9 Different Desk and Stacking School Chairs for Kids

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6. Vintage Desk Chair for School:

Vintage School Chair

Vintage school chair is simple old times high school chairs. They have a small place below the seat to keep books. This type of school chairs is still used in some schools. These school chairs are a little bulky. They are difficult to move around. They can’t be stacked. They have wooden seat and back rest.

7. Spider School Stacking Chair:

Spider School Chair

Spider school chair is a school chair with long legs. They are easy to stack. The long legs make them perfect for big kids. They are mostly made of metal and plastic. They are often seen in themed restaurants too. They are sometimes colourful.

8. School Chair with Desk Attached:

School Chair with Desk Attached

Some of the school chairs have desk attached to the chairs. School chairs with desk attached has wooden desk, which can be removed or folded. They are heavy to move. They have fixed size so can’t be adjusted according to the kid.

9. Height Adjusting High School Desk Chair:

Height Adjusting School Chair

Height adjusting school chair is the most ideal form of school chair. It is perfect for everyone. The child can sit according to his comfort. They have adjustable leg, so same size can be used for all divisions.

School chair is a place where a kid spends most of his school time. They have to be comfortable and sturdy. These many types of school chair will surely satisfy everyone’s need.

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