Our Bollywood divas set the trends in the Indian fashion world. They raise the hotness bars and temperature levels every time they appear on or off-screen. Their style statements, hot looks, and modern bold, edgy appearances shock us as well as mesmerize us. Today, we have Bollywood actresses in a bikini. Of course, bikini looks aren’t a new phenomenon in our contemporary fashion world. However, they still are in trend, with every of our favorite celebs flaunting their perfect selves and flawless bodies every time they get a chance.

Today, we check out some of the most attractive Bollywood heroines in a bikini.

15 Hot Bollywood Heroines Bikini Photos HD:

Here we go; we can’t wait to show you what we compiled in the list of hot pics of a beautiful Bollywood actress in a bikini. So, let’s check the Indian actresses and celebrity’s photos out!

1. Katrina Kaif Hot Bikini(40):

Did you ever notice our favourite British Indian diva, Katrina Kaif, in a bikini? Well, you might have. Katrina is among the few Bollywood heroines who look bright and sizzling hot with any outfit she wears. The actress’s bikini dress photos indeed set the internet on fire every time they come out. Here is one such photo in a pink swimsuit bikini we loved!

2. Shradha Kapoor Hot Bikini(36):

Shradha Kapoor is also among the actress who looks hottest in a bikini. Very few images of the actress come out with bold outfits and appearances. However, she never shies out in trying new looks. This is one such image that has shocked her fans, with her alluring and mesmerizing looks. What do you think?

3. Alia Bhatt Hot Bikini(30):

We cannot miss the ever-glamorous and lovely Alia Bhatt in a bikini. Alia looks extremely youthful and effortless in every appearance without fail. She carries every outfit like a breeze, whether in movies or public appearances. Most of her outfit ideas resemble very contemporary easy, and youthful styles. However, she did appear in bikinis in the earliest movies in her career, and we couldn’t take our eyes off!

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4. Priyanka Chopra Hot Bikini(41):

After moving to Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra has begun experimenting with her style heavily and making bold choices. This one such image talks loud in her style choices. Priyanka can be seen flaunting her perfect curves and looks in a bikini, and we love her appearance. She looks so flawless and beautiful.

5. Deepika Padukone Hot Bikini(38):

Deepika Padukone, the ever graceful and elegant queen, also has flaunted some bikini looks. You must check the image if you don’t believe it. We are both in awe and shock by her bold bikinis images! Deepika looks breathtaking and stunningly gorgeous in this image. What do you think?!

6. Jacqueline Fernandez Hot Bikini(38):

The Sri Lankan beauty, Jacqueline Fernandez, is often well-appreciated for her bold and experimental fashion sense. She never shies out from the media and on-screen looks trying new fashion. In fact, Jacqueline often comes out in edgy and modern fashion wear. This is one such bikini look we have come across of the diva. She looks stunning, isn’t it!

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7. Disha Patani Hot Bikini(31):

Disha is a young Bollywood actress who loves to stay active and flaunt her hot looks. She is a fitness freak, and no wonder we can see that in her appearances. Disha often posts her bold looks in a bikini on her social media. Here is one such hot and appealing photo we came across. She is mesmerizing and captivating in this pic. We can’t take eyes off her perfect self! Disha is also among the top and hot Indian bikini model for several fashion and lifestyle brands.

8. Ileana D’Cruz Hot Bikini(37):

Ilena’s simple and yet gorgeous fashion sense often impresses us. She proves us how to look beautiful effortlessly, even with a casual fashion outfit. Her bikini photos also draw much attention in social media and public circles, given her striking looks and hot vibes. Not everyone can pull off a bikini look so bold easily, but our diva can. Isn’t it!

9. Ananya Pandey Hot Bikini(25):

The newcomer in the Bollywood glam world, Ananya Pandey too, is working in her fashion sense, and her recent bikini looks quite impressed us. She looks young and sophisticated with edgy and sleek looks in this image. Ananya is seen chilling around the pool on her off-shoot day, and we love how stunning and enchanting she is.

10. Kiara Advani Hot Bikini(31):

The critic circles appreciate the actress, Kiara Advani, is appreciated by critic circles for her unique choices of movies and feminine style statement. She hardly came out in a bold bikini, even in her both on and off-screen appearances. But this one right here is exceptional – with Kiara trying out a bold black bikini look in her beach vacation. She raises the bars quite high with her sizzling hot style statement.

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11. Alaya F Hot Bikini(25):

Alaya’s new looks and fashion statement has drawn the audience towards her. Her choices in outfits impressed her fans even quite early in her career. Here is a recent photo of a Bollywood actress smoking hot bikini looks. This picture is taken when the young beauty is on vacation in the Maldives, and we love how she carries it off effortlessly and so well.

12. Mouni Roy Hot Bikini(38):

Mouni Roy never fails to set our screens on fire whenever she appears before us. Her charming looks and sizzling hot movies impress and capture us into the fascinating world. Mouni Roy even flaunted the dashing bikini look in a few of her appearances, and we are in awe! So, check them out; we love how beautiful and captivating she looks in this photo. The diva has undoubtedly come a long way from the small screen to the big movie screen and still has a long way to go with her mesmerizing self.

13. Taapsee Pannu Hot Bikini(36):

The Punjabi kudi, and the curly hair diva, Taapsee Pannu, are all of our favorite. Her impeccable talent, natural acting, and bright fashion always impresses us. Taapsee even has tried out a few bikini outfits, and she looks vibrant and lovely. We can’t take our eyes off her charming looks. How do you like Taapsees bikini pics? She is definitely on our favorite Bollywood celebs list in bikini pics.

14. Tara Sutaria Hot Bikini(27):

Tara Sutaria, despite doing few movies in Bollywood, has instantly made a name for herself with her captivating beautiful looks. She draws others’ attention towards her with her mesmerizing and sophisticated beauty. Tara looks ravishing in Western and ethnic Indian looks, and we love her versatility in fashion sense. Her pictures flaunting bikini wear are top-notch; she owns the show flawlessly and instantly.

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15. Nargis Fakhri Hot Bikini(44):

This unseen photo of rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri will make your day! Nargis is not commonly seen with bikini wear, but her bold images never fail to impress her fans. We love her stylish and ultra-bold glamorous edgy looks and the way she effortlessly carries them.

So, how do you like these Bollywood actresses in bikini photos? Did you like the pics? Our divas always look perfect and edgy; it’s challenging to take their eyes off them! So, who are your favorite hot celebrities in bikinis? We love to hear from you!


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