Running During Pregnancy

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A woman is the origin of mankind. She can do anything for her child. She can fight all the odds to give her child whatever it needs. She does not want her child to be deprived of anything in the world and wants it to have everything. Special care is required for a woman when she is expecting a child. She is given all kinds of vitamins and proteins to keep her baby healthy. There are different sorts of exercises which help in keeping the mother and the baby healthy and fit. Provided these exercises are done in proper guidance of the respective gynecologist.

Running is an efficient way to keep yourself fit. It tones your legs, keeps your heart in good health and also enhances your circulatory system. Running is the quickest way to your heart and body health. It can be concluded that running is good for your overall health and can is highly recommended.Running while pregnant is beneficial for your health too, but there are a few constraints.Here are some facts about running in pregnancy which will help you gain knowledge about your situation and tell you the pros and cons for the pregnant women running.

Running During Pregnancy

Is it Safe for Pregnant Women to Run?

As it is easy to fit running in to anyone’s schedule, everyone would opt to run to keep themselves fit. It’s safe to run while you’re pregnant only if you’re used to running before, it’s not favorable to include running in your routine once you’re pregnant. But if you’re already running then you can continue during pregnancy. Running makes your body heat to rise and that could cause harm to the baby, so why risk it? After all its your baby who will get affected by whatever you do.

However running for a limited workout is always safe. Asking your doctor regarding running in pregnancy can help you make the best decision for you.

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1. Dehydrating can effect blood flow and could lead to complications in the uterus. Keep yourself hydrated at all times, drink enough water throughout your run. Fill yourself with fluids like juices and several drinks to keep you cool and calm during extreme heat or summers.

2. Invest in a good pair of shoes that give support to your feet, specially the ankles. If you will be comfortable then your baby will also remain comfortable. So chose a pair of shoes which keep your feet soft and do not create pain.

3. When you’re pregnant your center of gravity is slowly shifting. Running on a very flat pavement will aid you in balancing yourself during pregnancy. Avoid running during pregnancy on stumbled ground or irregular surfaces.

4. If you ever come close to a fall and it’s unavoidable make sure you fall right. Falling onto your sides or back or using your hands to avoid contact with your belly and the ground will escape an injury to your abdomen. Always try to escape such situations.

5. Running in a very safe location is very important to make sure you’re not stranded in case of an emergency. You should probably chose to run in areas with a little rush so that help can reach you whenever you are in need.

6. Using proper running gear will help you track and measure you heart rate. Keep it in check! You can use heart rate measuring devices or stop watches to check your capacity and accuracy.
Do not strain your body by trying to run harder or further.It may cause fatigue and may rise your body temperature.Keeping it easy will do more good while you’re pregnant.

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7. Running is only safe during the first and second trimester. It is safer to replace running with walking after that. Your body weight will be increasing and running with it will be a risk.

Pregnant runners need to eat increase their food intake, by having small nutritious meals throughout the day.

8. During pregnancy there’s a change in your hormones, which slow down the digestive system. You need to have a fiber rich diet and drink plenty of water to improve digestion.
Ensure a good rest after food, before running. Long sleeps during pregnancy are good for the health of the mother and the baby.

9. Calcium is must! Have enough calcium rich food. It strengthens bones and provides good aid to the growing bones to your baby. Drinking milk with dry fruits and nutritional flavors would be a good idea for all the pregnant women.

10. Seafood provides worthy proteins, which is essential during pregnancy. However, keep mercury rich seafood’s like sharks, swordfish, king mackerel and other mercury rich food away.

Though running while pregnant is safe, it needs to be done properly. It is always harmless to refer to your doctor before you start running during pregnancy. All the pregnant women running while pregnant should keep these points in mind so that they keep themselves and their babies fit and healthy. You should just make sure that you always keep in touch with your doctors and consult with them before starting any medication or any exercise.

Pregnancy running is good for the health of the baby as well as the expecting mother, if done in a proper manner. Just that all the necessary precautions must be taken to avoid any kind of problems! You must take care that if you step out for a run during pregnancy, you are following all the given tips to avoid any problems.

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There are proper clothes and accessories for women running in pregnancy to wear. Try to wear those clothes as it will help in maintaining your comfort level and will keep you free and relaxed. The fabric used is specially designed for the tranquility and serenity of the pregnant women running as well as the fetus.