Anarkali kurtis owe their name to the fictional Anarkali, in the historical era of Mughal Emperor Akbar. This name marks the qualities of softness, innocence and beauty associated with the lady who wore Anarkali. These flared cut anarkali kurtas soon became the trendy fashion of this century women. There are ethnic, formal, casual and more Anarkali designs in its range of collections.

Beautiful and Trending Anarkali Kurti Designs For Ladies In India:

Some of the gorgeous models of the best Anarkali Kurtis for women are presented here.

1. Velvet Applique Anarkali Kurti:

Discover this new parrot green colour Anarkali kurtas for women, which has dark blue colour applique of Velvet material. It is further ornamented with a maroon colour border which is of Polka dot style. The overall quality of the material used for the body is a total of netted type. The neck design provided here is collar type and is sleeveless. It’s optional that if you need a mini sleeve, it is provided with the material to stitch according to one’s wish. These things, in total, make this particular kurti party wear modern and with a traditional ornate look.

2. Printed Pink Anarkali Kurti:

Now take a look at this beautiful pink kurti, which comprises a Kalamkari designed body, and the border is painted pink. The material of the entire body is cotton, and the design of the upper body is enhanced with the flourishing Kalamkari style. The combination of these two motifs makes it appealing to wear it at once. This cotton Anarkali Kurta can very well go with an appropriate colour of the bottom, which can be leggings or jeggings. And it is your wish to opt for the shawl or dupatta matching the look.

3. Anarkali Kurti with Hand Curated Embroidered Coat:

Get ready to own this beautiful red Cotton Anarkali kurti which is imposed with a beautifully embroidered waistcoat. The dress pattern is made up of crushed cotton material that gives this a unique look. And the overcoat, which is entirely hand-curated, is a purely traditional Rajasthani embroidery pattern. The anarkali Kurti design is again modernised by using the full sleeves trend. Overall, the unique colour used here is only red. So we can opt for any dark shades of bottom that would preferably suit this Anarkali cotton kurti. It may be skin coloured leggings as shown in the image or maybe dark blue, yellow or even black.

4. Black and Red Long Anarkali Kurtis:

Have your eyes on this black and red long anarkali kurti. This pattern is designed with a wide border with the bird’s blueprint’s applique and checked motifs. Making a connection with this, the upper part of the kurta is also designed to match the looks accordingly. At the same time, you are maintaining the body of the kurti to be plain. It should very well go with the same red shaded leggings to make the finishing look gorgeous. To add beauty to your look, you can complete the presentation by choosing the same red shaded accessories that suit the design and looks of the kurti.

5. Plain and Printed Cotton Calf Length Anarkali Kurti:

The combination of plain dark blue and printed pink materials is presented here to give the modernised fashionable Anarkali kurti design. The neck pattern is the type that closes fully as the collar type, and the sleeves made here are three-fourths. This cotton Anarkali kurti is preferably meant for a casual occasion, and women of all ages could wear it. There is indeed no need for any purposeful accessories to enhance your beauty with this outfit further. Mismatch this Kurti with your favourite stoles and pants, which then would surely steal the show.

6. Navy Anarkali Kurti with Waist Coat:

Grab this fashionable Anarkali kurti for women, which have a unique, trendy waistcoat with full sleeves pattern. The border of the kurti and the sleeves, and the waistcoat all come under the same design category. The design of this highlighted motif is somewhat close to the striped patterned form of multiple colours. The material of this kurti is very comfortable to wear. Here, both the design and the comfortability are taken into consideration to give the best of it.

7. Short Length Yellow Anarkali Kurti:

Explore this beautifully patterned short Anarkali kurti for modern teenage girls. This yellow shaded flower cut kurti make you look at it without any hesitation. The entire body is covered with plain yellow cotton material and a highlighting border that comprises both black prints border and a pink shaded border. The look is beautiful only because this design is unique in its range of short length kurtis. Nothing stops one to buy it for their wardrobe.

8. Full Sleeves Printed Anarkali Kurti:

This dazzling blue and white Anarkali Kurti pattern is another range of the first-rate collection of this series. It is beautifully designed with the same pattern printed work in both the sleeves and border. And the body of the kurti is again ornated with another suitable pattern design. It looks so simple, and at the same time, it is authentic too. They are usually opted by the women who need an outfit to wear during normal days but for those looking for a classy collection. The sleeves are full length, so that you need not go for the search of the matching accessories. They give a fantabulous and also a modest look to whoever wears it.

9. Burgundy Multiple Cuts Anarkali Kurti:

Put your eyes on this Anarkali Kurtis collection to ensure you do not miss this attractive and pretty design. The cuts of this kurti are designed so that the material used in the sleeves are made for those cuts to give the contrast look between the anarkali cuts and the body design of the kurti. This particular collection is trendy among the girls because both the colour and the motifs are unique. Burgundy shade is one of the popular among other trendy colours.

10. Viscose Knit Party Wear Anarkali Kurti:

Are you hunting for a perfect outfit for your favourite upcoming family occasion? Here is your search ends with this Anarkali party wear kurti. This charming and delightful choice of anarkali style kurtis is the hot collection of this season. Here, the attractive shade of orange together with black colour is paired. The black colour viscose material is knitted with full sleeves design. The body of the kurti has been given a peerless golden border which is unique of its kind. In total, if you choose this outfit, you have truly made something best for yourself.

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11. Grey Blended Cotton Anarkali Kurtis:

Take a look at this beautifully designed latest anarkali kurti. The grey shade is exceptionally blended with a printed sleeveless top attached to it. The chiffon kind of material is used for the entire grey body, which makes it fall smoothly. Printed sleeveless top with full-length grey kurti would be the distinctive collection among your favourites.

12. Floor Length Special Occasion Anarkali Kurti:

This is the perfect category for special occasions such as wedding parties. One can choose this printed anarkali kurti which is remarkably designed with a combination of two beautiful colours. The printed pattern of gold motifs is well highlighted on the black Georgette material. Sleeves opted are full handed, and at the same time, this falls under the category of full-length kurtis. No doubt that this range would steal the look of the show.

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13. Perfect White Blended Anarkali Long Kurti:

Discover these perfect white ladies Anarkali Kurti which comprises a golden lace border. The outstanding combination of golden cream colour thread work gives it a stunning look. Go with well-groomed loose hair and minimal accessories to make you look simple but fabulous. Also, you can readily mismatch this elegant white anarkali kurti with well suitable leggings as its finishing ambience.

14. Orange Cotton Ethnic Wear Anarkali Kurti:

Make this striking kurta design of your own by opting for it as your choice. This Anarkali Kurta for women is the best option for casual wear or even for daily wear. The combination of three colours of orange, green and striking red makes it look splashy. These ranges of collections are mostly preferred by youngsters who like bright trendy shades. It is made comfortable to wear by selecting mini sleeves as its highlight.

15. Stunning Modern Look Anarkali Kurti:

Now, last but not least, take a look at this wonderful and trendy modernised casual Anarkali Kurti. It’s a beautiful pink shaded kurti that has a collar type neck and three fourth sleeves. It is all plain but has a simple twin colour border both in the sleeves and kurti. The border comprises orange and yellow shades that essentially highlights the look. The collar type neck with uniquely designed buttons applique completes its extraordinary finish. It is the most fashionable and fascinating pattern of the cotton kurti collection chosen by modern-day women.

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Here are the remarkable and outstanding ranges of kurti collections for women searching for the fashionable diva. Now, don’t hesitate to make at least one or two of your own. It’s all special and exclusively designed to make it feel distinctive for the one who wears it.

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