Deepika Padukone, the leggy beauty from Bollywood’s tinsel town didn’t just attain her gorgeous looks and a body to die for by the drop of a hat. Years of dedication, discipline and hard work is the secret to her on-screen and off-screen beauty. Coming from an athletic family background has given her a further edge no doubt. At 5ft 8inches with a lithe figure, dimpled smile and fashionable dress-sense, Deepika Padukone is regarded as a sex symbol and style icon in India, having topped Indian Maxim’s HOT 100 List in 2008 and named “India’s Most Beautiful Woman” by the Indian edition of People Magazine in 2012.

Her stylish appearances have made more headlines than her acting, perhaps because modelling was always her first love. Her flawless beauty is a blend of a basic beauty regime and a healthy and active lifestyle that has worked wonders for her and might even do the same for you.

Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Skin Secrets:

Deepika’s Skin in real life is as flawless as it appears on-screen. That’s because she believes in drinking gallons of water to stay fresh and hydrated. A spa junkie, she also goes for regular body massages and steam baths which are the key to her porcelain skin.

When it comes to her facial skincare regimen, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are part of her daily skincare rituals. On her off days, she prefers to go without makeup sticking to just a moisturizer with SPF and a lip balm. On those numerous occasions when she has to be under the cover of makeup, she makes sure to cleanse her face completely after shoots and never goes to bed without removing all traces of makeup following it up with a deep conditioning moisturizer. Not one for regular facials, she does like to go in for a clean-up every once in a while.

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Hair Secrets:

As far as her long, thick and shiny tresses go, Deepika swears by coconut oil. She has been using coconut oil ever since she was a child and it still continues to work its magic on her hair. With her work including constant travel and exposure to extreme conditions, she takes equal care of her hair by getting an oil massage done once every week to prevent damage to the hair’s follicles.

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Eye Makeup Tips:

According to Deepika, eyebrows are very important as they define one’s face. She limits her threading sessions at the salon as she feels that thicker eyebrows make one look younger. Her favourite eye makeup is mascara which she uses without reservation to highlight her almond-shaped eyes which she believes makes her eyes pop.

Fitness Secrets:

A die-hard fitness freak, Deepika takes her fitness regime very seriously. Already blessed with an athletic frame from years of being a badminton player she takes fitness to another level with a daily routine of Pilates and stretching exercises. Her daily dose of fitness doesn’t end here. Being more of an outdoor person she is into a lot of other sporting and adventure activities like cycling, trekking and even scuba diving for which this lithesome beauty is a certified scuba diver. No surprises there really given her amazing athletic figure.

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Diet Secrets:

Deepika like everyone else loves to eat. So what is her secret to eating healthy? It’s no secret really. Just a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. With help from her dietician, Pooja Makhija, Deepika’s diet includes snacking on a light meal every two hours with breakfast being her main meal of the day. To further maintain a healthy and balanced diet she resorts to skipping the potato filling when having her morning’s dosa and foregoing the egg yolk. She kicks starts her day with fruits instead of coffee and whenever the urge rises, she treats her sweet tooth to dark chocolate.


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