Pure Honey Brands! Whether to build immunity or work as a healing, medicinal product, treating illness or natural sweetener, there is nothing like honey that can work as a perfect sweet alternative in our lives. However, the market products of honey often tend to get us in doubt about possible adulteration concerns. That is why we have pure honey brands. These best organic and pure honey brands are perfect alternatives to replace the regular honey bottles we find in the showrooms and shops. These products are much healthier versions produced naturally from beehives and brought to us directly.

If you are wondering which are such natural and real organic honey brands, the best honey list we have found is going to be helpful for you.

What are the Best Raw Honey Brands in India (Names and Pics):

Let us check out and know about the best quality natural and pure honey brands today. These are organic raw honey brands that can help us overcome adulteration’s and preservatives in other regular brands.

1. Honey Basket Wild and Raw Honey:

The Honey Basket’s wild and raw honey is one such brand that brings the pure and most natural organic honey directly taken from the beehives. The honey does not have any added colours or sugars, no preservatives, and filters. So, if you are looking for an authentic and real brand that is ideal and best to work and improve immunity, the honey basket brand is a perfect choice. It is a 100% vegetarian product and is FSSAI and NABL approved product. The bottle costs about Rs. 600.

2. Onelife Honey:

The Onelife brand Honey is famous for its health and effective immunity and healing properties. This brand is organic and sourced from India and New Zealand and helps particularly for sickness and immunity. The natural benefits associated here help in several therapeutic properties. The bottle costs about INR 405. This is among the most popular raw and natural honey brand names we heard!

3. 24 Mantra Organic Honey:

If you are already using any organic honey brand, we bet you would have either used or heard about this popular one. The 24 Mantra organic honey is taken from Netroc for blossoms. It is brought in with all the antioxidants, and enzymes and without any preservatives or dilutions, or filtrations, which aids for immunity, weight loss, and natural sweetening. The honey is also perfect and suitable for children above 1-year-old. The natural and raw honey brands cost about INR 150.

4. Indigenous Raw Organic Honey:

The Indigenous Raw honey brand is here in the market for quite some time, and it is among the best seller in the country. The pure, unfiltered, and unprocessed honey brand is brought from scientifically designed wooden beehives similar to and goes on lines with natural beehives. It is pure and unpasteurized, without any artificial sugar or cane sugar content, and is FSSAI and APEDA-approved. It costs about INR 500.

5. Zandu Pure Honey:

If you regularly use herbal products, you already might have known the Zandu Pure Honey. Honey is popular and famous for its natural medicinal values with antioxidants, natural minerals, and enzymes. Pure honey boosts immunity, treats diseases and sicknesses, and aids in natural energy. It costs about INR 180. This is among the high-quality honey brands we have come across.

6. Dadev Unprocessed Honey:

The Dadev honey comes unprocessed from high pollen counts, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The natural nutrients, in turn, aids and helps in promoting immunity, improving the digestive system. The honey doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or preservatives, also including trans-fat and cholesterol. It is perfect for those who are trying for weight management. The original honey brand costs about INR 489.

7. Nature Hug Pure and Organic Honey:

We have this all-new and unique Natural Hug’s honey in different flavors. The one which is our favorite here is Lychee honey. The honey has magical and natural ingredients with delicious flavor and aroma, perfect if you are looking to add to breakfast cereals or food items. The local brand Nature Hug gets the honey directly from the farms of Uttarakhand. The healthiest honey brands costs about INR 495.

8. Merlon Naturals Honey:

The Merlon Naturals organic honey has the goodness of amino acids that aid in staying healthy, fit and perfect with weight management. It protects for immunity against seasonal sicknesses such as cold and cough and aids in sound digestive system activities. The brand is ISO, USDA and NPOP certified. This famous and popular honey brands costs around INR 300.

9. Pahadi Local Honey:

The Pahadi Local honey is brought directly from the nectar of Kashmir valley. This raw and pure organic honey is directly obtained from the valley and has therapeutic properties with good immunity booster in a natural way too. Do not get confused seeing the color of the honey, as it is light in color, given that it does not have any crystallization. It costs about INR 160.

10. Zizira Pure Honey:

Image Source: Zizira

The Zizira natural honey is brought from the nectar of wildflowers in the purest and raw form, directly from Meghalaya. The raw honey is by the region’s beekeepers and is directly managed to bring to the consumers. The unique thing about Zizira honey is that the taste alters and changes as per the season, given the natural product without filtrations. It is among the most premium and high-quality honey brands and costs about INR 699.

If you look for the most ideal, best, and pure raw organic Honey brands, there is nothing like these mentioned ones. So, check them out and pick the one according to your choice. They make sure your diseases and sickness are at bay and boost the immunity system when consumed regularly.


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