We all try to look attractive and different. Who doesn’t want a chick appearance, a contemporary look, or a combination of traditional and modern designs? A kurta with a shrug is the flavour you would be looking for this season. Kurtis is very ethnic, whereas the shrug gives a contemporary look and complements the kurta.

Best and New Models of Kurtas With Shrug For Women:

Let me discuss the Top 9 modern kurtis designs with shrugs.

1. Anarkali Kurta with Shrug:

Anarkali kurtas are in trend nowadays. These are suitable for various occasions like festivals and functions due to their ethnic look. Anarkali kurti with a shrug adds up to the charm as the shrug embellishes the charm of the kurti.

2. Plain Kurti with Printed Shrug:

These Plain kurtas otherwise appear very insipid. A printed shrug over the kurti adds spice to the plain outfit. One could wear a printed shrug kurta having a similar or contrasting colour combination depending on the occasion and taste. A mix-and-match grouping can lead to varied designs.

3. Printed Kurti with Shrug:

A printed kurta can blend exquisitely with a printed or pure-coloured shrug. Such a combination of a long kurti with a shrug can sometimes appear casual or be made ethnic using various combinations of print kurtis and plain shrugs. Such ladies shrug style kurtis designs look very current and fresh.

4. Embroidered Sleeveless Kurta with Shrug:

The embroidery on the kurti shrugs makes it ornamental. The embroidered shrug looks very elegant, and the designs appear to be very novel. One could wear a heavily embroidered kurti with a long shrug for occasions like marriages, festivals and family functions.

5. Kurta with Long Shrug:

A printed kurta with a long shrug is another recommended design that looks very beautiful. Shrug, which is almost the same or longer than the kurta, gives the kurta a different impression. A palazzo and this combination could make the dress look like a designer piece.

6. Straight Kurti with a Short Shrug:

A small shrug goes well with straight long kurtis. One such shrug-style kurti can be seen in the pic. Rajasthan embroidery on the shrug with plain kurti or a printed kurti with a plain tang shrug adds to the lady’s charm.

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7. Koti Jacket Style shrug Over Kurti:

One can make a lot of variety of combinations with kurtis and shrugs. One such different combination is the koti style shrug over kurti. The koti jacket-styled shrugs could be printed or embroidered. This shrug design with kurtis would make a style statement for gorgeous ladies.

8. Kurta with Asymmetrical Designed Shrugs:

For ladies passionate about the latest trends, fashions, and contemporary looks, kurtis with asymmetrical design shrugs can be a good option. Asymmetrically designed outfits are on trend and could look both traditional and fashionable. Asymmetrical ladies shrug style kurti could make you look different.

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9. Poncho Shrug with Kurti:

Image Source: Pinterest

Let us now look at some designs for the coming winters. Poncho shrugs over kurti could be a good choice. For winters, one could wear woolen ponchos and kurtis; for summers, the same ponchos could be made of lace material.

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Suppose you are skilful and willing to experiment with various colour and designer combinations of kurtis and shrugs. In that case, you will be amazed at the variety of blends and groupings you could present.

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