Raise your hands if you think that the bedroom is your favourite part of the home! Unlike other rooms, a bedroom is undoubtedly our comfort zone, a haven and the ultimate sleep destination. Instead of settling for just any other bedroom, you can now create stylish sleeping and personal zones by picking cues from these best bedroom interior designs!

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Why wait? Scroll down to explore these modern bedroom interior designs and pick one that excites you the most!

Best Bedroom Interior Designs In India:

Here are our 35 simple and latest bedroom interior design ideas, that inspire you a lot. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Romantic Bedroom Interior Design:

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A beautiful bedroom can set the right mood for love! From having candid conversations to enjoying intimate moments, a room like this can create a romantic environment for couples. Pick softer palettes like peach, and peach and use a lot of fabric for that vintage glamour. You can even extend this area to a working space or dining area by adding some extra furniture.

2. Contemporary Bedroom Interior Design:

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If you are looking for a sleek and serene place to unwind a day, this contemporary bedroom design is a great pick. This involves using a lot of distinct colours like grey, purple, violet etc, which are not usually picked for bedrooms. Also, playing around with textures creates the right visual impact and enhances the overall aesthetics of your room. Pick your furniture that is minimal, yet sophisticated!

3. Traditional Bedroom Interior Design:

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Two words to define a traditional bedroom design – cosy and comfortable! The room has a quaint, old-world charm that almost certainly feels like inviting us into it! To achieve this look, you must pay attention to the woodwork, which features carved four-pillar beds, vintage-style fabric furniture, printed curtains and an earthy colour scheme.

4. Small Bedroom Interior Design:

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A small bedroom design usually makes us think of a cluttered, chaotic space! Designers have proved this wrong by creating exceptionally beautiful bedrooms in compact areas. The idea is to create an accent wall to brighten up the room and contrast it with lighter elements. Minimalism is strictly applied in this concept to utilize the available space wisely!

5. Master Bedroom Interior Design:

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A master bedroom is an exclusive space in the house that reflects the personality and taste of the owner. So, there is simply no compromise! Adding dark colours to the walls creates a sense of warmth and cosiness in the room. Add a lot of textures and play around with bold statement furniture. Conceal your flooring with an artistic rug and breathe some life into the room with an elegant lighting system.

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6. Teenage Girls Interior Bedroom Design:

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Does your teen girl demand a separate space of her own? This could be the best moment to surprise her with a personalized bedroom design that reflects her unique style! Create a glamorous retreat for your princess by throwing in elements like furry rugs, pillows, dressing tables, painted cabinets and even some indoor plants. Skip the wallpaper and, instead, opt for a golden stencil of an inspiring quote or message!

7. Interior Bedroom Design For Boys:

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This aqua blue and white themed boy’s bedroom design creates that perfect space for your youngster. Instead of the regular blue, choose this colour scheme to add stylish vibes to the room. You can add a cupboard, a wall showcase and even a compact workspace to make the room multifunctional. For the décor, play with elements of his interest like cars, instruments or maybe even toy planes!

8. Interior Bedroom Design For Girls:

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Little girls have big fantasies when it comes to choosing their bedroom interior designs! Leave no stone unturned to satisfy your princess and give her the befitting space she always dreamt of. Stay away from the usual pinks and pick softer alternatives like lilac and white. Convert that window space into a reading-cum-storage area and add a chair and a cosy bed to win her heart!

9. Men’s Bedroom Interior Design:

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This stylish bedroom interior design is a dream come true for all sports lovers! Specially designed for bachelors, this room makes for a great space filled with all the elements of their interest. From sports-inspired flooring to baseball pillows and even an outdoor colour scheme, this room is nothing but heaven for all young boys and men! Plus, it requires very little time and effort to recreate this splendid concept!

10. Best Bedroom Interior Design For Couples:

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This dreamy bedroom interior design is every couple’s goal to own! It bears a regal look with a generous amount of red used in the room. Adding a comfy bed, a bean chair, a work table and even an accent chair transforms this room into a cosy retreat. The heavy drapes on the window and a black textured wall set up the right environment to cuddle up with your loved one!

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11. Minimalist Interior Design For Bedroom:

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If you believe in the “less is more” concept, then this bedroom interior is sure to impress you! The room features a neutral colour palette and minimal furniture to achieve a clean and sophisticated look. The textured flooring and the use of grey for furniture and upholstery lend a pleasant and tranquil environment. Using white for the rest of the area can brighten up space and bring in peaceful vibes.

12. Korean Interior Design Bedroom:

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Korean-style bedrooms are all about keeping the interiors simple, minimalistic and quite elegant. To achieve this style, you must always pick lighter shades like white or cream for the walls. Keep your room airy and spacious and avoid cluttering it with unnecessary elements. Swap your regular furniture with low-lying tables, low-frame beds and clean cupboards, all done in light wood.

13. Ultra-Modern Bedroom Interior Design:

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Stylish, new-age and chic are the buzzwords of a modern bedroom design. It has a distinct polished feel with the choice of colour schemes, furniture and interior accents. The idea is to keep every element sleek, yet impactful. For beginners, using colours like white, black and cream with hints of red is always a safe bet! From the backdrop to the floor carpet, there’s no shortage of creativity in this room!

14. 10 X 12 Bedroom Interior Design:

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10X12 bedrooms may have a shortage of space, but definitely need not be short on style. With little planning, you can convert a crampy bedroom into a dreamy one. Use dark colours on the wall and contrast it with a lighter ceiling and flooring. Choose sleek furniture instead of bulky ones and invest in sliding closets to save space. Place your light fixtures in strategic positions to brighten the environment.

15. 10 X 10 Bedroom Interior Design:

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Make the most of the available space in your 10X10 bedroom using multifunctional furniture. Choose a simple layout and don’t hesitate to add some bright colours. Personalise your bed and storage areas into creative shapes that take up only the unused corners of the room. Keep your ceiling high to get the effect of an added space and add bright suspended lights.

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16. Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas:

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Looking for a unique bedroom décor? Check out this funky Boho-themed bedroom idea that reflects your free-spirited nature. Notice the soothing cream and white colour palette that makes your room appear airy and bright. You are free to play around with textures using different fabrics, wooden artefacts, paintings and some rustic furniture. Add a touch of natural beauty using some indoor plants.

17. Bedroom Interior Paint Colours:

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Redoing your bedroom? A quick way to bring a dramatic transformation to the room is by touching the walls with newer colour schemes. Pale colours like this misty aqua blue create a soothing environment and instantly modify the look of your room. Cover your old bed with leather furnishings of the same colour and retouch your existing furniture with spray paint. Lo! Your brand-new bedroom is ready!

18. Duplex House Bedroom Interior Design:

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Here is a large bedroom design for a duplex house which is transformed into a multifunctional space. Apart from the sleeping zone, you can also fit in a seating area, dressing point and even your very own lounge by using separators. Use your furniture sparingly and focus more on elements like a large mirror, light fixtures and even floor carpets to strike a perfect balance.

19. Apartment Bedroom Interior Design:

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To maximize the space in a crampy apartment bedroom, you must pay attention to the size of the furniture. Leave sufficient walking space for an airy and spacious look. Go for a sleek headboard for the bed and choose compact storage boxes. Create large windows to allow natural lighting and pick flowy fabrics for screens. Use a neutral colour for painting the walls and flooring.

20. L Shaped Bedroom Interior Design:

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Designed L-shaped bedroom interior design can be slightly tricky. But with simple tips, you can easily nail the décor! Maximise the corners in the room and use single beds, instead of large king-sized beds which eat away space. Place your accessories and storage boxes between the beds and leave the rest of the room free. Use a combination of light and dark colours of the same scheme for a vibrant feel.

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21. Wallpaper Designed Bedroom Interior:

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You don’t have to redecorate your entire room to give it a fresh look. The solid colours might seem like an easy idea but can get boring after some time. The best way to achieve a newer look without spending a lot of effort is to use beautiful wallpaper ideas for the bedroom. Experiment with colours and textures to achieve unique looks.

22. Single Wall Color Painted Bedroom Interior:

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There can be a couple of ways in which you can elevate the looks of your room. Sometimes the traditional idea of designing works and sometimes even a single change in the room can bring out and change the outlook of the whole room. One such easy idea is to go for an accent wall, which is designed to stand out. The bold colours separate it from the other walls and make it appear like an accessory in the room.

23. Wall Tiles Bedroom Interior Design:

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If you have a neutral or solid bold colour as your background, then try pairing it up with tile stripes of lighter shade or darker shade according to the wall colour of the bedroom. There are many types of bedroom wall tiles which give out different looks to the room. Seen here is a rustic, brick-finish wall tile that works like a statement piece.

24. Painted Wall Bedroom Interior Design:

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An unconventional mix-match in the bedroom adds a different perspective and helps the bedroom achieve a whole new level of stabilization. The painted wall not only fills up a boring space but also adds details and shows your impeccable taste of home décor. From fresh florals to bold abstract patterns, you can try out many ideas and unleash your creative spirit on this wall.

25. Memory Wall For Bedroom Interior:

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You don’t have to redecorate your entire room to give it a fresh look, instead, if there is a blank wall above your head, then use that to display your creativity. Put together some photo frames of various shapes, sizes and colours to relive your memories every single day. You can even add some wall hangings to decorate the rest of the space.

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26. Colourful Curtain Bedroom Interior Design:

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Try matching unconventional colours like parrot green, navy blue or purple colour curtain design, which can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of the room. They not only add a vibrant look to the interiors but also enhance the overall aesthetics. However, you must make sure the rest of the elements are in neutrals to contrast the boldness of this colour.

27. Vintage Bedroom Interior Design:

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The house’s interior must be aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time. The best way to do it is by picking some furniture pieces with a vintage vibe to them. Use wood generously in the form of chairs, desks, cabinets and bed frames. Instead, of fancy, ornamental designs, go for budget-friendly, easy-to-maintain elements.

28. Wood Accent Wall Bedroom Interior Design:

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If you want to veer away from normal coloured walls or wallpaper textures, you can even consider using planks to decorate your bedroom. You can recreate this idea by fixing thin strips of wooden planks on the wall and covering its entire surface. Once done, add a bed lamp and a colourful wall hanging to brighten the space.

29. Wall-Mounted TV Bedroom Design:

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TV is no longer confined to just the living room. The younger generation wants a television in their bedroom where they relax after a hectic day. For this, clean up the wall that faces your bed and make way for the television unit. You can even decorate the remaining area of the wall with wood or wallpaper.

30. Japanese Interior Bedroom Design:

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Japanese Bedroom design is all about keeping the room neat. Wood is predominantly used to make the elements like the bed, desk, side tables and even accent chairs. Minimalism is a strict norm in this room and there is no place for unnecessary elements. Maintain sobriety when it comes to choosing your decoratives.

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31. New-Age Bedroom Interior Design:

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Having a sofa coordinated with the design of the bed is a trending concept in modern bedroom designs. This works well only in the spacious bedrooms to create a separate seating point within the bedroom. Unlike a living room sofa, this piece of furniture must be sleek and compact to avoid choking up the room.

32. Black Theme Bedroom Interior Design:

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Black is undoubtedly one of the most preferred colours to decorate a bedroom. It adds a sensuous look to the room and amps up the glam factor. Instead of having an all-black room, combine the colour with neutrals like beige, grey and white. This can prevent your bedroom from looking like a dark cave.

33. Pink Theme Kids Bedroom Interior Design:

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When it comes to designing a kid’s bedroom, particularly that of a girl, pink cannot be ignored. The soothing colour makes your interiors look pretty and pleasant. This playful colour, however, can give a garish look if overdone. So, pick a combination of light and dark shades of the same palette and use it with a neutral white to mellow down.

34. Wall Mounted Floating Bedroom Interior Design:

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This innovative idea of creating a floating bed in the bedroom makes the room more spacious and elegant. The legs of the beds are missing and give the illusion of a floating bed. The secret lies in the headboard, which balances the weight of the frame. These designs are usually custom-made for the size and structure of the room.

35. Modern Bedroom Interior Design:

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One of the main aims and agendas of home decor is to utilize the whole place. Try efficient storage by building bookshelves adjacent to your bed. They also act as showcases to display your artefacts and collectables. So, if you are a bookworm, you simply cannot go past this bedroom design idea!

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Love these bedroom interior design pictures? Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating an existing one, these ideas can come in handy! Make a list of your preferences and discuss them with the interior designer to transform your dreams into reality. Do let us know which concept impressed you the most!


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