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15 Best Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin

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Having oily skin is among the most common concern for many people around us. The oily skin can be quite annoying given the amount of care and treatment it requires to avoid several other skin concerns which can arise if not well taken care of. The acne, pimples, blemishes and so on can easily come due to oily skin and hence one requires to takeadequate measures to control the amount of oil in the skin. Further, pollution, dust and chemicals can be easily attracted to this skin making the skin look dark and dull.The oily skin is major because of the excess sebum that is produced from the skin. However worry not, the solution is here. All new and natural homemade face packs for oily skin guide is here to tell you on how best you can control this concern.

These are free from chemicals, are harmless and further are popular to give you quick and effective results. These face masks for oily skin is known for the fact that they can control oil productionon the skin’s outer layer by balancing with other ingredients.

Benefits of Homemade Face Pack for Oily Skin

Let us first see a few benefits of these natural face packs for oily skin.

  • These face packs will drastically help t control sebum and oil on the outer layer of skin. This thus makes skin look more radiant by itself
  • It reduces the occurrence of acne and pimples on the face. Thisis done as the dust, and pollutants are no more attracted as before on to skin making it look dull and sticky
  • The face can now look totally youthful and radiant in no time. One can easily get inner shine and glow.

Best Natural Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin With Pictures:

This guide below gives you some top homemade facemasks for oily skin that will give you the results that you desire.

1. Orange and Neem Face Pack:

face packs for oily skin 1

This is quite well known and popular homemade face pack for oily skin. The neem is well known to limit the oil production and treat skin blemishes, acne and pimple issues. Further orange when used as an ingredient can give instant glow and shine from the inner layer of skin. These combined with sandal wood and rose water will instantly bring aglow to the face, make the skin look radiant and reduce oiliness like a miracle.

Ingredients Required:

  • Orange
  • Neem
  • Rose Water
  • Sandalwood
  • Honey
  • Fuller’s Earth (Multani mitti)
  • Lemon Juice


  • Take same quantities of sandalwood powder, orange powder, neem powder and Fuller’s earth in a bowl.
  • These are easily available in the market and can be prepared at home as well.
  • To this add a little lemon juice and about ¼ teaspoon of honey.
  • Use rose water to turn this into a smooth paste that can be easily applied on the face and neck.
  • This should be left on the skin for 20 minutes
  • Now rinseoff with normal water.
  • It will surely balance the oil on the skin.

How Often To Use:

This pack can be used twice a week for effective results.

2. Delicious Strawberry Face Pack For Oily Skin:

Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin

This is a natural face mask for acne and oily skin. Thisis commonly used as it helps not just to balance oily skin, but also promotesanti-aging and prevents fine lines on skin. The strawberries further are known to givean instant glow and radiance to the skin without much difficulty. You can immediately notice reduction in the oiliness of the face once you apply this pack.

Ingredients Required:

  • Two pieces ofstrawberries
  • Diluted lime juice


  • Mash the strawberries in a bowl using a fork and add to it the diluted lime juice.
  • This should be appliedtoclear face for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Now rinse the skin with cold water.
  • This is one of the easiest and the perfect face mask to control the oiliness of the skin.
  • Make sure you use fresh strawberries only.

How Often To Use:

This homemade face pack can be applied thricea week as per your wish to reduce oily skin and get an instant glow.

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3. Turmeric Face Pack:

Homemade Face Packs For Oily Skin 3

This face mask for oily skin home remedy is well known and followed from generations all together. It is well believed from the time of our grandmothers that turmeric can instantly create a glow on face and balance oily skin. There is a reason why brides have applied this powder on the morning of the wedding day, to get glow and radiance.

Ingredients Required:

  • Turmeric
  • Rice flour
  • Cucumber Juice
  • Honey


  • Take a bit of turmeric in the bowl.
  • This should be mixed with about one teaspoon of honey and cucumber juice and threeteaspoons of rice flour.
  • Mix it into a smooth paste and apply it on the face and neck.
  • This is one mask that can be used on the entire body as well. However use it on the face and neck for sure for the glow.
  • Leave it on for the next 10-15 minutes at least.
  • Rinse with plain water.
  • This will give you great results if used every 15 days.

How Often To Use:

You can apply this face pack twice a week for an instant glow. One can apply this before special occasions or functions to look radiant and glowing.

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4. Tomato Face Pack for Oily Skin:

Tomato Face Pack for Oily Skin

These home remedies for face pack for oily skin is well known to several women. Tomato juice is well known to give an instant glow, reduce sun tan and any pigmentation as well. Further, those with the oily face can apply this regularlyto balance out excess production of sebum on the face.

Ingredients Required:

  • Tomato Juice (fresh)
  • Honey
  • Rice flour


  • Three teaspoons of rice flour can be mixed with oneteaspoon of honey.
  • To this add fresh tomato juice in a way that it creates a smooth mixture that can be easily applied on the skin.
  • This should be left on the skin for 15 minutes after which time it should be used to rub on the skin in circular motions.
  • Wash it off to see how wonderfully the tomato benefits the oily skin to get balanced.

How Often To Use:

One can easilyuse this face pack on a daily basis for instant results.

5. Fuller’s Earth & Rose Face Pack:

face packs for oily skin 5

This is a simple oil control face pack at home to be usedfor oily skin those who are in a rush to get results. Do you know how to make face pack at home for oily skin with Multani mitti and rose water.Thisface pack improves blood circulation and balances oil on the skin to give an instant glow.

Ingredients Required:

  • Fuller’s earth
  • Rose Water


  • Mix in Multani mitti (Fuller’s earth) in such a way with rose water that it creates a soft and smooth face pack.
  • Use required rose water only to form a smooth paste.
  • This should be appliedtothe skin of the face and neck.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash off to get good outcomes.

How Often To Use:

One can apply this face pack twice or thrice a week for desired results.

6. Peppermint Paste and Sandalwood Face Pack:

HomemadeFace Pack for Oily Skin

Peppermint leaves a cooling sensation in your mouth, making you feel refreshed and revitalized. This technique is well used by several to open the pores, tighten and close pores along with balancing out the skin tone. Further the sandal wood paste is well known to cool down the skin and give it a relaxing effect. this pack removes any kind of dirt and impurities easily. and also makes your skin lookrejuvenated and fresh. It is one of the best homemade face packs for oily skin that removes oiliness on the skin.


  • Mint leaves
  • Sandal wood powder
  • Rose water

How to Apply:

  • First crush mint leaves into a paste like consistency.
  • Put sandal wood powder in a bowl and add rose water to it.
  • Mix all these three to make into a thick paste.
  • Apply this on face.
  • Leave this for 25 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.

How Often To Use:

One can apply this face pack thrice a week for immediate and quick results.

7. Crushed Camphor With Sour Curd Face Pack For Oily Skin:

homemade Face Pack for Oily Skin 7

This oil control face mask at homecan be made out of crushed bits of camphor that works as a superb exfoliator and dirt eliminator. Camphor is well known not just to cleanse the skin but also take off oil and dirt, impurities fromthe skin and make it look fairer. It gives instant glow and radiance to face. The sour curd smoothens and calms down the skin as it prevents excessive bacteria production from giving way to acne.


  • Camphor
  • Sour curd

How to Apply:

  • Mix both the ingredients into a bowl
  • Apply this both on the face evenly
  • Leave it for half an hour
  • Rinse with normal water

How Often to Apply:

You can use this daily, it has a pleasant glow and removes excess oil from the skin.

8. Cucumber And Potato Juice Cleansing Face Pack:

cucumber Face Pack for Oily Skin

Cucumber is a classic summer fruit that cools and calms down irritated oily skin, tan patches and acne rashes.This is among best natural face masks for oily skin as it removes any excess oil and balances the skin well. The potatoes are well known to exfoliate the skin, cleanse it and also remove any kind of dirt, black and dark spots along with fine lines or wrinkles. This further strips the skin of uneven skin tone and oil sacs underneath the top dermal layer.


  • Cucumber slices
  • Potatoes

How to Prepare and Apply:

  • Make potato and cucumber juice at first.
  • Mix both the juices and use cotton wool to dab and apply.
  • Leave it for 25 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.

How Often To Use:

You can easily use this every single day for great results. This will make your skin look radiant and have smooth finish as well.

9. Bentonite Clay Face Mask:

Bentonite Clay Face Mask for oily skin

Bentonite clay is among best natural face packs for oily skin. This product can be availed from any of your nearby local drug or cosmetic stores. Thisworks like magicgiven that it heals the skin from blemishes, and wrinkles and smoothensthe skin. It also reduces oil on the skin. that helps the skin to look healthy and beautiful. It soaks up the excess oil and keeps the skin from drying out. Bentonite clay mask is a hassle-free face pack for oily skin at home.


  • Clay powder
  • Rose water

How to Prepare and Apply:

  • One can mix both ingredients into a thick and smooth paste.
  • Apply evenly on the facewith the help of brush or fingers.
  • Leave it until it completely dries out.
  • Rinse with cold water.

How Often To Use:

One can use this face pack once a week for better results.

10. Cornstarch And Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar Face Pack For Oily Skin

If you want a natural face pack for oily skin in summer, this is a good and best option. Cornstarch often is used for certain recipes. It does the work of a binder. The same can be said for our skin where oily skin often has large pores.This flour is well known to close the pores on the skin, make it firm and toned well. Further it soaks up any excess oil and closes open pores just about enough to prevent excess sebum. Apple cider vinegar known for both its acidic and alkaline properties maintains the ph balance of your skin ensuring the sebum production does not increase with time.


  • Cornstarch
  • Apple cider vinegar

How to Apply:

  • Mix both into a thick paste in a bowl.
  • Make sure it is not runny in consistency but ratherforms into a thick paste.
  • Apply it on face evenly.
  • Let it dry and rinse it with water.

How Often to Apply:

One can easily put on this face pack twice a week for quicker results and miracles.

11. Apple and Oatmeal Face Pack:

Oatmeal Face Pack for oily skin

Apples are well known to add to the glow and bring in an instant radiance to the skin. This juice adds to exfoliation and healsthe skin of any blemishes. Further if you have oily skin, the excess oil is easily soaked up with this face pack due to themixture of oats in it. Thishelps to heal your oil damaged skin as the oatmeal soaks your skin of excess oil and dirt particles attached with it. This is a great natural face pack for oily skin. This mask is one of the best and popular homemade face packs for oil skin and gives glowing skin. If you like, you can also add an egg to this mixture.


  • Apples, crushed
  • Oatmeal

How to Apply

  • Crush apples into a paste.
  • Prepare oatmeal by boiling oats to a gooey mixture.
  • Mix both the paste and apply evenly on face.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.

How Often To Use:

One can put on this face pack twice a week for good results. It controls excess oil easily and works like magic.

12. Egg White and Lemon Juice Face Pack:

homemade Face Pack for oily skin 12

Egg whites are well known to bring in instant shine and glow. When these egg whites are mixed with lemon, this acts as a great ingredient to control excess oil by soaking it out. Further it also helps treat any dirt and pollutants, opens pores and cleanses as well as tones the skin down. Excess sebum is eliminated. It further exfoliates skin and smoothens it. This is great homemade face pack for oily skin in winter.


  • Egg whites
  • Lemon juice

How to Apply

  • Separate yolk and beat the egg white until it froths.
  • Add lemon juice to it.
  • Now apply this mixture on to face evenly.
  • Leave it for 25 minutes easily.
  • Rinse with normal cold water.

How often to Apply:

This can be applied twice a week for good results.

13. Milk Almond and Cinnamon Face Pack:

Milk Almond and Cinnamon Face Pack

There is nothing like milk to remove impurities and dust stuck to the skin due to pollution. These help to further bring radiance to skin. When mixed with cinnamon, it helps to control and balance excess sebum on the face. It further also improves blood circulation. Here is how to do this face pack.


  • Milk
  • Almonds
  • Cinnamon powder

How to Apply:

  • Soak almond in milk for the whole day.
  • Now add cinnamon powder to it.
  • Make a smooth paste.
  • Apply this homemade blendon the face.
  • Leave iton until it dries out.
  • Rinse with cold water.

How Often To Use:

One can put on this face pack twice a week forgood and desirable results.

14. Neem, Ground Rice And Gooseberry Extract Face Pack:

Neem face pack for oily skin

Neem is a medicinal plant that tends to skin ailments such as acne, skin damage from sunburn and such.Neem is well known to have medicinal properties as well and is known to prevent any excess oil. Those who have an oily face are often recommended to apply neem on the face in several forms to limit the sebum. When applied with gooseberry extract and rice powder, it makes a great scrub to exfoliate as well.


  • Neem powder
  • Goose berry extract

How to Apply:

  • Mix both of them into a smooth and thick paste.
  • Apply evenly on to face and leave it until it completely dries up.
  • Rinse with cold water.

How Often To Use:

One can easily use this face pack on alternate days as you wish. However make sure you use fresh gooseberry extract if possible for good results.

15. Chilled Aloe Gel And Ginger for Oily Skin:

face pack for oily skin 15

Ingredients like ginger and turmeric are well known to have healing properties. Ginger is anti-bacterial and is well known to narrow down the pores. Further it brings in the glow and helps to limit sebum as well. Mixing this with Aloe Vera juice gives a cooling effect, and is a great cleanser of excess oil. Aloe gel chilled in ice soothes and calms skin during scorching summer and keeps skin healed and reduces oiliness.


  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Ginger juice

How to Prepare and Apply:

  • Make juice out of both ingredients and mix them.
  • Apply this on the face as a layer.
  • Leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash off with water.

How Often To Apply:

One can easily apply this face pack every single day as well for immediate results and quicker glow.

These are among the most popular face packs for oily skin. These are all homemade, quite natural and are effective too. Since they are natural, they do not have any harsh chemicals in it and do not do any harm to the skin. They give quicker results and will control any excess sebum and oil on the face. Use any of those and check your skin then comment here, we would love to hear from you.