Many of us concentrate on decorating our living spaces forgetting bedrooms because who enters them, right? That is where you are wrong; you don’t just sleep in your bedroom; it is a place where you can have worry-free time after a long day at work without any electronic gadgets nearby. So creating a perfect ambience in your bedroom is a must! Here is an article that gives you cost-effective ideas to decorate your bedroom walls. Go through the latest bedroom wall designs and pick one that suits your needs.

Latest Bedroom Wall Designs In India:

Here we present you 25 simple and modern wall designs for bedrooms that will inspire you a lot. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Butterfly Wall Design For Bedroom:

Simple butterflies in this design are brown with the background wall in light blue. The bed placed against the wall is a tiny white bed and a light blue comforter and pillow matching the colour of the wall. This design gives you a feel of being in nature’s lap. The blue colour soothes your eyes and lets you sleep well at night.

2. PVC Wall Design For Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

PVC is a type of plastic known for its durability and is very easy to install in your bedroom. This design is a perfect example to beautify your bedroom. The outer area is dark brown with stripes of grey and white in the centre. It has a gorgeous look making your bedroom look classy. The matching comforters on the bed add to the beauty.

3. Glass Wall Design For Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a perfect design for people who love enjoying an outside view all day, every day. The back of the wall behind the bed has a black frame from top to bottom, and the entire sidewall is see-through glass. This is a beautiful way to wake up with warm sunlight or a perfect view during rain. But if you are worried about privacy, you can add thin curtains to complete the look.

4. Wall Texture Designs For Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

Presentation matters in everything we do; this is a bedroom wall design that has a beige background with significant tear-shaped or petal-like elevations that give a 3D effect to the wall. Since the wall colour is beige, the petal-shaped things are made of white colour. The contrast between the two creates a beautiful effect.

5. Bedroom Wall Stencils Design:

Stencilling is one of the trending techniques to decorate your wall in the bedroom. The best way to utilize a stencil effectively is by starting at the centre, towards up then down, and later on to the sides. The design you also select matters in these types of techniques. You can use acrylic or latex paint that can be used on the walls. The model used is floral with varied colours of green and white, with the background colour of moss green.

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6. Girls Bedroom Wall Ideas:

Image Source:

Here are two kinds of models to decorate your daughter’s bedroom. If she is fond of the colour pink, then match the colour with the walls, cabinets, and the comforter and pillows are covered with a Hello Kitty bedsheet. The wall has a black colour cat design on the wall in contrast to the pink. In another model, there is a simple design with orange-coloured walls. The furniture and walls are a combination of orange and blue.

7. Kids Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another design that is gender-neutral and can be adapted for any of your kid’s bedrooms. The wall has a dark grey colour, and there are stars in gold and silver colour stuck here and there. A bear is standing on the wall with a big white balloon in its hand. The balloon looks similar to a moon, and it seems like the bear is holding a moon with a string. There is a wooden ladder at the side of the room.

8. Toddler Bedroom Wall Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

A room specifically for a toddler has all the things that help the growth and nourishment of the child. The walls have attractive picture frames of animals and some photo frames of your baby. The walls in this bedroom are all-white and therefore elevate the other things in the room. There is a playpen for the kid to play and enjoy along with a small bed with railings on four sides to protect your child from falling.

9. Boy’s Bedroom Wall Idea:

Image Source: pinterest

Growing adolescent boys need a space for themselves, and this bedroom design has a combination of wood and blue colour PVC in long thin rectangular stripes. There is a letter K written on the wall, which might be the starting letter of your son’s name. The bed is comfortable for a kid to sleep after prolonged activity.

10. Men’s Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Making your bedroom a masculine touch is not so severe anymore. Hanging the pictures of your favourite singers or stars gives your dull bedroom a scintillating look. The walls are dark grey with an iron rack to keep some books and magazines. The bed in the room is also to match the wall colour with contrasting bedding.

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11. White With Contrast Painted Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

One of the colours used universally either for a new home or a renovated house is White. If you love white but don’t want to stereotype it with only white, then this design will work correctly. You can colour the central part of the bedroom with a contrasting colour like blue or red that enhances your simple bedroom wall to the next level. You can place a laminated photograph or a painting on the part of the wall painted blue.

12. 3D Wall Painting Bedroom Wall Design:

One of the trendy and upcoming decors for any bedroom is 3D prints on the walls. This is the perfect fit for bedrooms that have wide and long walls. You can select the theme of the 3D design according to your taste. These can either be designs of nature or aqua theme, as nature and the water give you a pleasant and positive vibe giving you a chance to relax and sleep well.

13. Fluorescent Star Stickers Designed Bedroom Wall:

If you think fluorescent neon stickers are playthings for kids, you are wrong! These are light-emitting material that looks attractive on any bedroom wall and ceiling, especially during nights. Some of the stars have star-shaped holes in the centre with a big crescent-shaped moon with stars on it. Just when you switch off the lights and relax on your bed, your eyes slowly adjust to the subtle brightness of these stars, making you feel like you are sleeping under the stars.

14. LED Lighted Bedroom Wall Design:

One of the cost-effective ways to light up your bedroom wall that adds to the beauty of your wall is LED bulbs. The colour of the lamps is your personal choice, and you can select it according to your wall colour and room decor. These types of LEDs are not harmful to your eyes and can be fitted either to the bed or sometimes to the wall. This is best suited for people who love to sleep with a little lighting.

15. Family Picture Framed Bedroom Wall:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a very personalized way of decorating your wall. The full wall can be filled up with a small, medium, and large frame of all your memorable moments, making it the best part of this type of design. As soon as you enter your bedroom, the rush of memories from the wall makes you reminisce about old times. You can sleep well with all the sweet memories in mind; kids will instantly fall in love with this type of design.

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16. Cartoon Painted Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

If you have kids old enough to have their bedrooms and yet love cartoons, then this theme will do wonders. The cartoon characters that are liked by kids are Chotabheem, Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. You can get these characters painted on the walls, or there are large stickers available online that can be bought, and you can stick them on the wall for a much temporary fix as what a kid likes keeps changing.

17. Rainbow Painted Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This rainbow-coloured painted wall is one of the easiest ways to decorate your kid’s wall. It is not just the rainbow; every part of the wall is filled with colours making it attractive for kids. Another innovative way to decorate this space is to create an outline and provide your kids with watercolours making it an artwork project for your kids.

18. Wooden Laminated Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a good bed back wall design for people who opt for simplistic designs. The way you can highlight the back wall of your bedroom is by placing a laminate of wooden sheets with vertical lines present equally. One way to highlight this wooden wall is by placing a modern artwork that elevates the plain sheet at the back.

19. Reclaimed Wood Cemented Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Reclaimed wood has a lot of history as it is not fresh wood, but furniture that already served its purpose. That wood is processed and is being used for decorative purposes giving your wall the history of that piece of wood. Here reclaimed wood is attached by using a modern technology click-on design. This can be placed on your wall with the help of an adhesive utilizing the click-on method.

20. Criss Cross Water Paint Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is an artistic design for your bedroom wall that might be time-consuming, but once you finish the work, you won’t regret a minute of it. You can hire someone who can correctly portray the design you want, but if you’re going to do it at home by yourself, then you will need good quality paint and sticking tape to mark the criss-cross designs. This design gives you a cold feeling that might be better for your sleep.

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21. Antique Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

An antique look can be provided to any room in many ways. Just by adding antique designer decor to the bedroom wall, you can give your beautiful small bedroom a completely new outlook. One such decorative piece to add to the wall decor of your bedroom is an oval or round-shaped glass that has a sun-like texture with wood or metal with an antique tint.

22. Wall Poster With Side Hanging Lamp:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the ways you can decorate the wall with a big laminated poster. This is the best way because you don’t have to remove or add paint to the wall. This frame is a canvas-based frame that has beautifully written words sleep with eyelashes in the place of’s. This innovative way works correctly since it is a poster placed on the bedroom wall. There are also lamps present on the sides, giving enough light.

23. Painted Infinity Symbol Bedroom Wall Design:

Infinity is a mathematical symbol that signifies that there is no limit. By using this symbol on the wall of your bedroom, you signify your never-ending love for your partner and family. You can use the paint of your choice and paint it yourself or get a professional’s help. You can also get a sticker version of the symbol that you can stick on the wall, and change it whenever you want.

24. Wallpaper Designed Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Another way to design your bedroom wall is to use designer wallpaper and set it up in your bedroom. This is ideal for people who don’t have time to plan the wall due to many other reasons personally. The only effort you need to put in is selecting which design you want to use to paste it on the wall, giving your room a classy, luxurious look.

25. Modern Bedroom Wall Design:

Image Source: pinterest

In the construction of any house, architecture plays an important role when you don’t want to have your walls to be simple. The aura of the room increases a thousandfold just by adding beautiful curtains and rails that match your bed with contrasting wall colours. For your bedroom to look modernized look pick bright and vibrant colours.

Decorating your bedroom according to your taste is a privilege and necessary too. The designs need to be innovative and different as the needs are different for kids, couples, and elders. According to your needs, you can choose a décor with the best bedroom wall designs we provide. Maintenance of the décor is necessary with constant monitoring. So pick a plan that comes under your budget and go for it.


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