Birthday Gifts for friends are the best way to show what they mean to you. The birthday gift that you give to your best friend shows your love and affection for him. But, it has been seen that we often get confused when it comes to choosing gifts. The gift should be chosen considering the relationship and the type of person.

Best Birthday Gifts For Friends:

A few gifts below will help you know how to select an appropriate gift as per the occasion,

Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend Female:

Here is the list of birthday gift ideas for a female friend.

1. Hand Purse:

Here is a wonderful birthday gift for a friend – a girl. It is a cute little purse that she can carry along, keeping all the necessary stuff like lipstick, some cash, her phone etc. It is very handy and goes well with all outfits. This one is a pretty gift for a pretty person.

2. Makeup Basket Birthday Gift:

If it is your girlfriend’s birthday and you are wondering, what is the best gift you ought to get for her, then here is a birthday gift idea for your girlfriend that will make her go crazy. This hamper basket has all the things she can ask for. The basket has lip gloss, compact, foundation cream, manicure – pedicure set and many more to make her look more beautiful.

3. Bracelet Gift for Girl Friend:

This pretty bracelet is a nice and cute birthday gift for a female friend. This bracelet is pretty and has wonderful charms with lettering on them. They are easy on the pocket i.e. not very expensive but will be surely appreciated.

4. Bookmark:

If your friend is an ardent book lover, then this special friend bookmark is a very good choice for a birthday gift for a female best friend. It is made of Tibetan silver and comes with a silver-toned heart charm and the choicest beads. Gift it along with a book of their choice to make your friendship ever-lasting.

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5. Two Piece Heart Lockets for Best Friend:

It’s your best friend’s birthday and this surely is one great idea for a best friend’s birthday gift. This gift is a chain with a locket in the shape of a heart, wherein the heart is in two pieces – one piece for your friend and the other piece for you. This gift shows how inseparable you are.

6. Hand-Poured Soy Candle:

This is another lovely way to express your warm love to your friend. This candle is purely hand-made. The hand-poured candle comes in a lovely ready-to-the-gift box and also comes with a matchbox. The candle case has a lovely personalized message printed. So you can say that this is a nice friend’s birthday gift idea.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Best Friend Male:

Let’s see what type of gifts are better to present for your male friend.

7. Customized Pillow Cover:

If you want to make your boyfriend very happy, then make something with your own hands to make his day. This pillow is very easy to stitch. Keeping LOVE in mind you can make it a heart shape and add love messages to it.

8. Wooden Ash Tray:

Here is another thoughtful present for your friend who is a smoker. This is a heart-shaped ash box. Tag “Don’t smoke” on the ashtray, and your friend will know that you care for him and that smoking is not good for life. So you can say that this is the best birthday gift for your best friend.

9. Office Set For Him:

Wondering and confused about what to get for your boyfriend for his birthday? Then, here is a mind-blowing best gift for friend for his birthday to make his day. This hamper comes with an office laptop bag, wallet, pens, credit card pouch, visiting card pouch and many more things that are found to be really useful.

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10. Photo Memory Quilt:

Image Source: Pinterest

This quilt is a fantastic idea for a happy birthday gift for a friend. You can transfer your choice of photographs on cloth and make a lovely quilt out of it. It makes a lovely birthday gift to give to your best friend, as the quilt portrays all the lovely times you had together.

Best Friend Birthday Gifts For Her And Him:

Let’s find below shown unique and creative birthday gift ideas for best friend, female and males.

11. Heart Shaped Jigsaw Key-Rings:

This is another lovely way to say that you and your friend are not at all separable. This key-ring set is in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece comes with a key ring. It is a very thoughtful and cheap friend birthday gift idea instead of the usual card. This set will be cherished forever. Every time the person lifts the key you will be remembered. Each piece comes with a message of love and affection.

12. Coffee Mug:

This is one simple birthday gift for friend on her/his birthday to show how much you love him/her. This coffee mug comes with a beautiful personalized message. Your friend will always remember you when taking a sip of coffee from this mug,

13. Engraved Bracelet:

Here is a very meaningful present for your bestie. It will be the best birthday gift for best friend. This bracelet has two small metal hearts with your friend’s and your initials engraved on it. This will be a very special gift and your friend will look cool wearing it.

14. Wooden Home:

Buy this simple little wooden home as a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, and pass on the message that you want to be with him or her forever. This pretty, artistic piece of wood can have a personalized message carved to express your feelings.

15. Wooden Table-Top Postcard:

Image Source: Pinterest

This personalized wood postcard is something that will always remind your friend of your friendship with her/him. It can be displayed on the tabletop. It contains your name on the left side and a pretty “I Love You” engraved artfully. On the other side, your message can also be written or engraved. This is a unique and thoughtful gift for best friend.

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Birthday presents are to be chosen with love and care. The smallest gift with a lot of love makes the day an unforgettable one. Gifts that are handmade add special value to them. Singular gifts or a hamper with lovely choicest presents will surely show how much you care for your friend and how much you love him or her.


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