Preity Zinta Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

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preity zinta beauty tips

One of the most successful actresses of Bollywood, Preity Zinta is not just known for soft creamy skin and lovely dimples; but also her charming nature, her wonderful smile and her brilliant acting skills. She has thousands of fans all over the world and has grabbed a lot of attention on Twitter on well. Recently her beauty secrets have also been shared and are enlisted below.

Here are The Best Preity Zinta Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:


Being a famous Bollywood celebrity, Preity Zinta is bound to take care of every single part of her body; including her hair. She eats healthy to prevent them from damage, shampoos and conditions them three times a week and trims them often so that her hair growth quickens. Even though she changes her hair style often, she makes sure she stays away from artificial hail gels and hair products.


To keep her skin healthy and glowing all the time, Preity Zinta eats a lot of carrots and drinks a lot of water daily. She ensures that drinking water shall flush out all the toxins, keep you hydrated and give you a very beautiful and charming appearance. She also cleanses tones and moisturizes herself daily. A night facial cream is also one of her top secrets for good skin.

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For her eyesight Preity believes in eating a lot of carrots. Besides that, she uses very simple makeup for her eyes. As we all know, her eyes are naturally very beautiful and glamorous she doesn’t use heavy makeup or highlighters.


Preity Zinta loves to drink a lot of fruit juices and prefers to make them at home. She is also fond of carrot halwa and has also expressed her love for carrots often. She eats a lot of papaya, green leafy vegetables and fruits daily and takes small meals six to seven times a day. This has helped her lose weight and stay fit and healthy.

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