Freida Pinto rose from obscurity to become one of the most well-known Hollywood actresses. However, despite possessing considerable talent as an actress, she has impressed the world with her innate sense of style that is truly experimental and unique. In addition, the dusky beauty ensures that she maintains her body and her appearance in order to feel good inside and out.

She maintains that in order to keep herself looking good she follows a strict regimen which is not hard to follow. She follows a lot of homemade remedies that her mother would prepare for her in India. Therefore, no matter where she may be in the world she always depends upon the familiar remedies that have proven to be the most effective. Listed below are some of her beauty secrets which pertain to certain key areas of her body and face which she maintains:

Freida Pinto Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets with Pictures:

Freida Pinto Beauty Tips Eyes:

Freida believes in keeping it simple and not overdoing it. Therefore, she chooses to either play it up or down with her make-up depending on the type of event she is attending. For her eyes, Freida prefers to just highlight them with kohl which helps accentuate her eyes. Kohl also helps in soothing the eye to prevent any sort of irritation.

For Perfect Skin:

In order to maintain her flawless skin, Freida opts for the basics which include ‘cleansing’ and ‘moisturizing’. However, her moisturizing need vary according to the amount of humidity in the air. She does not really mention anything about toning.

She also makes it a point to wash her face thoroughly at least 3-4 times a day as it helps to eliminate all the excess dirt and oil and in turn prevent pore-clogging as well as unwanted pimples and blackheads. She ensures that she follows her mother’s homemade regimen of massaging her face with natural yoghurt. It helps in keeping the face soft and supple, thereby combating the ill-effects of dry skin.

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Hair Care:

To maintain her hair, Freida follows an old hair care secret which her Grandmother would follow. This involves massaging the scalp of the hair with lukewarm coconut oil. She finds this little beauty secret very effective as it helps soothe her scalp. The starlet also makes it a point to wash her hair at least 3-4 times per week and avoids blow-drying her hair excessively as it could damage the roots of the scalp.

Whenever she has a bad hair day, she does not stress about it and in fact, just ties her hair into a ponytail and works her magic.

Staying Fit:

Freida believes that it is imperative to stay fit in order to ensure long-lasting beauty. She follows a very strict exercise regimen which involves at least a 90-minute yoga session, cardio workout, pilates, and most importantly stretching. She believes that a good workout helps her relieve stress and calms her nerves. Therefore, when stressed she opts for her yoga routine which usually lasts for around 30 minutes.

The Diet Plan:

The actress follows a well-planned and healthy diet plan which allows her to eat small meals at regular intervals. She also ensures that her diet includes her requirements of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, as well as dietary fibers. She also has a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as it helps detoxify her system, giving her glowing skin.

Her breakfast includes a boiled egg, oatmeal, and a few fruits. Lunch includes steamed vegetables, a salad and some mashed potatoes. In the evening she usually has a bite of a small sandwich. For dinner, she usually has a bowl of vegetable soup and some grilled fish. Another personal favorite involves consuming vegetable juices as it helps detoxify her system.

What is the late to be a beauty after knowing all tips and secrets of Freida Pinto. Let’s start now following her tips for getting smooth skin and healthy fitness to surprises your friends.


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