Let’s be very honest! A bathroom is the most essential part of your home but is also the most neglected and overlooked. Although we invest a lot on the fittings and tiles of the room, the roof part is certainly out of the question. Why leave it bare, when you can coordinate it with the rest of your home? These Bathroom ceiling designs add an extravagant look, which cannot be achieved with expensive accessories alone.

If this concept excites you, then we have a quick suggestion! It’s always better to plan for a false ceiling in advance, as you need to invest some time, money and effort in finalizing the rest of the things. This can also save a lot of rework with respect to plumbing. If you are ready for this, then let’s look into some of the most innovative bathroom false ceiling ideas to get inspired!

Latest Bathroom False Ceiling Designs In India:

Here are our 10 simple and modern bathroom ceiling designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Modern Bathroom Ceiling Ideas:

If you have the luxury to shell out a little more on your bathroom, then, this design is the best pick! The false ceiling works like an extension of the rest of the rooms. However, in this area, it is accentuated with the Italian marble that runs all the way from flooring to the roof. Bright lights are fixed along the top for a top-class look!

2. Small Bathroom Ceiling Designs:

Have a small bathroom? No worries! You can still make it look dreamy, just like this one. The walls are smartly covered up with wooden finish tiles, which match the flooring. The ceiling is kept plain and simple. The addition of a thick LED border around it gives us the illusion of a very bright and spacious environment.

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3. Pop Plus Minus Design for Bathroom:

Geometric ceilings are always in trend! Here is one such example which you can try for your bathroom. The Pop false ceiling instantly grabs your attention with its grandiose design. There are many patterns in the plus-minus styles for you to choose from. Add lights along with corners and the centre point to brighten up your room.

4. Simple Pop Design For Bathroom:

Take a look at this simple false ceiling design for the bathroom that is inspired by the popular ocean themes. While the walls are decorated with tiny mosaic tiles, it’s the ceiling which elevates the look to a whole new level. The Pop ceiling is designed to neatly accentuate the bathtub and the shower cubicle, reserving the rest of the area for decorations.

5. Bathroom Ceiling Tiles Design:

If you want to add an artistic touch to your bathroom ceiling, replace the conventional roof designs with faux tin tiles. These ceramic tiles look and feel like tin sheets due to their make and clear coating. These are very easy to install and maintain. You can simply attach them with the help of a special grout and use a smooth cloth to clean them.

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6. Toilet False Ceiling Design:

With a toilet like that, who even wants to come out? This splendid design gives us major interior goals, with the unique flooring, wall and ceiling choices. If you observe closely, the arrangement of ceiling sheets co-ordinates with the geometry of the ground tiles. The joints can be concealed with bright lights, which give a stellar appearance.

7. High Ceiling Bathroom Design:

If you are not a fan of low-bottom ceilings, you can go for this design instead! The high ceiling is given a textured finish and painted in white. This serves as a perfect contrast to the black and brown interiors of the bathroom. Instead of adding roof bulbs, a creative lamp is hung from the ceiling to give optimal lighting to the entire area.

8. Washroom Ceiling Design:

Give your bathroom a sophisticated look with this glamorous wall tiles and ceiling design. The flooring and walls are covered in marble finish tiles. To neutralize this effect, a matte finish wooden panel is added on the roof, with built-in lights. It would be a great experience to unwind a hard day with a warm water shower in this bathroom!

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9. Bathroom Ceiling Paint or Coloring Idea:

Invest less and get more is a practical concept when it comes to bathrooms. If you are not willing to spend a bomb in decorating an area like your toilet, you can opt for this smart painted ceiling idea. Just extend the false roofing or use putty to smoothen your regular wall. Now, choose a contrast coloured waterproof paint and show your creative side with it!

10. Bathroom Ceiling Decoration Idea:

This bathroom is nothing short of a dream! The elegant and tastefully done interiors of this room are highlighted with the ceiling design. A Pop ceiling is suspended from the room in a strip back style. A row of bright LED lights run along with the space between the sidewall and the ceiling. Adding a few more tiny decorative bulbs on the centrepiece creates this visual treat!

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If you are one of those who think it’s ok to settle down with a shabby bathroom, we hope these images have changed your perception. These unique bathroom ceiling designs are sure to transform your toilet experiences and make you feel lavish and pampered. After all, it’s the only room that can give you some much deserved alone time!


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