Who does not know Marilyn Manson? Being one of the top American talents as a singer and a popular figure in the music industry, he is famous for his looks. Of course, no denial of the fact that he has given best-selling copies of alums and most controversial statements as yet. But given his multi-talented facets in life, such as being a singer, painter, instrumentalist, and actor, do you know how Marilyn Manson without makeup looks? His looks are quite famous, and given his brutal and raw face, he often prefers to show the audience. Learn more about his no makeup styles and look in this article.

9 Latest Marilyn Manson No Makeup Pictures:

Here comes the top Marilyn Manson no makeup pictures you must not miss if you like him.

1. Makeup or No Makeup:

Look at the picture on the left and then on the right and think about which one looks better. These two pictures are actually of the same person, Marilyn Manson. It wouldn’t be justifiable to say that Marilyn looks better with makeup. Since whenever Marilyn puts on makeup, he becomes a completely different person. The picture on the right clarifies that this singer doesn’t have to worry about his no-makeup look as he manages to look pretty attractive without the mascara and gets lost in his character. This is among the weirdest and most brutal Marilyn Manson looks in no makeup.

2. Looking Tired:

This picture of Marilyn Manson was clicked when he arrived at an airport. Here, Marilyn is rocking a black leather jacket and wearing no makeup. Since his commercial life demands him to put a lot of overrated makeup products, Marilyn likes to take his time and enjoy the simple yet short part of his life, which is the off-stage time. This Marilyn Manson without makeup look is clicked when he was raw and tired amidst his busy travel schedules and work in life.

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3. Young and Reckless:

This is a picture of young Marilyn Manson shooting a video without wearing makeup. Since makeup is a massive part of his success and his life, Marilyn enjoys the time when he gets a chance to take off his scandalous blusher. This Marilyn Manson without makeup image is quite old, yet many know it. The celebrity enjoys his public life by attending an event with his close buddies and friends in the circle. He looks highly cheerful and bubbly in this picture, with his usual dark eyes and a wide smile!

4. All Time Casual Look:

Marilyn Manson likes to wear casual clothes and go makeup-free when not performing. Marilyn is sporting a black collared t-shirt and tousled hair in this picture. People don’t recognise him when he’s going casual. He likes to avoid much attention and mix in with ordinary people. This Marilyn Manson with no makeup look is among famous and most circulated on the internet, given how we are used to looking at his makeup pictures. He looks pretty different and yet looks raw and honest! This is among our popular Marilyn Mansonpicture.

5. The Emperor:

Here, Marilyn gives a serious look in a photoshoot for a magazine. This pale actor, singer, fashion icon, etc., has always been very conscious about his appearance and makeup. Here he sports a black shirt with his casual hairstyle, which makes him look like an emperor. All he added in this picture is some bold mascara and eyes. This Marilyn Manson without makeup pictures shocked most of us, given his longer hairstyle than usual and his bold eye look. Marilyn Manson effortlessly flaunts this look while not preferred by most of us.

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6. In a Movie:

Marilyn Manson was spotted on-screen without any makeup. Given the several of his multi-talented name, his role as an actor is also well applauded. Here Marilyn is looking a bit different than he does. His beard makes him look a little rough and mature. This is by far one of the best makeup-free looks of Marilyn Manson. We immensely love this real and reel combination of Marilyn Manson without makeup picture in this look. He looks bubbly and quite charming.

7. At The Dinner Time:

This is another makeup-free picture of Marilyn Masson where he is rocking a brown blazer top and showing off his dinner. The image is an old one and was clicked at the dinner party. This old picture of Marilyn Manson with no makeup still seems relevant, given his stylish looks and how his style and charm changed over time. He looks extremely handsome and wild in this no makeup image. His long hairstyle is quite adored by many!

8. Getting Interviewed:

Marilyn was once interviewed about his plans regarding his musical career and busy life, where he impressed the audience on the other side of the fence with witty answers and makeup-free look. Although we have witnessed Marilyn Manson with no makeup looks in public, this picture of mild makeup with his usual dark bold eyes is taking down the internet. It is also wild, given the tattoo displayed on his arms and hands. His looks and witty answers charm the audience and keep them in his grips. We love the way he appears socially and in public!

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9. Look Who’s Reading:

Marilyn shows off the Rogue Island book and a mild look face with classy glares in this picture. This picture is quite popular, given his stylish appearance and look. The looks are extremely hot, and in this picture, we see him posing naturally for the camera with a simple style. His daily life and the way he appears even in leisure time is making is to be in awe, given his stylish nature in his day-to-day life as well!

Additional Tips:

Given the way we understand how Marilyn Manson without makeup also works well and looks quite clear in his skin, we all want to take some inspiration, is it?!

  1. It is quite important to wash the face as many times as possible in plain water.
  2. On an average 2-3 times, the face wash is good to throw out and flush any impurities and toxins.
  3. It all depends on a healthy diet as well. Clean and nutritious food will surely affect our skin and beauty.
  4. Never miss out on pampering oneself. The celebrities make sure they have their skin and no makeup pampering to have bright and radiant skin.
  5. Exfoliating skin, as well as deep cleansing and toning, is required for glowing and youthful skin.
  6. Make sure your skin doesn’t age quickly. This again depends on how healthy food intake and skincare are regular and constant.

These pictures of Marilyn Manson without makeup are quite taking over the internet despite the photos being old or new or the latest! This is because of the vast popularity Marilyn Manson has in his real and public life – being not just a multi-talented person (as a singer, actor or instrumentalist) but also having beautiful and charming looks in real life. Hope this article gives your curiosity about how Marilyn Manson’s no makeup looks are managed. Tell us how you feel about it here!

People Also Asked:

1. Who is Marilyn Manson’s makeup artist?

Marilyn Manson has gone on record by saying that he loves to experiment and do his makeup. However, he mentioned in several interviews that he has allowed only 2-3 makeup artists to work on his face and that too very rarely. So one can tell surely that Marilyn Manson himself does his makeup!

2. What is your favourite makeup of Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson is quite experimental. He told in several interviews that he loves using foundation and eye products like mascara and liner.

3. What is the inspiration behind the makeup of Marilyn Manson?

We often encounter Marilyn Mansonusing bold and raw makeup; we wonder what made him go on that route which is quite bright, unique and different from the mainstream. In one of the several faces to face interviews, he mentioned that he loves face lifting with experiments and trying out something new. He loves to keep his imagination and creativity in makeup and try out to look new!


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