticks:

For all those who are hardcore non-vegetarians, this will be the best high-calorie high protein snack option. It is better if you buy organic beef. The beef sticks should be of some seasoning and a bit of salt. It is a high protein no carb snack.

Protein Content: The protein content found in the beef sticks is 6 grams in an ounce.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • The beef sticks can be munched onto whenever you have a craving for fast food or junk food.
  • The beef sticks should be plain and salted. Normally, they are greased with a bit of fat, so make sure to consume a low level of beef sticks, as overdoing the consumption can harm your diet in terms of fat.

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13. Protein Bars:

Protein bars are the best option for additional protein. Store bought protein bars are not as good, as the sugar level is way too high. It is better if you prepare protein bars at home, on your own.

Protein Content: The protein content is 20 grams; however it fluctuates according to the kind of bars that you are consuming.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • The protein bars can be easily made at home by using some nuts.
  • Just prepare a batter of low-fat sugar and butter.
  • Then add in some cocoa and nuts. Add in eggs and keep on folding the batter.
  • Then bake them and, let them freeze for some time in the fridge.

14. Canned Salmon:

Salmon is a good protein snack. It is good for your health, as it keeps heart diseases at bay. Salmon is fantastic and must include in the diet for those people who are looking for omega 3 fatty acids.

Protein Content: The protein content found in canned salmon is 8 grams per can.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Salmon can be included in your diet as a snack option, by adding in some salt and pepper.
  • You can try preparing a sandwich out of it. The next option can be adding salad items or cutting vegetables for the salmon salad preparation.
  • Then sprinkle some olive oil on it and mix it all together.
  • The benefit of canned salmon is that it can be consumed anywhere.

15. Homemade Granola:

Granola is made out of oats and nuts and is high in protein. You can prepare it at home, as store-bought granola has a high content of sugar. Just don’t overdo consuming granola, as it is fattening as well.

Protein Content: In one ounce of granola, you consume four grams of protein.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Granola can be included as a sweetener after meals in your diet.
  • Just take some nuts, different types of them and mix them together.
  • Then make a liquid concoction of olive oil, brown sugar and honey.
  • Mix these two blends together and bake them in the oven.
  • You will have freshly baked granola at home.

16. Avocado and Chicken Salad:

Avocado is a miracle food and when mixed with chicken, it gives amazing nutrition to the body. It is rich in vitamins and protein along with chicken. The fat found in avocados is mono-saturated fat.

Protein Content: In one serving of avocado and chicken salad, the protein content is 12 grams.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Prepare a salad mixture of lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and some celery.
  • Shred the boiled chicken and add it to the salad.
  • Take a properly ripe avocado, mash it and mix it in the salad as a dressing.
  • Add drops of lemon and mix them properly.
  • Add some salt and pepper as well. Your salad is good to be consumed.

17. Honey and Nuts Bites:

Honey and nuts bites will give you the much-needed carbohydrates which are not fattening. Nuts will give you a high protein, to keep you going for the day. Along with that, you can consume them on the go. Now don’t wonder what snacks are high in protein.

Protein Content: The protein content found is 8 grams in an ounce of bite.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just take some nuts, mix ones and add some honey.
  • Honey can be added according to the sweetness level that you want.
  • Fret not, honey gives you good fat, that won’t let you gain weight.
  • Then mix some Greek yoghurt and freeze them for an hour.
  • Store them in the box and just eat them like candy.
  • They are tasty protein snacks.

18. Egg White and Oatmeal Concoction:

This combination is a boon for all the people who are into fitness and wants to consume loads of protein-enriched snacks. The fibre content is high as well. If you think, the recipe does not taste good, just give it a try and you will be surprised by the taste and is a very high protein snack.

Protein Content: With one serving of oats and egg whites you will get 20 grams of protein.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • All you need to do is separate the egg white from the yellow and make it a scrambled egg.
  • Then boil the oats and prepare them with a little amount of milk.
  • Then mix the two ingredients and add a spoonful of peanut butter.
  • Consume it as a breakfast option and as are snacks that have protein.

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19. Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins:

Bananas and peanut butter muffins are a storehouse for protein. They are a supper-time option and have fats and loads of protein. They taste amazing and can be prepared easily. Banana is a good source of protein snacks.

Protein Content: These muffins contain six grams of proteins.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just make a batter of muffins, using eggs, white flour sugar, and butter.
  • You can and so buy a muffin premix and combine it with a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter which is a protein fruit snack.
  • They bake them in the oven and in an hour you will have freshly baked muffins and a lot at your disposal.

20. Lentil Salad:

Lentils are a great option for a protein diet snack for all vegan people. You can also prepare a gravy of lentils, instead of meat consumption. They are high in fibre as well. It is a low-sodium protein snack.

Protein Content: Lentils contain 20 grams of protein content.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Soak different types of lentils overnight. Then mix them all and add in lettuce, tomato, and onion with a bit of lemon juice, salt, pepper, and chilli flakes.
  • Consume it like a salad. If you want it in gravy, make a tomato, or spicy gravy and then add in boiled lentils.
  • Pack them up in a small box and consume them whenever you want.

21. Black Bean Lime Dip:

Black beans are good for protein and also contain other vitamins and minerals. They have a high level of magnesium. Thus, they balance eyesight and bone health. They are a high protein diet snack.

Protein Content: It contains seven grams of protein.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can prepare a nice dip from the black beans.
  • Just soak the black beans overnight.
  • Boil them up and mash them in the blender.
  • Make a thick paste out of it. Add in chilli and salt.
  • Add in some lime juice as well, according to your taste.
  • Then consume it like a dip with vegetables and fat-free chips.

22. Edamame Seeds:

Edamame seeds are similar to chickpeas. They can be consumed like chickpeas roasted and have large levels of protein. They are rich in fibre content as well.

Protein Content: In one cup of Edamame seeds, 17 grams of protein is found.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Just take a handful of Edamame seeds and soak them overnight.
  • Keep them dry for a day and then bake them.
  • Sprinkle chilli powder and salt over them.
  • Then roast them in the pan with drops of olive oil.
  • Consume them once they are not hot. You can buy a bag from the stores as well.

23. Chocolate Milk:

A glass of milk will give you the boost of energy to make it through the day. Adding chocolate will give you a sugar rush. Plus, it will add a bit of flavour as well.

Protein Content: The protein content found in chocolate milk is 8 grams.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can just drink a glass of milk in the morning.
  • Try adding low sugar chocolate powder, so that it is not fattening for you.
  • Other than that, milk will clear off your acne and scars and make your skin glowing and healthy.
  • Don’t forget to exercise as milk will also add weight to your body parts since you will be consuming it daily.
  • The calcium in the milk will take care of your bones as well.

24. Orange Juice With Protein Powder:

The whey protein powder will help you when you are really low on protein. This might help you in certain situations. When you are buying whey powder, try to look for a natural brand.

Protein Content: The presence of protein content is 8 grams to 32 grams, depending on the brand of the whey powder.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • Mix the protein powder with a glass of orange juice and blend it.
  • Blend it until it is completely smooth.
  • You can add a bit of water as well.
  • Drink it early in the morning, before hitting the gym or your regular run.

25. Turkey Breast:

Oven roasted turkey breasts are quick, on-the-go dishes and a naturally high protein snack. It will provide you with mono-saturated fats that are good for your body. This is the delicious yet best healthy protein snack at your disposal.

Protein Content: 12 grams of protein is found in one ounce of Turkey breast.

How To Include In Your Diet:

  • You can roast the turkey breast in the oven at 400 degrees.
  • Add in some salt, pepper and chilli powder.
  • Cut the turkey into thin slices and then roll it up.
  • The turkey can be stored and can be consumed while travelling as well.
  • Talk about eating meat all the time, here it is.

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The list of protein snacks is all the top protein snacks that can inject much-needed protein content into your body. Protein helps to give you the energy to deal with the hectic life, and the entire day and keeps your body healthy. It gives a glow to the skin and makes the hair healthy and shiny. Implement these protein only snacks in your diet and you will be fit and amazingly better than high protein packaged snacks. If you have recently started hitting the gym, then proteins are a must for you. Protein snack foods need to be curated in the diet so that you can lift those heavy weights.  So go ahead and give these easy high protein snacks a try. You will be impressed with the taste of high protein snack ideas.


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