Combination skin type is one of the hardest to deal with. The oily zone is forever bothering you while the excessive dry face washes dry up your cheeks. At around this time you need the best of the both, an oily care for your cheeks and a dry skin care routine for the oily T zone. This is probably why the commercial market has created some of the combination skin face washes which would let you enjoy both the benefits so that you no longer have to worry about your skin reacting differently to different cosmetic cleansers. Given below is a list to combination skin face washes.

Best Face Washes For Combination Skin:

1. Clean and Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash:

Deep action oil control face wash contains Triclosan that works like a healer against blemishes and acne while the rice extracts absorbs oil remnants from your skin while controlling sebum production which would help you keep unnecessary oiliness at bay while this wash will hydrate your skin to prevent over drying of skin.

2. Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Lemon Face Wash:

Essential herbal complex nourishes and repairs your skin damages while honey moistens and soothes skin to give you better even skin tone. The use of herbal products have always been a highlight of the Himalaya brand which allows it to be a soothing face cosmetic suitable for sensitive skin as well. The presence of astringent as a cooling agent along with Citron removes excessive oil and dirt to keep your skin refreshed.

3. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree and Cinnamon Oil Control Face Wash:

The highlight of this product is the presence of oak bark component that acts as a cooling astringent while the skin wizard tea tree uses its essential oils and cinnamon extracts to calm your skin down while soaking up the excess oil without over drying your face so that you can have soft supple skin.

4. Kaya Purifying Facial Cleanser:

Kaya uses soft complexes to maintain and repair skin damages reviving them to their original texture as the exclusive salicylic acid present in this purifying cleanser absorbs excessive oil from your face while maintaining the pH balance of your skin which keeps your face moist and creamy. Visible reduction in acne can be noticed immediately as your skin appears healthier and flawless.

5. Olay Clarity Fresh Cleanser Face Wash:

Not only does it cleanse and freshen up your skin but also restores and revives minor damages in your skin. Refreshing menthol extracts mixes in with natural herbal ailments to keep your skin oil free while the essential herbs keep your cheeks supple and moist.

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6. Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash:

Enriched with nutrium moisture the everyday moisture face wash from Dove keeps your skin feeling light weight and refreshed as it strips your skin of the essential dirt and impurities that clog facial pores. Soaking up the excess sebum production, this face cream wash will soothe your irritated skin as well.

7. Nivea Aqua Effect Purifying Face Wash:

Skin purification is the topmost priority as the aqua effect deeply conditions and hydrates your skin to prevent excess drying while ocean algae along with other essential particles absorbs oil and greasiness and cleanses buildup.

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8. Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser:

This is essentially a cream mousse face cleanser that integrates soothing botanical extracts to provide you an all organic complex that would wipe away the dirt and sticky oils from your face while moisturizing and caring for it.

9. Pears Pure And Gentle Face Wash:

Pampering milk proteins build up your skin and revives the pre done damage while this extra gentle mild on your skin nourishing face wash adds glycerin that soaks up the oils yet never over dries your skin so that you can now have the best of both the skin types.

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