They branded T shirts! They have a separate fan base for several young men and women for reasons we all know. The T-shirts of popular and best or top most brands are known to be supreme in their quality, comfort levels, designs, and patterns, as well as looks. One cannot compete or compare a best-branded T-shirt for men with any other budget or online brands. In case you too rely on getting hands-on best men’s T shirts brands only and prefer quality and comfort over anything, then we have something for you! We have handpicked the best men’s T Shirts brands in India and the world, exclusively for you. Get going, and you will see why these particular T-shirt brands are popular and what their key features are!

Why Are Branded T Shirts So Popular?

Why should you be buying and focus especially on these branded T shirts? What is so special about them? Let us know this before we head into exploring different brands.

  • We know it may be tempting to get your hands on budget variants of T-shirts than these brands. But definitely, the branded wear always stands out for reasons stated.
  • They look stunning. The softness of the fabric, quality, and smooth texture made us a fan.
  • The superior construction and patterns have you over the clouds.
  • They come with classic, timeless, and most unique designs and prints, those which others may not wear too.
  • Hey, we spoke about the quality, right? They are super long-lasting and will be in your wardrobe as your best friend for years together. Isn’t it cool?

New Brand T Shirts For Men And Women:

Here are some of the established brands you may try.

1. Levi Strauss & Co:


The brand, Levis! There is no one who hasn’t come across or heard of this popular brand name. Found by Levi Strauss in California, the brand is quite known for its comfortable and smart, luxurious goods globally, especially apparel and footwear. This is among the most popular and good T-shirt brands across the globe.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: Modern-day new and unique contemporary designs with comfort is what the brand is known to provide and promise.
  • Types of T-shirts Available: Polo tee, graphic tee, printed tee, slim fit t-shirts, hoodie t-shirts, styled tees, and more.

2. Nike:


Nike T-shirts, managed by Nike. Inc. is a popular American multinational brand that looks into branded fashion apparel, services, equipment, and more. Situated in Oregon, America, Nike is firstly famous for its supply of athletic apparel and sportswear. They have several retail stores and shops globally and are known for their premium quality and comfy outfits for men.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand is known for comfy and quality activewear and apparel worldwide with a range of designs and prints.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: Graphic T-shirts, short sleeve tees, sleeveless t-shirts, polos, running t-shirts, hoodie tees, sportswear T-shirts, and more

3. Puma:


Puma brand is known for its credibility in comfortable and premium luxury products for men and women worldwide. Found way back in the 1920s, the brand initially entered apparel by supplying to Olympic summer games. However, it went into popularity in the coming years and has begun launching a range of products from the 1950s with a motive for innovation, design and quality.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand is known for blending in heritage, innovation, technology, quality, keeping in mind the modern year’s requirements and trends.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: Running tees, activewear, polos, tank tees, printed and graphic tees, football t-shirts, slim fit tees, and more

4. US Polo:


US polo is a brand created under the activities of the United States Polo Association in the early 1980s. It is quite popular in the west, America, and Mexico and later has emerged into one of the topmost brands in Europe and Asia. The brand brings in the spirit and competition within the sport with a chic American style statement embedded with comfort and casual looks.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: US Polo believes in bringing in American tradition and passion in the sport with quality, comfortable, casual clothes.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: Polo t-shirts, printed and graphic tees, striped tees, embroidered t-shirts, slim fit, regular fit tees, sports tees, and more

5. Adidas:


Adidas brand is a German-based multinational corporation, which specialises in shoes, footwear, and apparel. It is the world’s second-largest sport and activewear manufacturer worldwide after Nike. Found way back in the mid-1920s, by now, the entire world is known for its name and trust in the quality and edgy clothes.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: Adidas is a premium brand known for manufacturing comfortable, soft, and basic wardrobe-essentials.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: Graphic tees with short and long sleeves, polo t shirts, singlet, tank tops, running tees, football tees, basketball tees, and more.

6. Tommy Hilfiger:


Tommy Hilfiger brand is quite known in the fashion town and famous across the globe. While it is a comparatively recent brand compared to others, it came into existence at the end of the 1980s and had since then made lovely T shirts for men. The premium luxury American brand has its own youthful and signature collection, which are hallmarks for designs and contemporary looks.

  • Key Feature Of The Brand: It is a globally recognised apparel and accessories brand known for the contemporary and modern collections with a wide range of designs with quality.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: Slim fit, regular fit T-shirts, active T-shirts, jersey tees, printed and typographic designs, logo tees, and more.

7. Calvin Klein:


Another well-known brand for youngsters and millennials is Calvin Klein. Found in the US in the late 1960s, the Calvin Klein brand is all about creating youthful, new, and elegant, timeless dresses and apparel that are ‘understated.’

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand is further renowned for the minimalistic yet modern trend-driven features with staying true to their passion.
  • Types of T-shirts Available: Polo T-shirts, slim fit, printed tees, collar tees, printed tees, graphic tees, and more.

8. Champion:


The Champion brand is pure sportswear and active apparel brand, famous for producing sweatshirts. Originated in New York, the US, the brand has casual and basic wear, mostly is known for its sleek and edgy designs and plush comfy outfits for sportswear, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and joggings.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand is well-known for quality outfits for active and sportswear apparel with the latest innovations and technology and modern designs.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: jersey tees, hoodie tees, casual tees, slim fit t-shirts, polo t-shirts, and more.

9. Versace:


Gianni Versace! No one in the modern contemporary world of youngsters hasn’t heard this brand. Their luxury and premium products are to die for. Found in Italy in the late 1970s, they are Italian manufacturers ready to wear and leather goods. They focus solely on fashion and fashionable garments with trendy designs and statement style.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand is known worldwide for its unique, refreshing, edgy, and luxurious line of clothing and accessories with modern-day designs, elegance and charm.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: Logo T-shirts, motif tees, embroidered tees, signature tees, printed tees, and more.

10. Ralph Lauren Corporation:


Ralph Lauren! The name quite echoes in the fashionista world for such extreme, lovely and gorgeous looks. The US famous brand is one of the most successful luxury brands known for premium and sleek fashion segments and clothing. The brand is said to focus on capturing the western, especially the American spirit, and deliver its trends worldwide.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand has unique designs and patterns with a differentiated range of clothing yet with quality and supreme outfits.
  • Types of T-shirts Available: Regular tees, striped tees, graphic and printed tees, motif t-shirts, and more.

11. Lacoste:


Lacoste is a French branded company known for its products in footwear, apparel, sportswear, eyewear and watches. Founded way back in the late 1930s, it was only in the 1990s that the brand became recognised in the topmost names worldwide. With unique and refreshing designs and patterns, the T-shirts from Lacoste are mostly popular in Tennis sports.

  • Key Features Of The Brand: The brand is known for premium and plush sportswear apparel and perfumes and watches for its luxurious looks and designs.
  • Types Of T-shirts Available: printed tees, jersey t-shirts, sports tees, full sleeves tees, and more.

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12. Hugo Boss:

It is a very high-class brand of T-shirt. This branded T-shirt for men is known to the higher class crowd. This brand sells expensive and exclusive T shirts which can be worn for formal as well as casual occasions.

13. Gucci:

This is considered as the best T-Shirt brand in the country. Gucci T shirts stand out because of the style statement and the type of cloth it sells. Not only men but Gucci is are famous among women also for its other products.

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14. Brooks Brothers:

This is a not so known T-shirt brand name in India. Brooks and Brothers is a very famous brand of USA, established in 1818. This company serves high-quality T-shirts along with innovative T-shirt patterns and comfortable cloth.

15. Paul Stuart:

It is an ancient brand from New York established in 1938. This company mainly deals in clothing only. Therefore it is considered as the best among all the T-shirt brand names of the world. This brand has many stores worldwide but is not so common in the Indian market.

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T shirts are a must cloth of the wardrobe. There is no age group in the world which is not in love with this apparel. The T shirts can be worn by kids, adolescents, adults, and even by senior citizens. Therefore, this apparel has become a trend which will never fade away. Get your T-shirt collection and stay up to date as per the trending patterns and styles.

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