How To Live With An Alcoholic Husband

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Women have often faced problems when their husband gets into the habit and comes home each night in a dead drunk state and creates a scene out of himself and in front of his family and friends. Living with such a man is really difficult. You might also go through a phase of utter frustration with the man, but here is where you need to act wisely and control yourself. Here is what you can try.

How To Live With An Alcoholic Husband

I. Never Take The Blame:

Husbands often accuse their wife of being the primary reason behind their drinking habit. It is very easy for an addict to blame the spouse and the circumstances around the house for their drinking addiction. However, make yourself strong and do not fall for the trap by taking the blame.

II. Do Not Take it Personally:

There might have been times when your husband commits and promises that he would take control of his drinking habits, but fails to live up to it. Remember, his senses are not in his control and any commitment made during the time he is drunk is not necessarily true. So do not assume that your husband does not love you or makes false commitments, it is just alcohol that is talking.

III. Do Not Cover it Up for Him:

Whenever the topic gets raised between you two, it is very normal for him to say that he is not addicted to drinking. In such a situation, do not remain quiet and buy the crap. Show him the real picture and politely send across the message. Open and honest discussion over it is a better option than remaining quiet about it.

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IV. Do Not Take Shit:

You get what you give, do not tolerate nuisance when he is around you and he is drunk. It is better to split rather than having an abusive and torn relation which only you are trying to mend. Remember, the more you tolerate, the worse it will get with time. Addiction is irreversible unless your husband is determined and commited enough to take measures to solve the problem.

V. Do Not Clean Up His Mess:

If you husband comes home drunk and creates a mess and finds everything in place at morning, he might assume that his drinking is under control and he does not need help. The best way to let him know that there is a problem is by letting him see with his own eyes. Let him face the truth and he will not be able to deny for long that there is a genuine problem.

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VI. Do Not Try to Teach Him:

Your husband is an adult too and well groomed to take his call. So the moment you try to take control of his life, the scenario is sure to get worse. This needs to be handled wisely and logically instead of emotionally. Drinking might be a solution for him for an emotional problem, which cannot be sorted with emotional blackmail.

VII. Do Not Expect Much:

For a man who cannot live up to his words, what do you expect from him? So to work it out, get help from family and close people only. Do not try to shame him in public or in front of others, this will give them another reason to drink and this time to blame you for it too. Remember, it is a progressive problem and will increase more than your efforts of curbing this bad habit.

Remember: Alcoholism is not an illness; it is just a habit that has become uncontrollable and leads to one problem over the other. And all you need to do is handle it tactfully and wisely.

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