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15 Best Bedroom Wall Designs With Photos In India !

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Next most used rooms in a house the bedroom which is not just meant for sleeping, but also creating an ambience with full energy which can be achieved through some mind-blowing simple and less expensive wall decoration which can be architecture the after reading through this top 15 Bedroom wall designs. Bedroom wall designs give positivity for your stay. Such type of wall designing ideas, mostly based on your bedroom paint and interior of the bedroom.

Modern Wall Designs For Bedroom In India:

Have a look at a few cool and latest bedroom wall designs which will help you in selecting a good design for your bedroom.

1. White With Contrast Painted Bedroom Wall Design:

bedroom wall designs

White is the most common universal paint colour painted throughout a new house or a renovated house, by giving a change from the usual stereotype painting designs by shading one part of the bedroom with a contrast color paint which enhances well with the bed and the curtain color.

2. 3-D Wall Painting Bedroom Wall Design:

3-D Wall Painting Design

3-D wall painting designs is an upcoming bedroom wall decor ideas which are where the wall is wide and long. The painting can be of any nature or aqua theme. The blue colour gives a better feel and positive vibes which cam helps in getting a good sound sleep. It helps you to wake up with good relaxation.

3. Fluorescent Star Stickers Designed Bedroom Wall:

Fluorescent Star Stickers Designed wall

The fluorescent neon color sticker is not just used as playing stickers with the kids, but this simple light-emitting material shaped into stars can be the best decor design for the bedroom. The star sticker is accompanied with a half moon neon sticker which is glued to the side of the wall and also the ceiling.

4. LED Lighted Bedroom Wall Design:

LED Lighted Wall Design

Led bulbs are not only cost effective but also adds beauty to a simple white painted bedroom wall. The lights can be of a different color which is the personal choice. These LED lights are fitted to the bed and also on the ceiling. These types of LED light can’t harm your eyes. For better sleep goes with this type of design for your bedroom.

5. Family Picture Framed Bedroom Wall:

Family Picture framed wall

This simple wall frame picture share differs memories to us from time to time by looking at this frame, whenever we enter the bedroom which is the best part of these picturized wall design. While sleeping, you can sleep with these memories in your sweet dream. Kids will love this type of wall design idea too.

6. Cartoon Painted Bedroom Wall Design:

Cartoon Painted Wall Design

This design is always a kid’s choice. Talking about decorating a bedroom for the kids then definitely wall design ideas for bedroom with favourite cartoon characters of their kids comes up to mind. The most commonly painted characters are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, as well as Chota bheem, is a good option too for kids bedroom wall design.

7. Rainbow Painted Bedroom Wall Design:

Rainbow Painted Wall Design

A simple seven colored Rainbow painted wall is the easiest way of decorating the kid’s room. Kids definitely like their wall painted by themselves with crayons and water paint this idea of rainbow design wall painting can be given as artwork to the kids.

8. Wooden Laminated: Beautiful Bedroom Wall Design:

Wooden Laminated Wall Design

This is indeed a  good bed back wall design. The back wall of the bed can be highlighted by using innovative design one such artwork could be adding a layer of the wooden laminate sheet to the wall.

9. Reclaimed Wood Cemented Bedroom Wall Design:

Reclaimed Wood Cemented Wall Design

This rich looking wall design is made from the reclaimed wood which is shaped into planks and attached together using modern technology which is the click-on design. This plank can be commented on by one or by using the click on method after applying good adhesive to the wall.

10. Criss Cross Water Paint: Cool Bedroom Wall Design:

Criss cross water paint wall design

This type of artistic design needs the good amount of patience and time to achieve this criss-cross design. This paint design is achieved by using good quality paint and sticking tape. This design comes with a classy and cold feeling for your better sleep.

11. Antique Work Mirror Attached: Bedroom Wall Decor Design:

Antique work mirror attached wall decor design

The back side wall of the bed can be given an antique outlook by using some antique designer decor. On such decor is the round or oval-shaped glass which has wooden or bead with shell combined work with an antique tint.

12. Wall Poster With Side Hanging Lamp:

Wall poster with side hanging lamp

Wall poster decor is the best idea for decorating a modern house. The poster can be made from a canvas based frame with wordings written on it. Since it is a bedroom and place to sleep, the word sleep can be written in an innovative way.

13. Painted Infinity Symbol: Simple Bedroom Wall Design:

Painted Infinity Symbol Wall Design

An infinity symbol which actually a mathematical symbol which now is used in signifying the infinite amount of love shown by Her or Him. These symbol portraits love which is written in this symbol and designed as a sticker. This design is a great gift to surprise your wife on your anniversary or her birthday too.

14. Wallpaper Designed Bedroom Wall Designs:

Wallpaper Designed Wall

Bedroom wallpaper design is the simplest way of decorating the walls without putting our brains in searching for the deco’s and setting them up in the bedroom. The only effort is selecting the design. This wallpaper can be just glued to the wall.

15. Modernized Theme Based Bedroom Wall Designs:

Modernized theme based Wall Design

In house construction, architecture implements the modern theme based design which adds a simple aura to the room. This modernized house is done by adding matching coloured and designed curtains with the bed design and a contrast wall paint.

Decorating a house, especially a bedroom needs to be innovative and also romantic for couples and in contrast for kids the bedroom wall design should make the kid more cheerful and energetic. Maintaining these wall decor is also crucial which can be done by regular cleaning and monitoring. You can make the choice while selecting the design for your bedroom wall. Go with good collection as per your budget too.

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