The one place in a home where all the family members sit and enjoy a great time with each other is the all-time favourite Dining room! No matter how busy we are in our daily lives, it’s a ritual to put away everything to relish a delicious meal together. To make this experience more aesthetic and memorable, experts recommend investing in a stylish Dining room ceiling design.

Unlike the rest of the rooms, in which the ceilings are more for décor purposes, the roof styles of a dining room serve many purposes. They clearly demarcate the “eating zone” from the main hall, especially when there is no physical division. Also, the pleasant design, the soothing lights and the overall visual appeal offer a cosy and comfortable feeling, to make you want to spend a lot of time here!

So, why the wait? Let’s catch up on some of the latest dining room false ceiling ideas which you will totally love.

Modern False Ceiling Designs For Dining Room:

Here are our 10 simple and best dining room ceiling designs with pictures to take inspiration from. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Simple False Ceiling Design for Dining Room:

Drop ceilings like this one are the most widely chosen roof designs for a dining room. It hangs from the main false ceiling and looks like a hanging bar. This is a clever way to hide the ugly wiring and other pipes of the room to give a clean and neat finish. Adding light fixtures on the sides enhances the aesthetics of the area.

2. Small Dining Room Ceiling Design:

In present-generation homes, especially apartments, having space constraints is quite common. If the floor space is not enough to accommodate an exclusive room for dining, you can create one, by simply altering the ceiling design. Take a look at this picture. The hallway is converted into a dining area, with a little change in the tray ceiling design. Add some corner lights and a fan and Viola! You have a cute new dining room!

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3. Dining Room Ceiling Design With Fan:

For those who want the breezy feeling of a fan, without compromising on the ceiling style, here is an example! The recessed ceiling is kept all white, with bright lights surrounding the panels. The centre space is kept board enough to accommodate two electric ceiling fans and a statement chandelier. Keep the measurements of the roof in line with the size of the dining table for a perfect fit!

4. Dining Room Ceiling with Lights:

Doesn’t this ceiling design remind you of the baroque era? The elements used in the décor bring out a regal look to the entire room. The drop ceiling is adorned with a marble finish laminate and highlighted with tiny LED bulbs. A signature centre lamp is hung to transform the entire look of your room. Do pay attention to the colour schemes and the overall interior theme.

5. Pop False Ceiling Designs For Dining Room:

Take a look at the gorgeous ceiling design in Pop. The secondary ceiling looks like an extension of the sidewall, that runs along the opposite direction. It lends a contemporary feel to the interiors and makes your room look more charming. Pick a stylish lamp in the recession and watch as it brings life into the environment.

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6. Gypsum Ceiling Designs For Dining Room:

Get ready to say “Wow” to this stunner of a ceiling! From the main false ceiling, gypsum boards are used to create this fantastic design. The corners of the roof are accentuated with light fixtures on a curvy panel. The centre of the room is highlighted with a geometrical pattern that can fix your gaze for quite some time!

7. Wooden Ceiling Designs for Dining Room:

If you add a hint of elegance and rustic charm to your room, a wooden element is a must-have! Here is one such design in which the conventional Pop or Gypsum suspended ceiling is replaced with a beautiful wooden piece. It is neatly fixed inside the recession of the roof and accentuated with mood lights. The hollow space in the centre can accommodate a hanging lamp of your choice.

8. Dining Room Ceiling Interior Designs:

If you have planned for a jazzy interior décor like this one, go for a minimalistic ceiling design. The theme here is a wood grain finish look, which is generously used in the room. To complement this effect, the ceiling is kept simple, with just a hint of brown wooden accent to coordinate with the rest of the space.

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9. Dining Room Ceiling Paint Design:

Ebony and Ivory is a timeless colour scheme, which works for any type of home. Seen here is one such idea, where the walls are covered with beautiful wallpaper in white colour. The furniture is kept in black and brown for a warm look. It’s the ceiling that steals the show. Painted in jet black, it brings in an enigmatic effect.

10. Ceiling Decoration For Dining Room:

Dine like a King every day in your own house! Bring an old-world, yet regal charm into the interiors with this vintage-style wooden room. The details used in this area are simply out of this world. From the antique, rusted chandelier to the furniture, décor and other accessories, everything is put together to achieve this class-part design!

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Those are some of the best dining room ceiling ideas to watch out for! You can take cues from these designs and get them customized as per your requirements. Also, speaking to an expert interior designer about your expectations can help you plan better, both in terms of the patterns and quality, as well as the overall budget. Time to dine in style!


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